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    So I removed the timing cover to clean it properly - this is what the engine looks like. Not too bad to be honest Had the dashboard redone... Cleaning a whole bunch of plastic parts... I've got about three different cluster binacles so I took the best of each to make up a new cluster that looks the business! And here the fun begins - bodywork! I started grinding the various rust spots I could see to see the extent of the damage. The initial welder (not me) did an absolute crap job and stretched a whole bunch of panels which had to be shrunk again by another more competent individual. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of pics of the process but you get the gist of it. All rust was cut out and new panels bent and welded in (crap job, as I said which had to be rectified but came out quite nice as the pics will show). I bent most of the new metal myself to the shape of the car...only for it to be ruined by a man trying to set my car alight!🤣 Put in some rust protector/converter before the new metal was welded in I'm pretty sure this guy intended to kill my car! 🤣 Just kidding. After the first couple of hours of welding he realised the nozzle wasn't up to the task and it was replaced with another one, whereafter the welding got MUCH better. Massively botched job with new and metal stretched like hell... Started clearing out the wheel well. I wanted to put in a heat gun and remove all the old stone chip type paint but time did not allow this unfortunately. Welding started to get fixed and metal crimping applied This rear section was completely destroyed and some previous panel shop went in with glassfibre - this is the new plate welded in I removed the entire front suspension to give it a good cleaning. Once again, I'm cash strapped and didn't have loads of time but ideally I would've liked to remove the control arms, anti roll bar etc and clean and paint them individually. I do however have another car so I'm going to strip that front suspension out and clean and paint it properly to transfer it to this vehicle Here are some shots of the car during the process of getting it prep'd for spraypainting This nose section was a headache. The entire section was warped and bent out of shape so the guys beat the crap out of it and did some heat/cold crimping to get it back into shape Some more shots... Didn't turn out too bad where the messed up plates were welded in... I decided to with L224 - Signal Blue as the colour for the car. Doesn't match the old paint exactly (I'm thinking the other colour was closer to "Horizon Blue"). It looks much better in person than on the picture so I'm quite happy with my choice on colour. In general I don't like blue cars but i reckoned I'd be "bold" with this one... And then finally...some REAL progress on the car... This entire post was work done in the past two weeks (bar Christmas day) so we've really been working hard on this one. And it shows. I can't wait to have this car rolling! Another exciting discovery I made is when removing the front suspension I noticed the brake calipers are identical to ATE calipers found on the Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1600 so I went down to my local Alfaholic and got two calipers (this car only had one for some reason...) for free. They need some TLC but at least I've got a matching set now which I'll be refurbishing and painting soon. EDIT: Wanted to add - the underside of the car is a bit rotten as well. I'll need to tend to that as well but it'll have to wait for now. I noticed a couple of spots where glass fibre had been inserted so that'll need to be removed and fresh metal welded in
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    Another update on my manta 400 it’s well under way now but sorry I’m slow in posting photos for yes all to look at. Getting all panels and shell ready for paint. Body and panels painted
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    Some decent progress this afternoon. I now have the final shape of both the upper panel and the lower valance. Subsequently, these have now had another dusting of primer, but another couple of coats is definitely required: After that I turned my attention to the roof. This has remained generally untouched since I received the car and used my DA sanmder to remove the surface rust that had developed while it was under a holed cover... There are five low spots to be filled and sanded out - two of which were caused when I welded in new metal around the rear screen area. I decided to dust it with primer after a quick sanding to see exactly where the areas of concern were. You will see that on both sides of the car, just up from the 'C' pillar there are matching hollows - no ideas how these came to be there, its odd that they are in almost exactly the same spot on opposite sides of the car too. Anyway, they wont be there for long
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    That isn't the first time this "400"was for sale, last time the highest bid was 75000€, not solled... So you have to grab deeper in your pockets!
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    Very nice,looks to be an 1800 engine gsi model though🤔 Anyone who can guess the price wins it lol.😉 Yes please🤩....28k for a genuine 400 i'm on my way to buy this now🤔😭 lol hairdressers car...😆🙁
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    Thanks lads, but I do like the original ribbed velour and the price of those seats is too much for me I am afraid. Sincere thanks for showing me this though, greatly appreciated.
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    And finally back on the road!! She's back on the road at long last!!
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    New Old Stock, try Vauxhall Green Parts, I know they did have some a few years back but even then the price they were asking was eye watering. I was lucky enough to get a brand new one from ebay for under a tenner, keep trawling the adds. Good luck.
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