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    Tonight espoused Flatted the panels ,polished the panels, The door and rear 1/4 has turned out very good Had a look a the lower trim, come up really well Refitted the lower trim, petrol flap Adjust the the o/s rear brakes, Waxed oiled the inner sills, chassis Fitted the wheels back on with locking nuts Tomorrow’s espoused (If l get the time) Fit the new aerial to the o/s wing , put it back on the floor and see if it starts (all has in the past) Clean up the garage when sticky starts
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    A tiny bit more done just now... The mating surfaces have now both been cleaned up and the small kink in the cover straightened out nicely: Unwrapped the new gasket and that looks (and feels) good quality, its just a tad under 4 mm thick too which I am happy with: I then thought I might as well go ahead and fit it, but sadly I have not got enough Red Hylotyte sealer - typical! Thanks for sharing this - it is an excellent source of information. I have found the torque required for the brake bank bolt and it is stated as 40 in lbs, which equals approx 4.5 Nm. I set mine at 5 Nm, so I am pleased to find another information source that agrees with Mr Haynes. Sincere thanks again Exclusive Opel!
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    Great work as always,. Top tip about the dolphin glaze 👍
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    Great buy! Used to dislike silver, back 15 20 yr ago, you couldnt buy a car in any colour but...... silver, now that its uncommon, it looks unreal. Nice buy. some ideas! ........Inspiration!
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    Don't know if an A series auto box is the same but here's a link for a workshop manual: https://www.google.co.uk/url?q=http://www.opelgtforum.nl/downloads/service_manual.pdf&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjPmKCp4MbkAhVJh1wKHT3nBTE4ChAWMAd6BAgEEAE&usg=AOvVaw1PzcPACKvGar5I55XC-JIY It's about 2/3rd's down for auto box. If not, maybe useful to someone. 😎
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    I know they always recommended using the proper GM oil in the 5 speed. Not sure if maybe ep90 is thicker and would mask the noise? Mine was like that and i swapped the bearing (quite and easy job to do from what i remember, but that was a while ago!!) and that sorted all the problems out. did you get the pipe sorted out? Andy
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    This evenings update: I’m generally feeling more positive tonight as I have just been out to the garage to check the ‘cold’ auto trans oil level - and it was low... Basically, I had to add around 0.5 Litres to get it to the required mark on the dipstick. I haven’t been out on the road with it yet, but already it feels nice to find a fault. Fingers crossed!
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