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    Finally............my date for final spray was pushed on another week, what’s another week to wait in the grand scheme of things? But now for the final push. Monday 15th April the bodyshop starts work back on the Manta, Delivered the Manta to the paint shop first thing this morning, hopefully in a weeks time she will look completely different, doors, bonnet, boot, wings, skirts and bumpers fitted, dash and wiring loom back in, then hopefully the rest of the work will just fall into place quite quickly, don’t want to miss this summer months ahead!
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    I’m on holiday at the moment and subsequently there is no progress on the Manta, feet up and relaxing, so I have been looking through my vast collection of photos and came up with comparisons, or as close as I could find, here are some before and after shots, before I got her home, sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, sitting in Gray and Adams Fraserburgh after the final coat of paint early June 2019, The first night I got her home, April 2016, totally unaware of what I had just taken on 🤣 but absolutely delighted with her, my first ever Manta, Sitting in my garage July 2019 after the glass and trims were refitted, Again the first night I got her home April 2016 and before I started the restoration, she was only in the garage one night before I started taking her apart, Sitting in the garage July 2019 awaiting the work done on electrics and quad lights, shouldn’t be long now till complete, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage, July 2019, still waiting on ECU wiring, engine commission and radiator filling up, again sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage July 2019, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham, March 2016, Sitting in Hatton Garage on the 2 post ramp December 2018, you would never guess I’m keen to get home from holiday and start working on the electrics and engine!!! i like the comparison photos they really show progress.
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    Hello there everybody, Dropping in to say hi, and to show off my most prized possession- my 1987 Manta GTE! This was my stepdad's car, and before I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, i'd only ever seen it once before it was tucked away and hidden in a garage forever- I was five years old, and the year was 2004. Around the age of 10, my interest in cars developed- Top Gear, Car SOS and Wheeler Dealers were all on telly, and I had a computer game called Rallisport Challenge that got me really into rally cars and the idea of driving fast off road. By the time I was 16, I'd discovered Mad Max (last of the i4 interceptors?) Mighty Car Mods and Roadkill, and I had a gaggle of car friends, some of whom already had their first restos on the go, and my enthusiasm for cars was really growing. Every time I saw my stepdad, I would joke with him about him giving me his rotten old Manta so I could do it up, and he always jokingly said "Maybe one day." April this year, I'm in the pub with him and I say "So, when are you going to give me this manta?" and to my incredible surprise, he tells me I can have it as soon as I have space to keep it. Soon enough i'd struck a deal to get myself a garage to keep it in, and in late June it was time to collect it. I'd been up to look at it a grand total of once in the gap between being told I could have it and collecting it, and to my great surprise, there really wasn't that much wrong with it- there were a few things I knew about, brake lines, fuel pump and lines, and a few rust patches which had put this car into the garage in the first place, but the rust was nowhere near as bad as expected. When pickup day rolled around, it only took myself and another strong lad a couple of minutes to rock the car into unsiezing the back brakes, and within the hour it was on the back of a truck heading to its new home. As my first ever total restoration of a car (myself and the motley crew that are helping me out joke that it's a barn find because of how filthy it is!) I'm here for all the knowledge, advice and parts I can get, as well as for all the Manta related geekery. I'm DeeBob, and this is my Manta-
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    Today I have been messing about with 'stuff'. As it was a nice day I decided to get the old girl out of the garage to get some fresh air.... Today I have: - Set the timing using my new timing light, purchased at the Practical Classics show in March. - Set the auto box/carb damper pot/plunger. - adjusted the mixture a tiny bit. - set the idle speed. The car now starts freely and idles nicely. When revved it sounds clean and powerful, which is very pleasing. As I still need two new mounting rubber, the exhaust vibrates and touches the body at every opportunity. Also, I still have a blow from somewhere in the region of the exhaust down pipes or manifold. Not too fussed just yet, that should be fairly straightforward - fingers crossed! Spurred on by these small victories I could not resist taking it down the end of our road and back. The one massive worry I have had all along is: what about if auto box failure was the reason the thing was taken off the road in the first place?! I should not have worried though, it changed through the gears beautifully - phew!!! My Son was just off out, so he caught this tiny piece of history for me on his phone. Remember this is the first time in over 21 years this car has turned a wheel on a road...
