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    Hello there everybody, Dropping in to say hi, and to show off my most prized possession- my 1987 Manta GTE! This was my stepdad's car, and before I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, i'd only ever seen it once before it was tucked away and hidden in a garage forever- I was five years old, and the year was 2004. Around the age of 10, my interest in cars developed- Top Gear, Car SOS and Wheeler Dealers were all on telly, and I had a computer game called Rallisport Challenge that got me really into rally cars and the idea of driving fast off road. By the time I was 16, I'd discovered Mad Max (last of the i4 interceptors?) Mighty Car Mods and Roadkill, and I had a gaggle of car friends, some of whom already had their first restos on the go, and my enthusiasm for cars was really growing. Every time I saw my stepdad, I would joke with him about him giving me his rotten old Manta so I could do it up, and he always jokingly said "Maybe one day." April this year, I'm in the pub with him and I say "So, when are you going to give me this manta?" and to my incredible surprise, he tells me I can have it as soon as I have space to keep it. Soon enough i'd struck a deal to get myself a garage to keep it in, and in late June it was time to collect it. I'd been up to look at it a grand total of once in the gap between being told I could have it and collecting it, and to my great surprise, there really wasn't that much wrong with it- there were a few things I knew about, brake lines, fuel pump and lines, and a few rust patches which had put this car into the garage in the first place, but the rust was nowhere near as bad as expected. When pickup day rolled around, it only took myself and another strong lad a couple of minutes to rock the car into unsiezing the back brakes, and within the hour it was on the back of a truck heading to its new home. As my first ever total restoration of a car (myself and the motley crew that are helping me out joke that it's a barn find because of how filthy it is!) I'm here for all the knowledge, advice and parts I can get, as well as for all the Manta related geekery. I'm DeeBob, and this is my Manta-
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    As promised earlier, here is a photo of what the engine bay looks like these days: And here is a little reminder of what we first started with in Nov '17
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    Today flattened the bonnet looking good After seeing lan work on the inner wings,l made a start on the battery tray which is 100% solid Give it a few coats of paint, looks good ( this is going to well) Cleaned the cover behind the battery comes up very good will give a few more coats of paint
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    It’s a rebirth for sure, a great reminder of how far you have got with your project. A slap on the back for sure🍻
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    Wow Ian what a difference, first class, just goes to show what a bit of effort can achieve 👍
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    Would be cheaper and a lot easier just to fit a Clio glass sunroof. I think we've seen far worse sunroofs than this one. That foam being one of the major causes of corrosion. What's the 3rd from last photo above showing. Can't quite figure it out. Was the plastic-paint stuff just applied over the bits above the fuel flap or have you been sanding/rubbing it? Just curious.
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    I doubt it's a £10K car despite the work done to it. Being LHD won't help. Nice colour though. Would look better with some Opel alloys and minus the blacked out Windows.
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    Well we had a good run today and managed to strip a lot, find a lot of rot, some semi repaired and learnt a few things along the way, mostly about these slide sunroofs. As this is my first Manta with a sunroof. Haynes manual was semi helpful, but not 100%, but we managed. All glass is now out of the car baring doors, boot lid off, stripped the spoiler etc. Upon removing the rear bumper I notice that on the OS it looks to have been bumped a little as the rear panel is not true, not a huge amount, but another task to sort. Inside boot is very solid, with only issue been the NS hinge bracket as snapped completely off (torn the metal) and the spring for this side snapped. Trim was not a big issue, but due to its hard life, a few items are broken and will need to be replaced, will make a post in the wanted section, so please take a look and see if you can help me out with any bits. doors to be stripped tomorrow, until then leave you with some more pictures.
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    So... 20 minutes with an airline chasing flakes of rust and blobs of dried up/fallen off adhesive around the cavities and we have this Of course, that's probably only half of it as the other half disappeared off into the grass I guess. Then it started to spit with rain so I had to carry it on my own into the garage and stand it up against the front of the car. We can start painting tomorrow evening
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    Now it's daylight got unit out so I could see and the clip has snapped..so a bit of improvisation and now fixed and still allows the adjuster to work good enough for the mot on Friday.
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    Im in ireland a company called trimtec is swords did them
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    Today I have made a start on the underside of the bonnet. After removing it, thanks to some help from my Son, we placed it on the grass in the back garden. As you can see, it had some surface rust, old oil and 40 years of general crud on it... After a few minutes with a wire brush and some 120 grit paper, followed by some Hammerite Kurust This is certainly the worst area, but I think that even this should look OK once we are finished with this panel Have a nice day everyone.
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    Today didn’t mess about with the paint l thought l just pop in the garage an have a quick look at the radio Wiring was a big mess a total f### up After many hours have now the clock, cig lighter and the radio working Now need a aerial,but don’t what to start drilling into the body work Has any one fitted a screen aerial, are they any good
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    Hi and welcome always liked the A series never found one or had the money for one Will be good the see some photos,as they are very easy to upload This is my project at this time
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