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    Hi folks Finally in a position to get myself another Manta after many years of being without,26 to be precise , way too long I know. have owned 3 A series in the past ,1.6 S a 1.9 S imported from south Africa with a full length Webasto roof on a Y plate ! and a 1.9 SR which was only a breaker but had some amazing parts on in like a Dashboard that had never had a radio fitted,Mark Kinnon might remember this car he put me onto it. Also owned an Ascona B 1900 SR Cavalier Mk 1 1900 S coupe and a cavalier Mk 1 2000GLS saloon all these cars were fantastic Now I've bored you all to tears I'll let you go,hopefully seeing a very nice GTE hatch this weekend and a deal can be struck,wish me luck John
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    22 of April we had a nice tour with a lot of old Opel's: The link to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OldiesOnTour
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    Added that one to the diary
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    No sooner said than done ! My Corvair was a 65 Corsa model which was even rarer than the standard one. One of the best handling classics I have had. Enjoy the pictures. And tiny bit of Manta A from the front :-)
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    Hi Everyone, my good friend I have just bought a 1986 Manta Coupe. It arrived last week as a rolling shell needing welding in all the usual places but already stripped down to a bare shell so we have a bit of a head start! We plan a full restoration with upgrades and have started a project thread to document this. I'm glad to see there so many other enthusiast of this hugely underrated car. Thanks.
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