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    Lets see if I can explain and add pictures editing while I go along The Blue dipstick is the 1.8 setup the other is Redtop At a rough gestimate their is a 40mm difference (the 1.8 is deeper lower item) Tried to show if fitted to block Measurements on dipsticks, one next to the rule is 1.8 dipstick Difference in bung height when both the dipsticks are level from the picture above. Maybe a cut down on the extension tube of the redtop setup by 40mm (approx.) would keep the redtop dipstick in play and remark the upper and lower limits as per 1.8 setup. Only a suggestion and not gospel or correct science as I have to work this out myself in the future.
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    Great photos! Couldnt ask for more if you tried, has to be worth the membership cost alone!
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    This is fantastic info! Thank you so much for going to the bother of checking this out. This makes total sense. Shortening the tube sounds like a simple enough adjustment. If it doesn’t work out, it won’t be the hardest thing to revert. I’ll be sure to keep you posted for your own knowledge, and upload some pics.
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    The seller could be just testing the current market place to be fair,although I think it has been offered for sale before now. Open to offers so may be able to bag it for 20k or less depending on interest...its fair to say its had a ground up proper full rebuild and that would surely cost a lot more than he his asking if done by a pro outfit
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