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    Building back up after painting New gaz shocks and 15”rev’s got and fitted
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    that's a bit of a space oddity there for sure,granted there is narrow 400's like hermans/but if your going to put a kit on, its got to be the full fat 400 i'm afraid. I tend to think the owner put the i240 kit on to enhance the looks of the car without hacking away the arches which you would of had to do with the 400 kit..... maybe.🤔
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    No .. it has to do with the glass.
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    Ian, you could use the free photo ap, you only pay postage, think you get 50 photos at a time free, stick them in an album, as forums crash, content gets lost, etc.
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    Dont worry Ian if you ever sell the car they will see exactly what has gone into it. Not that I think you will be selling it anyway ? . the good thing about your car is that you know exactly what has been done and what all the surfaces are like under the paint. Which is not true of 9 out of 10 of any restored car someone could buy..yes they may look smooth and shiny but you never know what's underneath.we have all read horror stories about what people have found under paint/ panels on cars they are repairing and a freshly restored car for sale could be no better.you just never 100% know. original cars are always better or untouched ones like yours was.you know exactly what you have got,no one has covered anything up. its a bit of the same argument for reconditioned engines,and other parts.
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    Another update on my manta 400 it’s well under way now but sorry I’m slow in posting photos for yes all to look at. Getting all panels and shell ready for paint. Body and panels painted
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