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    Yeh nivlek, its expensive to buy, plus equipment needed, it yellows after time and it isnt heat resistant. Tried it! Its a pity the mot guys dont look at the other end of the scale, new motors with eye burning beams driving towards you, especially 4x4s on b lanes. Driving a lowered manta towards them, might as well close my eyes. What i did wonder is could the metal ones be polished to a inch of its life and uv lacquered.
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    The pulley is going to Belgium, gonna use it to fit an airco in the GSI. @Exclusive Opel: Thanks! He gave me also the track & trace code to follow the parcel.
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    Looks a good decent example, far play, enjoy it, any plans for the future. Maybe a 5 speed, lowered? Period spec wheels? Always liked these. Standard manta will take 13x8 or 9 with a narrower tyre.
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    Welcome back,l have been on and off myself,fist joined in 1996 .Manta 2.0 GTE D611 TDM in red would like to have it back l am now looking for a manta myself,but in no hurry.
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