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    front end done there is a few mistskes on the bonnet thst i have got to go over again. the nose cone came out great happy with that.. theres a few other bits i have got to tidy up. got new head light set from ebay £40 with dome glass not quite as domed as my originals but still ok.
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    Oh yes, good question Wayne! Apologies, I forgot to update you all on the big lad. He had another Vets appointment last Thursday and his eye has now completely cleared of blood, his vision is good and his medication has brought his blood pressure down to normal. So basically his is doing great now. We are so pleased as we really feared the worst at one point..,
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    That's very smart! More so for £3.69! Would look equally nice on a GTE if it were painted semi-matt black.
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    the bonnet i had a drip of the gun. and i did not get enough gold paint on i used a high powerd lamp to look close at the coverage of gold before i top coated. but when you stand back the primer is still showing through. i can repaint just that section but im going to wait for it to dry good first. also got a few marks here and there. but the body work on the front was really rough so i can not be to upset.. i have now sold my car so the manta is now going to be my everyday car. so really trying to get it on the road asap. so i do not have to keep using my wifes car
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    All sorted now. Sincere thanks once again to Exclusive Opel - top man!
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