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    Made some good progress today. We got fuel and brake lines ran. Bias valve and bracket installed, Heater box in, mesh in scuttle panel 're painted and fitted, more routing of wires, zink plated pedal box fitted, swapped out front cross member bolts for the ones I had zink plated, fuel pump and filter fitted to zink plated brackets and wired in, and new rubber fuel hose fitted.new rubber bobbin was also used on fuel pump bracket, fuel tank flushed, dried and painted, door new door switches fitted in A posts for interior light, bonett stay and rubbers fitted, floor gromits all fitted. There's so many small little parts to hunt out, clean, replace it's takes up so much time. You forget how many little bits there are till you start putting them back together. 😂
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    A busy Friday on the Manta, Brian the local sign writer fitted the Manta GT/E decals and engine bay sticker, A bit of detail for the engine bay, Manta ready to come home, bodyshop has completed all the work required to bring her up to spec, making her like new again, That’s me on the right picking up my Manta from Gray and Adams bodyshop in Fraserburgh this afternoon, Darren the bodyshop manager and Ross. The team have went above and beyond, their attention to detail has been brilliant, 475 hours labour has went into this part of the bodywork alone, panel prep, alignment, guide coat, sanding and spraying, to be honest the finished job has way exceeded my expectations, absolutely delighted with the results, back home in my garage now, I’m keen to start finishing off the small jobs still to do, the decals really finished Off the exterior, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the build, probably towards the end of the year I envisage for completion,
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    Hi Julian, cars are yet designed by computers. So if you ask a computer of HP a mathematical problem or a computer of another mark it will give you the same answer. So a lot of cars look the same. What you tolled about the Wolsey is new for me, allways nice to learn about those details. Some more about Old Opels On Tour: They make a special "Blitz-Bier" (Beer), and they use my car on their bottle together with two others😊. Must I go to the AA? Some more foto's: Is that a genuine TE2800? This is an real original TE2800! Very rare car: Grts, Herman
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    Hi all , im new to this site, thought ide join to help get some info and possible help with a new project that i recently purchased, for many many years ive had fords and still own a ford capri s but ive allways loved the A series opel manta and managed to get hold of a 1973 manta 1900 sr a couple of weeks ago, its a little worse for wear ie front floors and chassis legs are in a poor state but its only metal and she;s definatly worth saving, not only is it complete i put some fresh fuel down the carb put a new battery on it, freed up the water pump and after an hour or so of tinkering much to my amazment she fired up and sounds ok. starts stops and drives which isnt bad for a car being sat in a garage unloved for nearly 20yrs, looking forward to getting on with the restoration will keep you posted, thanks for now Nick
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    After the two or three kicks in the nuts I've had over the weekend with this car, I was seriously considering throwing in the towel. The paint runs yesterday and the general finish of the bonnet across it in reflection) had left me down on my chin strap and cursing myself. Having slept on it, I have decided to take the positives instead. Things I have achieved since I started: - the rust is gone and replaced with new metal - the car starts, runs and stops - the body lines/shapes that I was let down by last time are done now - the paint is generally quite good now and the runs and bonnet 'marks' can be sorted out as I go/later So I am going to get up, dust myself off and get back on that damn horse. I owe it to myself, not to give up now - onwards!
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    Every year we participate with this meet, was a nice break between working and restoring cars, enjoy the pics: This was the first part, uploading...
