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    Some car I spotted at the RRG
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    i drove the car around our block to turn it around to get it in the garage. the other way around and the engine ran great, even pulled geat at under 1500 rpm. so it got me thinking why would it run great when under load. and not whilst standing my conclusion was no vacume under load so got to be sucking in air. but i new the gasket was new. so never went back to it.. so i went straight to the manifold to check the bolts and they was all loose. what an idiot !. i must have got distracted when fitting the carbs as i was suposed to be looking after the kids.. i feal real stupid.now at least its running great. well pleased
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    Had a quick check tonight miss a bit on the front bumper, mix a small bit of paint and that’s sorted Paint still a bit soft in the mixing pot so going to level it alone Have keep one sticker on the front bumper (just as a bit of the past history) Done a photo of the masking up under the bonnet which l think is very neat The bonnet is looking good as well
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    Copied from a posting over on the Facebook group. This 400R was on display last weekend at a classic car display at Kirkwall up on Orkney. It was originally an GTE Exclusive. Not one I've seen previously. The owner tells me it was converted in Fife. Looks very nice!
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    Interesting, needs some work to complete. Not for me this, but I know some do like a V8 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-B-V8-Drag/273969850536
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    I have a pair, new in the box never fitted. What questions do you have ?
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