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    Thanks Jason, much appreciated. I managed to get a little bit done on the Cav before I disappear off to Archery. The NSF wheel arch trim 'thingy' is now back on. As you will see, I did opt for a 'nut and bolt' type fixing in the end, I just don't like rivets holding trim stuff in place I am afraid. I know they work and it would all be fine, but that's just me Apologies to the purists.
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    Mine is August 1977. I like that number plate, I wouldn't change it.
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    Great job refitting these tricky trims Ian, that lower front spoiler looks great now its back on. I like your forward planning with those trim clips, nothing more frustrating when your ready to get on with the next job and a small but important clip is missing. Your on 1000 hits now
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    Someone (James Osborne) over on the Facebook group has had new plates made up for his 4-door Cavalier.
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