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    As promised earlier, here is a photo of what the engine bay looks like these days: And here is a little reminder of what we first started with in Nov '17
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    Well here goes. Bought this car 3 years ago on a bit of a whim. Had just built a garage and knew I wanted a retro resto project. Seen the manta on gumtree n thought, ideal always fancied a manta. Here's a photo from the ad. It's started off as a 1.8 hatch previous owner put a c20xe in it and fitted a 400 kit, home made half cage and gave it a quick spray. It had an MOT when I drove it home but the brakes didn't work luckily it was only 20miles. The engine started cutting out due to the battery not being secured and earthing out. 1st things 1st. The brakes. I got a big brake conversion and rear discs from mantasrme. Renewed all the brake lines. Renewed the seals on the cylinder reservoir which were actually causing the problem. Still not fully fitted the handbrake cable. Get that another day. The wiring was a mess from the bulkhead forward so I chopped it all and made a new loom also wiring in a heater, nodiz ecu, shift light, wiper washers, water temp sensor. Fitted R1 carbs for that retro sound. Added a choke cable onto the dash. Wired the throttle cable although in not happy with it as it only takes about an inch movement to give it full throttle. Drilled the jets to 1.8mm. Added a small expansion for the water while was at it. The exhaust was made up of a standard c20xe fwd one that had been altered to suit a manta. I got hold of an Ashley one off of eBay. Miles off fitting 1st go so this was my 1st weld project. Chopped it and extended it, hit it with some rust convertor and paint. Looks good and fits ok. Also bought a 2.5 inch kit off eBay and made my own system and also fitted an Ashley 2.5 backbox. The back end of the car had these weird round led lights I wanted rid of through time. This was promoted to needing done asap after I pulled it out the runway with no brakes and the handbrake cable snapped and it hit my other car/ wife's car...great 2 for 1. So I sourced a rear end full panel off here. Was a bit rough but with help got it welded in tidied it up now that's had a coat of primer. Ready for the next step. The latest thing is the condition of the shell. As I mentioned before it had an MOT. This and my eager urge to have a retro motor in my garage made me look at the car quickly and I never really gave it a good going over that I would now if I was in the same position...you live and learn I suppose. I made a start to the driver's floor. I should have just cut the lot out but I butt welded and patched another bit and then gave it a coat rust preventer. See attached. Yesterday I cut another bit of the footwell out and the piece of the chassis leg below that was corroded.
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    As some of you will be aware Im the new owner of Loobie’s exclusive coupe. Really pleased I bought it. Had no intention of buying another manta, but when an opportunity arises and you have the money it has to be done! The car is great, drives so well and smooth, such a difference to the A series of mine which is pretty raw to say the least! IT just needs cosmetics to improve it further. Biggest job is a new roof. Which Mick threw in as part of the deal! It has a clip sunroof mod but deserves some attention as do the lower pillars around the screen where there is bubbling. A wing which was also grown in. rear arches need a little attention but haven’t gone, a hole in the boot floor needs patching up. Plan for paint is to do in sections when spare funds arise and doesn’t keep it off the toad for any length of time as this will be the backup car when the A series is off the road A little thing that I’m sorting, the steering wheel. Sourced a replacement irmscher centre pad, it’s jot mint but cleans up well. and I’m going to attempt to recover it, have the kit which was dirt cheap, but I think will give the wheel a new lease of life and make it that bit chunkier for my fat hands!
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    So got to the paint shop this morning, ask a lot of questions got good answers, very good support from the paint shop l have not been looking forward to doing this as l never used k2 paint before Quite surprise on the answers l got so l started to paint at about 12 o’clock ,put 2 coats of paint on and looking excellent This paint is so easy to use, If you are thinking of doing a paint job use this paint Got to do one more coat of paint, will have to sort out some runs, so l have bared myself from the garage for 2/3 days Having a look at the headlights l got they are looking good, Was thinking of painting the inside of the headlights sliver ,( the bit that goes to the glass) Has this been done before Cut the XS carpet off the rear trims put holes in for the clips Going to sort the wiring out on the front spot lights So will have nothing to report over the next few days Have a good weekend everyone Just had a thought ,can l still call the manta sticky as the is no sticks on it any more
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    Today’s big job was to get the front and rear screens fitted, in preparation i laid the rubber seals out in the sun to warm up and soften a little, Two weeks ago I contacted Auto Windscreens and they were able to supply a brand new bronze tint front screen with blue sun-strip, here the front screen is being fitted with the rubber then the string wrapped round to pull it in, Bronze tint front screen fitted, I was able to give the lad a lift in and a help when required, Original rear bronze screen all prepared ready for installation, It’s always a relief when both are in and fitted, what a difference it makes, just another step closer to the finish line, Front bronze screen details,
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    More progress made this week, Front cross member, engine and box installed, started to run the wiring back in after 're taping parts and a good clean up. Painted rear axle installed, painted and installed front and rear anti roll bars, steering column fitted, I sent a load of stuff off to be sink plated, that's now back so I can begin to fit more stuff a all the bits and bolts I needed was in the zink pile 😀 Photo dump 😀 👇
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    Out and about in Dorset and 900 miles covered, nearly as good as I wanted it. Rear spoiler will need repainting as corners cracking. Rear suspension looks to be about 2" too high, stereo not operational and oil pressure gauge not working. Otherwise, it starts, drives, sounds and looks very, very good. It only took 5 years and £15.000!
