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    Fair bit of body work. I've already replaced the front valence, springs and dampers, but the rear arches and a few bits of rust showing through the paint hint at more work. it's been relatively well looked after in the past and flies through the MoT. Past welding underneath is functional rather than pretty but that's a whole lot of tea to drink before I tackle that
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    Today I set about stripping the last of the sound deadening material off the floors. A pair of front floor pans and jacking points required to repair these areas. I then went to the front of the car and removed the front bumper and mounting hardware, only surprise was a poorly fabricated home made bumber bracket on the right hand side. I then took a deep breath, removed the left front wheel and had a poke around the body rails and swan necks. Here's what I found.... Front section with the under seal removed, looks very nice. Moving back towards the Swan neck not so bad... Moving on down, not very pretty... After pealing back the onion... Verdict, I will be adding inner and outer left hand swan necks to my parts required list. I'll look at the right hand side tomorrow. Chris.
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    I know how you feel. Good to know mantas rust in canada too, out of interest, do they use rock salt on winter roads in canada? Are you a purest or a modernist?
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