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    Don't they do that naturally if you leave them sitting long enough??
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    Like this! Could be a new trend, I hate petrol, and welding, i remove the tank and pipes, and place it in another building. As for the filler neck, its fixed so wont leak, shouldnt! As you are carb only one feed pipe, should be plastic if original, you could replace it. Make sure pipe work is removed also, vapours etc. I read somewhere to weld a petrol tank, you flood it constantly with carbon dioxide, ie exhaust fumes from a running car, i wont try this, wouldnt even watch someone do it!
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    Have also a rocker cover as Ian wants, as you can see need some rags to keep the engine-bay clean:
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    With the tank full of just petrol vapor it's in the most dangerous state, I've heard a story about a Jag with a drained fuel tank exploding when being welded. Take the tank out and you know you'll be safe, plus you can inspect all the pipework, which unless it is very obviously new replace. you could even clean and paint the tank, how about this for a left field idea, paint it Polar White to match the rest of the car ? wouldn't need a cover for it to look smart when you opened the boot.
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