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    FSG4002 part number for CV boot £8.77 FTR4061 part number for Tie rod end outer £14.54 both available from any decent motor factor, great to see you now pushing on with your Manta 👍
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    Its been one of those one step forward, two steps back kind of evenings today. The step forward: Got the (points replacement type) electronic ignition module installed and sparking. Then added a little conduit over the exposed Red and Black wires that go back to the coil After setting the static timing I though "right lets the get the old girl running again".... Nope, no start. After some basic checks I found that no petrol was reaching the carb - even though the gauge is indicating just above the red zone. A cap of fuel down the carb confirmed this as she raced into life. Well at least the electronic ignition is working We are off on holiday tomorrow, so no more updates for a couple of weeks I am afraid. Be back soon though!
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    Other side done this Afternoon, also many bits wire brushed, Bilt Hamber and painted that the eye will never see but best to get them done. I found out that Bilt Hamber turns red/white hair black I think I'll invest in a cap!
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