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    This evening my intention was to try to get another hole plugged. You will remember that I started with this rusty mess: Which was then cut away to leave this lovely hole lol: With the plates cut out last night I made a start. I began by tacking in the bottom two plates: Then moved on to the triangular plate: And finally the curved / closing plate: Obviously a few more welds will need to be added then they will all be ground down. I'm reasonably pleased with things so far. Have a nice evening everyone.
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    If you are going to weld the four pieces together think about how the trim piece fits after and make sure you can grind your welds to suit. or it will always sit funny.
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    Repairs and respray about 2 - 3 weeks. I'm paying extra to get a full respray done. He's going to attack a few bodywork issues to make her like new again. She will then get shipped back to mine and I will reassemble the underbonnet and reinstall the interior, rear lighting and bumper. That will take about 2 - 3 Days. I've removed everything on the front end that would compromise the respray, including unthreading the loom from the front end back to the bulkhead . I've removed all the numberplate lights out of the bumper and unthreaded the loom from the rear panel etc. It's like last year all over again!
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