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    Silly name, but fits aptly. Since ^not so black beaut ^ will be a longer project to get how I want it, this is going to be an interim project so that a) I don’t rush b) we have a car I can bring to some shows. got it up in the air today, it is pretty good. Think we will tackle the swan necks now before they get too bad. Already have the repair parts for these from Germany, so can get them done. Quick look about with my Mate (mechanic) and we had to se the static timing as it was about 3deg after TDC, so runs nice now. Will need new front discs and callipers, so might do Carlton discs mod, and all new brake lines. Needs a full service as it’s not been done for a while, still had a GM oil filter on it πŸ€”. Service manual is present, and stamped upto a few thousand miles ago, but about 15years in time πŸ˜€. one thing we could not get is an air filter from the two local factors, not even listed now, so might need to think about a k&N. Had a little drive on the trade plates to the petrol station to get some fresh gogo juice in it, lovely drive. It has been over 20years since I drove a Manta on the road so I was absolutely chuffed 😁 Bad bit that annoys me already is a Cellular aerial in the front screen! So it will a new one at some point, brown tint with blue strip if anyone can help with this, msg me πŸ™ So hope to get it to MOT whilst I away with work, then can have a little drive about in it before the bad weather comes. Pictures attached.
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    It wasn't the Flexi but all the old steel lines from it badly restricted and t- piece had a lot of crap in it I also changed the valve to Flexi hose line tho this had been done think I'll replace all the steel lines up front as well due to the amount of rusty fluid I got out when I first flushed the lines.i just like to thank everyone for there help and patience with this problem it was extremely frustrating and I got really negative about the car but now feeling a lot more positive tho I still think this car has a soul (female) and is just pissed off for being left neglected for so long like a woman scorned .oh parcel force screwed up and sent the shoes and drums to Milton Keynes as a delivery depot 90 miles from my house but have promised will be delivered tomorrow.
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    Last test taken from the end of brake line at the wheel cylinders both show 750psi more than enough to operate the rear drums so I would say they now work but as I have striped out all the brake gear and new drums,shoes and fitting kit ordered as old drums badly scored should have it all back together by weekend and hopefully mot soon....ish.and now boing! time for bed.
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    Just a heads up on the removal of runs, you can use the dolphin glaze method. Basically it's a very fine filler, you just smeer it over the run and around the area. This way you are flatting the runs/high spots and the dolphin glaze rather than the paint around the run, it prevents you breaking through the paint around the run. There's lots of videos of this method on YouTube. Hope this helps.
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