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    Went in past the bodyshop today to have a look at the black detail that was applied this week along with all the panels fitted, Under the bonnet all painted but the box section cavity’s will be treated to some wax oil, she is now sitting better in height at the back but I still have petrol tank, glass and interior trim so she will still have to settle a little more yet, matt blank masking detail on B pillars, coupe louvres still to go on, Matt black masking detail on A pillars, front quad light and under bumper trim detail, lights to fit yet and adjust beam for MOT, Original small black rubber bump stop fitted inside petrol flap to keep fuel cap flush with rear quarter, I’m absolutely delighted with the paint finish and panel gaps, Manta GT/E decals being fitted next week, along with laser wheel alignment, wax oil all cavities, chassis rails, Sean necks, inner wings, sills etc Im getting her home next Friday/Saturday weather dependant, got to get her home dry. Boot lip spoiler has turned out really well, fits perfectly, bolt holes treated with wax oil before being fitted, again box sections inside boot lid going to be wax oiled, new rubber boot seal fitted, Side skirts and rear arches all fitted, retaining original joints between straight sections and arches,
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    Remove the throttle body as the idle adjust was sized (all sort out ) The engine is a 2.0 Sri 130 8 value It has a coolant hose going to the throttle body but one is blocked off (on the 2.0 chi engine it go’s to a T piece heater hose ) Put some sound dreading on the bulk head (as the exhaust runs down that side it seams a bit loud) Flattened polish the front panel it has come up really well Refitted the headlights, lights all work Put the front bumper on lt looked bad , l thought the front bumper was ok but put it against the front panel and wings not so good So after wiring up the spot lights up have to cut the wiring to remove the lights. made a start on the bumper.Hope to paint in the week
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    Hi All, as usually we had our meeting on the "Ring". The first day (friday) was pretty wet but from saturday on it was better. Enjoy the pics: This one is looking for a new owner: This is the first part, got some pics of the smart-phones to download. So more to come. Grts, Herman
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    I bought it, got it for £1500 in the end, she is surprisingly original, its not a 5 speed as stated, got it going after a bit of work, the rust onit is only surface, in the middle of trying to get panels for it before i start stripping it, i binned those hideous wheel and put a period set on it, when i get started on her ill post some details, cheers
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    Started on the work to connect up the wiring looms, I’m getting help from a friend who knows his way around Manta looms, as I wouldn’t have a clue 😁 all wiring in the boot has been done, rear light clusters, courtesy boot light, fog light, fuel tank sender and rear screen de- mist. Front quad light wiring have been started, bumper off, black trim off, metal light holders removed and 5 3/4” sealed beam units fitted. The White irmscher surrounds were a tight fit over the glass, a coating of vasalene over the metal retaining rings helped them locate fully home in the bezels. inside the engine bay the pump for the washer jets has been plugged in, as has the oil pressure sender, brake fluid resivoir, wiper motor, front indicators and horn. still some way to go with the wiring, all the interior electrical work and instrument binnacle and ECU still to do. Again the front of the Manta has changed, fitting the lights now finishes off the exterior. At this stage there is no rush now, trying to trace and find colour codes, relays, fuses, switches, changing from standard square headlights to quad lights etc can all be time consuming but definitely a rewarding and productive day.
