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    No drain plug.only way to do that is engine or box out and physically drain it. Or just do a couple of fluid changes extra after running engine Up to temp .if fluid was black or dark brown its a good idea.if old fluid was still red / orange then probably not necessary
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    Ok as promised the RX8 6speed. Got family stuff to do this weekend, so not mated it up to the red top yet, will do that Tuesday maybe. Pictures attached. If anyone can’t see pictures pm me and I will host on Flickr etc. More of the same
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    4door, so not related to our coupes. however, might interest someone? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1979-mk-1-vauxhall-cavalier-mk1-sri130-engine/153615581657
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    No No Jess, I chose the high postage so that I would get it quicker, in fact it is due today. Leaving the club is over the way I am getting treated after 12 years, I will try again to get that sorted though, this club is far to handy to just throw away.
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    A few days away on a short break has given me some time to think things over, particularly with regards to the radiator (leak). I decided this morning to investigate a bit deeper and see if I could find that tiny leak. My plan was to use two of these rubber bungs: I think I had them from many moons ago as part of a wine making kit or something - demijohn bungs? So I stuffed those in top and bottom and filled the rad up with water - then waited... After about 5-10 minutes I spotted this damp patch appearing on the core. To get a better look I removed all of the cooling fins in that area - most of them were shot to bits anyway to be honest. Lets call it weight saving And there seemed to be what I convinced myself a tiny hole about in line on one side of the 'flat' just about in line the point of my finger nail is. By the way, at this point I had moved the rad onto its side - in case anyone says "but water doesn't run uphill" So off I went to find some weapons: A few minutes later and we have this: I appreciate that the some of cooling fins are knackered, but hey, if it holds water, I cant see that being a massive problem... So now I am off outside again to refit the rubber bungs and see if it has sealed.
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