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    ....and spotted on the M1 earlier today.
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    I have used Steve at Northampton Motorsport for many years as im pretty local to them, He is a great guy and extremely clued up. They built the engine in my Escort Harrier many years ago with twin 40s and full webber alpha set up with tps, That used to fly. They set and balance the webbers on my old camper and have recently set my Exclusive up. They do all the mapping for Retropower too. Great guys.
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    Whats the process at enviro strip? Dip or surface clean? And how do they threat it afterwards? Rough price guide?
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    Did you go for lowering springs too? Ie blue box, sports springs. You need to list where you got your parts, i dont make the rules :) if they are of silver car, the front bumpstops will need a inch or two cut off or it will ride on them.
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    Hi all, had a lot to do but also on not GSI related works. The most important is the 400 that got "oldtimer" MOT'd. This is cause of those low emmision environment zones in the major cities of Belgium. So all the years I owned the 400 I MOT'd it as a regular car. It is the most strict MOT so I can proof the car is safe. If you MOT the car as an oldtimer the emision test is not that strict but the brake and suspension test is the same as a daily as the test of chassis condition and lights .So with oldtimer numberplates we are allowed in some low emission zones but that has got more to do about the allowed use of them. No work traffic is one of the important bans. The GSI: The brake pressure valve looked rusty but this one will be replaced by a bronce one. Looks much better. The brake-servo and some insulation on its place: Cleaned up master cilinder and brake pressure valve: Everything in the car:
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