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    The seller/trader,was probably so impressed with its bodywork and structural soundness,thought that this would be enough to sell the car alone which it is...but not for 6k so he's probably just testing the water just to see if someone will bite on a "as is sale" So in reality as people in the know...er, know that he will have to recommission it himself put a ticket on...oh and give it a proper clean.🤑
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    Ian Excellent effort as always. I hope you don't mind me offering a bit of advice which you probably know anyway. I found that a long flexible straight edge real helps when trying to flat out large panels. I use a piece of hardwood ripped at about 1mm. Put lots of filler on and then bend the hardwood to the curve of the panel and pull it across. It takes of the high spots and shows the low spots. I struggled for days on my last project on a badly creased front wing but found an advert on YouTube for a 'blade'. I just made my own as described. Also, I found a dusting of black spray as a guide coats helps find the high and low spots. Anyway, you're doing great and I can't wait to see it finished. Skip forward to 8 mins and it shows a nice demo.
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    After some more relatives popped in this afternoon, I managed to sneak in another crafty hour on the Cav before the BBQ came out again. Some more sanding and stopper filler later and we have this now: Some more sanding tomorrow evening should see this panel just about done I think. Shame I didn't pay this much attention to detail the first time round... Anyway, all in all a good long weekends work I think.
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    it will make next to no difference, unless it was climate controlled for humidity and temperature. Trailers get hot as hell and cold as ice, for 15 years. the seals on the engine might do a little while before they let go, likewise you might get a good pedal with the brakes for a bit but as soon as you get a bit of use and heat in them stuff will seize/leak and generally fail. I am sure its a great car, I for one would be interested in it simply because its not going to be the usual amount of work to get it right. buts its still a lot of work needs doing to makes sure it is safe and reliable. I am halfway through putting an 1800 hatch back together that was liberated from a 16 year dry barn slumber, its got 56k on it and I have it down to a bare shell to make sure its all "right" before I use it. So far I have found dry rotted suspension bushes, seals that are hard as rock and rear wheel cylinders that are totally seized. This is a car that was also never used in the rain and garaged its whole life. I believe this because the petrol tank is pretty much perfect. no rust or mud anywhere. I hope the GTE gets the six grand, it will be a happy day for Manta values !
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    Keep going Ian! After doing my back arches I couldn’t bare to see another pot of filler! I think it can be soul destroying as you think you’ve done a good job, put some primer on and.....agh... still not right! 3 hours later and you’re little further on. Iv left mine and been doing other stuff but I know they’re still waiting... keep going, it’s you that’s got to happy with the job 👍 looks great btw!
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    Today we are 29 years married, ordered a table at a local restaurant, so no updates. Not gonna push my luck...
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    Some work has done at the workshop, must take some pics of it. At home I cleaned up the front axle, degreasing and used rust converter before painting with hammerite: Some nice things arrived from Germany, thanks @ Thomas from Edelschmiede: First I wanted to clean up the bolts and let them passivate them, but later I noticed the whole set was cheaper to buy then passivate the old stuff and transport it to the firm, buy new self-locking nuts and so on... Sometimes the easy way is cheaper. Noticed this on the upper wishbones, never too old to learn: Usually I check the rubber bushes to check what side the wishbone fits, but with cleaning I saw R and L. Wanted to share this. Grts, Herman
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    In 1980, Vauxhall designers built a one-off prototype special Cavalier Sportshatch in metallic silver, hence the name "Silver Aero". The car made its public debut in October 1980 at the NEC Motor Show on the Vauxhall stand. The idea of the Silver Aero project was to offer existing Sportshatch owners / buyers the chance to upgrade their cars to Silver Aero spec in three phases. Phase 1 This was a sports interior. there were a pair of black leather Recaro seats with electrically controlled backrest cushions and lumbar supports. Grey carpeting with black and white trim and door panels featuring special graphics gave a modern look to the interior. A Voxon radio / cassette (expensive in 1980) was incorporated into a special centre console. Phase 2 This phase addressed the exterior with a special bodykit made of glass fibre and included a nose cone, lower front spoiler with built in fog lamps and indicators, mouldings on the sills and full underbody skirting. A spoiler was fitted to the tailgate while a special rear spoiler with built in bumper was found on the rear valance. All exterior glass mouldings were in matt black. Compomotive alloy wheels with 215/60x15 Goodyear tyres finished the package. Phase 3 The main feature of this package was the 2.4 litre turbocharged engine which produced 150bhp. This was built by WBB (Racing) Ltd. and Turbo Torque Ltd. Special vents were let into the bonnet to dissipate the turbo heat. Sadly the project did not get past the one-off prototype. The car still survives today with less than 25,000 miles on the clock.
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