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    Todays job was fitting the Daytona check Recaro seats, I found it easier to split the base frames from the seats, fit the frames to the floor pans then all it left was four M8 bolts on each seat to secure them into position, It took me all afternoon just to fit them, they are quite cumbersome to lift in and out, didn’t want to mark anything, Now she is looking like a Manta again, i see light at the end of the tunnel now, jobs still to do are: • drivers and passenger door glass, • drivers and passenger door cards, • carpet to sill threshold plates, • wiring looms are in but just need to connect them up in the right order, • instrument binnacle and lower dash, • kick panels and ECU, • quad light sealed beam units. • commission the refurbished engine before I try and start it, I’ll get my mechanic that reconditioned it to do these checks, im sure there’s more but surely there can’t be much I have forgotten, all my boxes and cupboards are getting empty now which is a good sign.
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    As always we had our Spring meeting, this time in Holland. Sorry that all pics look the same there they are all taken while the cars are parked. Usually I take some pics of cars and engines, but this time my spine wanted some peace after driving a "400"...So my wife took the pics, enjoy them: We had a great time, some more pics: Grts, Herman
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    So Neil is cracking on with the legs and doing a thorough job making It all good. I am currently on running gear duties etc so it’s all good and ready to put back on. I have a powder coating and zinc plating pile which is going next week. Biggest pain is the fact a B series I am restoring is ready for collection from the paint shop - totally F*****D me up now time wise. 🤬
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    Dash and wiring looms now being installed today, Rear fog light fitted, just a small detail but adds to the character of the back of the Manta, Wax oil is going to be applied today, wheels will be put back on and raised on a four poster ramp for this job, Front number plate fitted, rear number plate fitted, she’s starting to come together nicely now, it’s all the small jobs that seem to make a difference, Friday is the target finish date with the bodyshop, I’m all organised for collection on Friday with a trailer, I’m hoping the weather is favourable.
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    The rear axle; I have those spring seats to cover the old ones but I noticed they are as thick as the original ones. Thought if I cover the original spring seats water and debris will stay in the space between them and rust gets a free game. So I did this: Grinded the rotten metal away and fixed the new one as a template: Cutted with the grinder the new one a lot larger so it just fitted into the original one and gave it some spot wells: After that I welded the other side, not gonna win a price for beatifull welding but it is good for more years: Need to drill the water outlet hole and some fresh paint...
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    Ok so haven't updated this for a couple of months, i have been busy on the o/s. Pretty much the same needed doing as the n/s more or less- This side had an outer over cill fitted, great for an mot pass but bad for corrosion later on as where the cill was welded on, especially the floor it had caused more corrosion. The chassis leg had gone a bit crusty aswell Firstly i removed the jacking point and floor section a long with the outer skin of the chassis rail The plan was to make all good in front of the middle cross member, this will stop any chance of things moving if i was to chop out the floor further back. The inner strengthening section of the leg was in great shape which surprised me, i gave it a good check around and coated it in Hydrate 80 before welding the outer section on i had made. I then replaced the floor section a long with a new jacking point The section in front of the jacking point like the other side is tricky to get right, but came out a treat. The section in front of the A pillar wasn't as bad as the other side but still needed a small amount of repair as did the inner arch by where the accelarator pedal attaches. I managed to remove the small angled bracket you can see above and reuse One small plate was needed on the A pillar also. Onto the rear floor/inner cill section next!
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    Hi all, I joined the club back in November when I acquired a 1978 Manta B. The car was for sale locally here In Calgary and I just could not resist the temptation to buy it. Having worked for an Opel dealership in the UK from 1975 until 1979 (McGill Automotive, St Albans) I have had a thing for Opels ever since. Opels are pretty rare in Canada with the last of the official import cars hitting the great white North in 1975, so finding a 78 B here was an opportunity I could not pass up. The car has been off the road since 2002 and the previous owner installed a Buick V6 into it with an auto box. I plan to replace this with a CIH unit and either a Gertag or ZF 5 speed box. The odd thing is the car was originally a manual and when the previous owner fitted the auto box he left the clutch pedal in place! Today was a big day, after almost five months of waiting the car is finally in my garage, I have lots of work ahead of me and will take inspiration from the many great resto threads on this site. Here are a few random shots of the car complete with 14" Ronal wheels which I suspect came from a Rekord E Berlina
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    The prospect of a retro project was too much to resist after several years of my lads & me egging each other on and cooing at Manta B's... the blind purchase was made, I stode in awe as the hatchback span off trailer with front brakes binding, Shit i thought this is going to be interesting... This is my 86 GTE, bought in January 2018 having been off the road since about 2001 starts & runs having 100k miles on the clock the Manta seems to have been well maintained during its time but despite this the last 17 or so static years since have made things crusty. The guy had enjoyed years of ownership and she certainly gave as good as she got in the trading paint stakes, overall a straight Manta with a bit of rust here & there, very original & complete, just a few dodgy mot patches, should look the part one day...
