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    Hi and welcome if your not a payed up member you can't access certain parts of this site if you are leave your membership number and join date and Simon will sort it.belive me the membership fee is worth every penny.
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    Can you change the thread name please to (like all Mantas never finished) - still looks great and i am still claiming copy right on the skirts he he I second the fact Rutts is a legend
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    Hi and welcome,if you need information on mantas this is where you find it You find some information on the project bit,(l am doing a manta at this time under “ sticky manta”)
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    Hello, and welcome I will try and supply a contact, as you said a member, do you mean you paid the membership by post. Here is the guy you need, send him a private message. Its simon, you should have a membership number also.
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    I put in a vectra b battery tray, works very well and the original manta battery retaining bracket can be used with it. Maybe you want to keep standard though?
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    Been a while since I posted on this thread so thought I'd update it. After completing the mancona build I managed to get a good few weeks useage out of it. However I just couldn't get it to run correctly on its injection system. So that was pulled off and with the help of the legend Mr rutter a pair of webbers and H&H ignition was added. We managed to get another few weeks out of it before the weather cought up with us. So it was parked in the garage 18 months ago and has not turned a wheel since then. I've got some plans for it this coming summer I want to pull the engine, remove cross member and rear axle for painting as they never was done. While the engine is out I'll strip it and do a full rebuild on it and also paint the whole under side too. Then I want to get it to a rolling road and get it properly set up. Watch this space 😎
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    As always we had our Spring meeting, this time in Holland. Sorry that all pics look the same there they are all taken while the cars are parked. Usually I take some pics of cars and engines, but this time my spine wanted some peace after driving a "400"...So my wife took the pics, enjoy them: We had a great time, some more pics: Grts, Herman
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    The roof and the front spoiler parts are now sanded, so...... all sanding is now complete! Tomorrow night is Archery night, so perhaps at the weekend we can start to get some primer on - woohoo!
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