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    Last week, my good friend and I took delivery of a 1986 Opel Manta Coupe. It has some rust to sort but thankfully limited in the most part to the underside whilst the bodywork itself is in pretty good condition. Our plan is to restore and build the car so it drives like a modern one: that means increased power output (actual engine model to be decided) backed by a suitable 5/6 speed transmission, uprated brakes and a fully sorted suspension and steering setup both in terms of geometry, spring and dampers rates and ultimately improved handling. This sort of work is what we do with our day jobs but decided we wanted our own project! On the inside the interior will be completely custom to match the theme that will run through the car including paint and wheel design. I won't attempt to explain the appeal of a 'restomod' as this is well documented elsewhere but suffice to say the Opel Manta will be our project car to develop into something very special. Although we may be upgrading or swapping parts (engine) we intended to keep as much as possible with the GM family. Photos to follow..
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    On dry days off work I often take this out around South Devon but never see any other Manta's , think the last time was about 15 years ago. Will be interesting to see your project progress.
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    Hi Everyone, my good friend I have just bought a 1986 Manta Coupe. It arrived last week as a rolling shell needing welding in all the usual places but already stripped down to a bare shell so we have a bit of a head start! We plan a full restoration with upgrades and have started a project thread to document this. I'm glad to see there so many other enthusiast of this hugely underrated car. Thanks.
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    http://www.fatlamb.co.uk/ I have booked 9 rooms at the Fat Lamb in Cumbria for the weekend of 14th/15th/16th September 2018. The weekend would consist of 2 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at a cost of £260.00 per couple, the only additional costs then are your fuel, drinks and daytime snacks. The hotel will organise routes for us to follow taking in breathtaking views and if requested, places of interest to stop off at. I am considering asking if we can have Sunday lunch instead of the dinner on the Friday evening as some of us would not be able to get to the hotel in time to eat. I have interest already in 4 rooms: Mick and Lou Maher, Will and Amy Wall, Andy and Julie Clears and Steve Sutton and Ruth. Let me know if you would like your name down on the list. You then contact the hotel nearer the time and pay direct to them. You can contact me on here or text me on 07905255828.
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    I have almost bought an Opel GT on a few occasions. Opted for a P1800s instead first trime and a Chevrolet Corvair (rear engined and air cooled) the second time. I regret my choices now .
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    Agree, thought at the right price though I'd have a dabble as it would be ear to ear grin fun. I'd take it back to a single colour for starters! anyways moment of madness has gone now and the reserve still isn't met
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    Just did a quick search on the interweb and this came up from a model club, I don't have a clue what the codes are and not sure that it is just for model cars? Taken from http://www.diecastrallymodels.com/t587-andrews-heat-for-hire-paint-codes Andrews Heat for Hire PAINT CODES modelrallysport.com on Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:40 pm THESE ARE THE CORRECT Heat for Hire Paint codes,i published these on the other forum a while ago then lost them however today i found them again so thought i would re-publish-------------hope they are of use to you all! BS. GOLDEN YELLOW-------356-381C RAL. 840 HR SIGNAL RED 3001 RAL. 841 GL ULTRAMARINE BLUE 5002
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