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    Hi I’m back after 15 months away from the club. Not for any reason to do with the club, just stuff that life throws up I’m afraid. Sadly not touched any of my cars in that time either. Anyhow im back now and hopefully getting on with getting my cars sorted & either finished or back on the road. Be good to get back to some shows & meet up with you all again. Heres some of my stable This is my long term one I need to get finished
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    Should have started this last year but didn't think there would be so much to do on a car that sat around for 11 years and maybe this will help some of you out there.so today's make and mend is the fuel tank cover panel first soaked in water and layed on a flat surface and piled paving slabs on it and left to dry to remove all the distortion very pleased with the result.top fixing edge was torn and very weakat work there are always cardboard box edge protectors kicking about a bit of cleaning and contact adhesive next torn fixing hole repair used an old store card cut to shape and sanded you may have noticed the bottom fixing edge has disappeared if anyone can send a pic I'm sure I can fabricate something up.once I'm happy will resray black and have a friend who is a draughtsman and fantastic at free hand drawing do some design graphics on it .....and now got to clean up the kitchen (inside garage) as " it's NOT a bloody garage !" bless her.
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    Hi All, I bring you some game changing news!!!! Just got this back from the manufacturer of my coach enamel paint: "Good morning Ian, You can flat back and polish with our single pack coach enamel, however, it is important to ensure the paint has fully cured to prevent the film from tearing. Regards, Adam Hill Managing Director" Rock and roll !!!!!
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    Vboa 2019. Nothing done the car apart from a wash and polish. -Best A series -top ten award sixth place Surprised and delighted with that! Such a great show this year, highly recommend if you didn’t attend you just next year!!
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    Had to take another set of dust-covers cause they were damaged. After making them rustfree and folding them to fit the Rekord 2.2E brakes I gave them some new paint: After fitting them I noticed they touched the lower arm: Cutting with the grinder, again some paint and yes it looks OK: Adjusting the bearings after giving them new grease: Cleaning the calipers, dirty vs clean: New flexible brake hoses, you all saw I used the old brake pads but everything was tagged so it is on the same place as before: And a new flexible hose to the rear brakes: Next thing to do is adjusting the rear brakes, connecting the handbrake-cable and bleeding the brake-system. Have a nice weekend!
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    Hi all, had a lot to do but also on not GSI related works. The most important is the 400 that got "oldtimer" MOT'd. This is cause of those low emmision environment zones in the major cities of Belgium. So all the years I owned the 400 I MOT'd it as a regular car. It is the most strict MOT so I can proof the car is safe. If you MOT the car as an oldtimer the emision test is not that strict but the brake and suspension test is the same as a daily as the test of chassis condition and lights .So with oldtimer numberplates we are allowed in some low emission zones but that has got more to do about the allowed use of them. No work traffic is one of the important bans. The GSI: The brake pressure valve looked rusty but this one will be replaced by a bronce one. Looks much better. The brake-servo and some insulation on its place: Cleaned up master cilinder and brake pressure valve: Everything in the car:
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    Tonight I applied the second top coat to the front spoiler and the filler cap 'door'. Then I gave the lower front valance its first coat. I'm reasonably happy - so far...
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    Not easy on your own, but almost got the engine back in the A series 🙂 Light at the end of the tunnel now!!
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    Heater box inside engine bay fitted in evenings this week, along with some radiator hoses, I have had the heater running on the bench and have confirmed it works well both in high and low settings, I ran in the window washer jet hoses and the under bonnet light, is there a mercury filled glass bulb on this one, just beside the spade connectors, how does this work? The bulb that is in has blown so I will get a replacement soon, heater pipes also fitted into and under dashboard, still some cabling to run in so lower dash and glovebox will be fitted at a later point. The wiring looms in the engine bay is another area I will need to spend some time on, tidying it up, hopefully this coming weekend.
