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    Some good progress this evening. After giving the rear panel another couple of coats of Satin Black over the last 24 hours, I set about putting everything back on. We now have this: And I could not resist trying a 'moody' photo Naturally I still need to finish making up that OS bumper mounting bracket and painting them all Black - then the rear plate lamp and the bumper itself can go back on.
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    Me thinks that number plate needs a visit to your dishwasher! It's manky looking! 😊 Failing that, a good scrub with Jif should do the trick.
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    Just a small update this evening as I up early again tomorrow and I must get my beauty sleep I refitted the rear number plate holder and connected the wires. Then I went searching in the garage loft and dragged out this little beauty that was all covered in dust and 'stuff': My final job this evening was to drill a couple of holes in my newly fabricated OS rear bumper mounting bracket, then give everything another generous coating of Black Hammerite. Hopefully tomorrow I can get everything bolted back on the car - fingers crossed!
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    Some info: All 400's came from the production line with those square headlights. Mine had original the wipers/washer set installed but the second owner changed the headlamps to the 4 round ones. Still have the big square water bottle and the wires/tubes in the car. And my A-pillar has got no cloth on it, because it is a B1 I think. The B2 400's in the club have the cloth on the A-pillar. There are some more differences between B1 and B2 400's.
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    Yes, it's a lovely looking car. I put a lot of time into getting that back on the road. It was a bit like driving the British Museum though, with the 1.6 and the auto box. The 2.0ltr is much better at keeping up with modern traffic. Still up for sale - I do hope it goes to a good home and is kept as nature intended....
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    Still a stunning car Paul, i miss it a bit too, still love seeing it now and again, i actually quite like the earlier black grill to be honest and i still think it needs that front spoiler on it. I believe thats on james blue ascona now.
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