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    ....well that was the last time I was a member of the OMOC. So thought I best say hello, anybody still around from those days (1990's)?. I used be area rep for the East Midlands with my good mate Sean Richards, who now lives in New Zealand. We used to have a ball back in those days, Mantas available and cheap, shows at Billing, Santa Pod and road trips to the Dutch Manta Club meetings at Baarlo and another place in Holland I can't even remember. Sold all my cars, 2.2 A series, Exclusive Coupe and an GSI exclusive coupe in the mid 00 along with all the bits. Then I was car/toy less till the late 00 and I got Myself a 1976 Vw camper, rebuilt it and still enjoy getting away in it to this day. Then I got that Manta itch back and had to scratch it! So I'm back having bought that silver B series basket case off Simon down in Suffolk. I just sat in the car today and it was like sitting in an old friend. Loads of work to do and bits to find but I'm looking forward to the day I drive it for the first time... Ian Holmes membership no 6991 original no 441
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    Welcome back! Is it a silver b2, with blue velour and blue tinted glass, they had some tasty mantas back in the day, and some not so...... brown dash, cream seats, think the lowest of the low is 1.8 in gold with fawn i teriorand brown dash. Not the mention green interiors. But you have one of the nicest. Equally as nice, Why dont you start up a build thread on your silver b? Great way to preserve and recird history of the car.
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    I have an original 1800 on a Y plate that does not have wipers on the headlights and never has. No wiring, no hint of the motor bolt holes being used and no holes for jets in the bumper. It does have a large washer bottle though. Its not the only oddity with this car if I am honest but its original as far as I can tell. never had paint either.
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    The new pistons on the conrods: And yet in the engine-block. Waited till my son was back (from Antwerp, day out) so he could feel how it is to put a new piston in a engine. Things they don't learn anymore at school. Don't look at the mess, lookes like a car exploded here...
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    The lack of headlamp washers and washer jets in front bumper also indicate that it probably had a light frontal as well.
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    Were always standard on the Berlinetta's, Danny.
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    Hey Herman Its been a team effort! With out everyone's pictures im not sure i would have worked this out. Im going to write this up on my blog later so its there as a reference for people. I can now finally get my engine put back together. Andy
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    This could be worth checking out in person...as its hard to appraise this one by the pics alone,but looks promising. Seller states mot work in hand so I gather that will be done.....looks to be a potential bargain compared to other hatchbacks for sale at the moment which are still good buys in the grand scheme of things.😎
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    Ok, think things might be going in th right direction! Got the genuine guide for the tensioner and its so much better fitting than the aftermarket one. I can new fit the cam wheel with a little bit of force so if that top guide was 2mm narrower i think it would be a perfect fit. Herman, look at the difference between the two and how much further that aftermarket guide sits out. there is a pencil mark to show where the aftermarket sat compared to the original one. Andy
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    Yes, just noticed it myself. It does look very nice in silver. The GTE interior is an improvement as well imho albeit detracts from its originality. I notice the headlamp wipers have been removed as well.
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