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    Graphics fitted in same style as the Ascona 400r:
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    Checked at the weekend there, they are 225/50/15's on it, probably is a very slight stretch on them but nothing major. Got the graphics refitted too: ][
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    The club doesn't manufacture spares and if you need something sometimes you have to ask for specifics. Everyone on here has more too life than just selling parts on here, and unless they are willing to go to where they might have items stored in the winter they won't go and look unless asked. Facebook and eBay is where most spares are sold today as they have a bigger audience and a means of a quick cash/PayPal sale There is an OMOC member up near your end of the country at Barnard Castle selling loads of Manta items on eBay and not via the club, which is their prerogative. Don't just ask for generic items (1.8 engine spares) ask for specifics (cylinder head). Also ensure you have the funds to hand when asking for items as nothing puts off a potential seller than tyre kickers. Most people want quick uncomplicated sales, that is why they use other sites with guarantees on payments. I have spent 12 years finding spares for mine (still looking) and have missed out on a lot of items due to not having the funds or being beaten to the items by another member, you have to be patient. Sometimes you have to pay higher prices as the market is not saturated with the spares you are after, but know your limits. It is a sellers market out there at the moment and with Facebook/eBay/Gumtree etc. You have to do a lot of research and trawling the net. You have to spread your wings and buy from Europe if necessary as most of us on here do on a regular basis. Good luck with your search
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    Just a hello,, been a member for a bit but had no manta,, but now,, father christmas left me a red 'solid' GTE,, what a bloody nice bloke!!! looking forward to meeting some other devonshire dumplings and getting her up together for summer shows
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    Oh!!! you got wings have you, I thought that with all that hair you was an animal, not a bird!.. Hwyl Fawr.
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    This is my dads new toy! Took a notion a while back that he wanted something a bit different to take to shows, so got talking to Andrew Turner at Billing last year and ended up buying this: A 1978 Manta B 1.9 S, 45k genuine miles, and never welded or none needed!! Got it home just before Christmas and it now looks like this:
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    rally car or the exclusive available the exclusive is nice but not concours
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    Blimey! It must be nice to have your own production line!! The Exclusives were Glacier White as opposed to the earlier pre 88's which were Polar White, but I'm sure you knew that.
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