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    Thanks for the nice comment. @Ian: after treating the old parts of the rails with rust-eater I used high air pressure to spray rustconverter into them. The other side was done in 2009 and after a check I treated it the same. The car goes back to a body-shop to do some spot repairs and also to repaint the engine bay. Later the rails will get a fresh anti-rust treatment.
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    Thanks for the comments. This is the outer chassisrail, the further pics will explain the rest. Think it comes in two halves so the width is suitable to cover the original outer rail. Some don't have the skills to do the whole work and I can understand that. I am also more a mecanic than a welder. Took me ages to take that torch again. Maybe Herr Eckhard can answer your question? Some more pics: Fitting the reinforced inner rail, must be accurate there the bolt of the suspension is located: Welding the outer half, there are a lot of holes in the outer rail so spotwelding is easy: Reinforcing the inner rail where the vertical bolt of the front axle fits. Fitting the top inner rail: Everything welded, the silver look is cause I paint-spray everything (before welding) with inox-paint. It conducs electricity very well and is special for mig-welding so the overlay is protected against rust: Between the two inner rails some more reinforcing: Same on the inside of the other half: Ready to treat the seems with kit, as you can see the two halves are welded together wile I used a home-made spanner to keep the rail on its position. I had to cut some metal to keep the original width of the outer rail: @Evo: In the corner you can see the triangle hole, that needs some fixing as the little round hole above it. One detail: drilled one more hole to make the original fixation free of the earth cable.
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    Test-fitting the new "half" chassis legs: The brown stuff on the bulkhead is old glue: Another pic before cleaning: Cleaning: with a soft brush degreasing the innerside of the left legs, cleaning them wit a steel brush and compressed air. Then I used Rustyco, a gell that eats rust and can cleaned with water, and environment friendly: The nice weather dryed the car, but to be sure I putted my wife's hairdryer in the chassis rails...
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    I have decided to share some of my favourite 400 and 400r rally pics of all time. Seeing them only heightens my enthusiasm for this truly iconic rally car. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you.
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    I had been convincing myself to sell it due to some minor fettling issues, lack of time, interest in classic landlovering etc and it looks too perfect to use much. But a couple of landrover engineer mates dribbled severely (or perhaps it was their cars dribbling?) and I read an article by some Hillman enthusiasts who did a saloon up to such perfection and beauty that they no longer dared to drive it so sold it on, deciding to use their less smart cars instead. They were horrified to find that the buyer had turned their perfection into a historic rally car. My partner has 2 moderns with perfect paint and worries about them at the supermarket car park .... it made me realise that worrying about dings in perfect paint is normal & I must get over it! In my eyes there are two particularly attractive 'modern' Opels out there, the A series Manta and the Opel GTJ. The latter seems increasingly rare (did it rust more?) and I have not yet seen a RHD example though any in Australia presumably would have been converted to comply with local law. Anyhow, as I am not great at dealing with rust I had considered buying something plastic, something in the Mini Marcos/Gem/Midas range if I can get in/out OK, or a Scimitar .... whittled down the body choices to either a late model coupe of an early model Series 5 (not even the slightly modified 5A really). Whilst good looking, to my eyes neither car is as beautiful from every angle as the A Manta. So, latest plan is to make this into a keeper and to use it when the muddy Somerset roads are not too bad, with my 1959 Landy for other times/needs. It will be a relief to get down to 2 cars only, one day! Paul did such a good job of cutting out the rust that with a bit of care and further protection perhaps I can get many more years out of it. To suit daily use I will have to look at quietening the exhaust a little and perhaps an LPG tank where the back seat squab is ... driver's seat is right back against the squab so it is only really an ornament. I see that there are also some good aftermarket infotainment systems now available so what's not to like?
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    Considering we actually now actually have something of the car to mount it to, we thought we'd better start making some stuff for the wheels to attach to! Rob has designed a new tubular/sheet steel front subframe and upright package from scratch, so it can be much lighter AND much stronger than the oe setup on the car, whilst still working with the standard steering rack/mounting points on the chassis, making it a 'bolt on' assembly.... at least it will do when we've made it all!! Lot's of parts to turn/mill, so here's the first parts of the upright - we're going to use a 4.5" x 5 bolt pattern, because it gives us a large choice of wheel sizes/offsets for sensible money, but if we want to go back to the oe 100mm x 4 pattern we can just make another couple of hubs 😎 https://imgur.com/a/Oaq6PjH
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    Ok so bit of an update on this, we have now got back onto this car A post has been repaired, we cut the swan necks out so we know it's solid inside the chassis and replaced with new. Put it on the spit and under body protection has been done. I will continue to update this as we go along 😊
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    On Imgur, right click on the image you want, select "copy image address" then on your post here right click and paste. It will automatically embed the image,
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    Hi and welcome to the omoc If it still looks like it does in this earlier post. Congratulations it's a stunner.
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    possibly a bit biased but my own car
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    Found another pic of that orange 400 in action at the Kingdom Stages Rally, 2007
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    These are the 400's in my life. The black one belonged to a mate of mine. Was originally white with a CIH. I resprayed it black for him and he fitted an XE on TB's The red one was my old XE'd road car. Both sold on a few years back. Im currently building a new 400r with Austin mchales old monza engine 😅 My lastest 400r is getting its shell prepared by a fella called Mick Harris. He owns mhmotorsport (on Facebook). he rally's the two escorts himself and I think he maintains the safari 400.
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    Just been look all the pictures and I spot my car the white coupe this is how it looks now
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    "The best drivers squash the bugs on the side windows....." Lovely one here too. B
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    A beauty in the snow.....what an awesome picture.....
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    Lots of nice cars here but Manta 400 still the finest by far!
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    Great looking Gp B: And found this pic on internet of my own 400: Love the similarity...
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    one went to Germany defiantly don t know other.
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    Here we go lads......the master himself at work...this is absolutely one of my all time favourites. That famous black Manta, in typical sideways pose, the forest background and the crowd loving every moment. Shell Oils Dealer Opel Team Ireland....."Go well, Go shell." This is an immortal photo, this is the most beautiful rally car of all time being driven at her best.
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    Nicely sideways does it.....keep her lit lad....
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    Manta towing Manta 400r and scenic old barn backdrop....altogether lovely.
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    This black Shell Oils 400r my personal favourite, it belongs to my friend and I have had very enjoyable spins to shows in her....she's my favourite. This particular forest shot ticks all the boxes for me... this is the picture I love. I also really, really love the next batch of 3 photos, they are forest pictures of what I think used to be Welsh 400r's......pure porn in my opinion anyway. I'm sorry, but I seriously, seriously like these Welsh forest pictures....I hope you lads like them too. I'm thinking, which one?....can't decide....happy with either one. Excuse me but those forest shots are absolutely the dogs bolks.
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    I love this Gunmetal 400r on Compomotives beside the old barn picture....pure Manta pron.
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