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    A tiny backwards step this evening. While I was finish sanding the NSR quarter I wasn't happy with the lines of where that panel meets the roof pillar/C post, it just didn't quite flow right. So I added a small amount of filler so that I can take my time until I am happy with that corner. That is one of those places that immediately grabs your attention, so it has to be just right. Once that is done I will be ready to start adding topcoat! I plan to start with the 'difficult' areas first i.e. the door shuts, inside the boot, underside of the boot lid and bonnet, wing bolt rails etc etc. Then once those are done I will go for the whole exterior of the car. With any luck I can start with the White at the weekend - the weather is forecast to be warm and sunny, so that is an unexpected bonus!
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    Yes all primer, if that was rust treatment hopefully the person that help make it can see it didn't work. There are many places on the car that just have a dusting of top coat and no primer at all. The hydrate 80 is just brushed on, gives a blue ish colour but goes much darker when dry and etches very strong to the metal.
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