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    Been a while since I posted on this thread so thought I'd update it. After completing the mancona build I managed to get a good few weeks useage out of it. However I just couldn't get it to run correctly on its injection system. So that was pulled off and with the help of the legend Mr rutter a pair of webbers and H&H ignition was added. We managed to get another few weeks out of it before the weather cought up with us. So it was parked in the garage 18 months ago and has not turned a wheel since then. I've got some plans for it this coming summer I want to pull the engine, remove cross member and rear axle for painting as they never was done. While the engine is out I'll strip it and do a full rebuild on it and also paint the whole under side too. Then I want to get it to a rolling road and get it properly set up. Watch this space 😎
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    Can't believe i haven't updated my thread since April, where does the time go! Next job now that the shell is rust free and solid was to fit the Volvo 240 rear axle, this is how it was And after i had removed the bits i didn't need for fitting So first i offered it up to the car to see how far away the mounting points were compared to the original manta, yep no where near and nothing i could use apart from the body mount for the panard rod. Once the axle was cental between the arches i then took loads of measurements to ensure the axle was square and in the correct position, once happy with that i then went about making up new mounting sections The nut will recess into the chassis leg as i want the bracket to fit flush for maximum welding I tacked them in place first then refitted the axle to make sure all measurements were ok, all good so welded them in, also added a strengthing plate between the 2. For ease i removed the panard rod mount from the manta axle and fitted to the Volvo axle, this way i can just use manta bushes on both ends. As the mount on the Volvo axle is closer to the centre than the manta one i made up an adjustable panard, this will also help to get the axle set up later on. (i forgot to take any pic's of this but will once back from the power coaters!). As i want to fit rear seat to the manta i didn't want box sections inside so for the upper arms, after lots of thought alignment i managed to position the mounting points so i only had to make very shallow covering sections. Final fitment of the axle to make sure all clears and sits where it should. I couldn't get the spring and shock to work as they are located the other way around to the manta and the chassis was just in the way so i've had coilovers made, they will mount in the original shock inner arch mount position, i seamed welded this for extra strength so should be ok as my track manta is set up the same (although does have a cage) never had an issue there. The rear and front axles have been completely stripped, all bushes removed ready for superpro bushes after its all been powder coated, just to mention the rear anti roll bar goes around the rear of the axle and attaches to both lower arms and not the body. Once all happy i then finished prepping the underbody, checking all seems with sealer before masking up and spraying in Upol Raptor. Just got the newly dipped and treated bolts etc back today, so just waiting on the suspension parts back from the powder coaters then i can fit them both suspensions up and get them back on the car. Next stage after that will be to drop the car onto stands and start to fit the kit!! Hope your still awake after reading all this 🤞.
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    A little progress made over the last couple of days, but not much due to being busy at work. Managed to get bonett release cable and catch fitted, air box rubber mounts replaced, wiring loom routed correctly and re wrapped, swapped out the tempory bolts in rear axle with the zink plated ones i had done. Zink plated front anti roll bar brackets fitted, new drop links fitted dug out the heater box and a few other parts ready for tomorrow. Hoping to get a full day in tomorrow. 😊
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    So quick update, the car is finally back from the paint shop. Now the big rebuild can begin. I'll dump some pictures below.
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    True to their word, progress at last, into the spray booth for finishing coats of polar white, black trims all prepared for tomorrow, bumpers, skirts and my spoiler from Shetland all prepared for paint, bonnet and boot all seam sealed, flatted and all good to go, Doors look nice and shiny, manta shell all coated, can’t wait to see her in the flesh all panels, bumpers and skirts fitted, Front scuttle panel and wing, hopefully tomorrow the black gutter detail is applied and the trims finished off.
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    https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1102826 Strong money at £11500 but looks nice
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    A little more done today. Fitted shockers off the red hatch (that got new ones year before last) fitted anti roll bar with Powerflow link bushes. Fitted hubs with disks and then stuck some wheels on to see how it’s sits. Fine I recon.
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