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    Bit more done today, rot cut out of A post, inner wing and under washer bottle, treated with hydrate 80, tabbed up some plates and welded in. Decided to flat the welds down. And I always just run a thin bead of seam sealer over the welds to make sure it's 100% water tight 👍
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    Love it how the seller sounds proud it’s sat on 30 year old tyres. I’d want 5 new rubber for that price! Lol
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    Thanks Jess, much appreciated. I didn't bother with rivet washers in the end (even though I had them). Over 20 rivets were easily man enough to hold that all together. With hindsight, the right way to do that job is to attach the top rail, before you glue on the rubber strip - as you will see I ended up drilling into/through that quite regularly... Mr Clumsy strikes again. A bit more progress. Now it was time to turn my attention to the carpet that sits at the bottom of the Cav's doors. years of dirt and UV had seriously taken its toll, but thankfully the actual material structure was still very good. Following the advice of my new buddy at Carpetright, I pressed on with the spray idea. This s the colour I had previously chosen to try to bring as much of the old and new colours together as I though possible. How the carpet looked before we started: So on we went with the first coat, starting with the edges: The the front face: A short time ago, the second dusting went on: Fingers crossed, but I think it might work out quite well
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    A little more progress on the Drivers side door card this morning. First it was time to mark out and then drill the rivet holes for the top rail: Then the first couple of rivets were inserted (at either end) to hold everything in place as I moved along: All rivets in and secure (phew!): Then I stood the door card up and pulled the Burgundy Leatherette tight over the rubber to make sure: a) it was going to look OK and b) it was long enough to still reace the face of the door card - all good! I think I might make the other side about an inch longer though, just to make things a little more relaxing... Then I thought it would be nice to do a quick mock up with the bottom carpet, chrome dividing strips etc to get an idea of how all the colours might come together in the end. I think it will look OK. The mock up did highlight one small error though - I had missed a slot for the bottom chrome strip: So naturally I cut that out while I thought of it. For a while I have had the intention of adding a little more padding behind the actual door car fabric, it just felt too hard when you touched it. I found this 2 mm 'fabric packing out foam' on Ebay, designed for upholstery work, so decided I would give that a go. My hope is it will add a small touch of quality and sound deadening to each door. So I then set about cutting it to the necessary blank size: My wing man was in close attendance as usual - bless him To be continued later
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    someone has just got a cracking Manta at that price!
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    When l carried out this brake mod l got the hubs turned down so if the discs needed to be replaced at any time it will be a straight fit Got a guide made so l could drill the holes 100% correct Have. Ot photos on this ipad
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    Ahha! It's resurfaced yet again! There's a few threads on here re this car. It's a cracker! ....and could be worth the asking price or close to it. Loads of photos here: https://borderreivers.co/portfolio/opal-manta-berlinetta-1-8s/
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    Just noticed your car is on ebay Dan . Looks fantastic fella 😍 . Good luck with the sale
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    Here you go mate. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Coupe-Roof/184000990643
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    Very tidy, and very well preserved A post👍
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    This is one of my cars I’m thinning down my collection it used to belong to a respected member on here (mantadoc) before he passed away
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    Hmm cheap at 8.5k, don’t think description as mentioned before has helped it though.
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    Thanks very much. I'm trying to get as much information and parts before I start my restoration so this is most helpful , thanks again
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    Good idea Wayne, I did consider something similar, but for the amount of miles I intend to do in the year, it was not worth it. I also don’t think £80 for a pair of discs is that bad a price at all.
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    No problem at all, the discs are Audi 80 and sourced from a chap that sells kits. These audi discs need the centre bore opened up on a lathe and then 4x holes drilling to match the mounting position. https://mantaclub.org/profile/26-mantasrme/ sells them already done at £80+post. He also sells the rear disc conversion brackets (purchased but not used yet). Calipers are from MK2 ASTRA GTE. They are also fitted to Mk3 Cav Sri too. I suspect (but not confirmed) are also fitted to Vectra A with 4stud wheels (stay away from 5Stud). I just put a wanted thread on the clubs Facebook page for Astra Caliper and a guy messaged me about some he had. A useful thread I found about Calipers http://www.pngclub.com/forum/showthread.php?168966-Are-cavalier-2-0-8v-and-16v-calipers-the-same, whilst not 100% proven, the number on the Caliper that keeps cropping up for the ATE that fit is 977 there are other options if you want more if an upgrade based on 280mm, search for Manta Sierra Cosworth brake upgrade.
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    Looking very good,it’s a good job that the rest of the car has been repaired to a high standard as the door card,trim sill stand out
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    Same dealer that bought it originally for around £13500. Moral of the story, do your research on potential final selling values before you bid to buy a Manta.
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    Unbelievable! Maybe he reckons if it's advertised at £21K, someone might offer him £15K. Deal done!
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    Agreed, those are bloody dangerous
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    Looks like it price gone up and down like a bridesmaids nighty 🤔
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    I have booked it in for paintwork to get done by a friend whilst I am on Holiday so I hope it will be done by the time I get back in November. Then a week to fit engine, and next. 3month tweaking the map lol(hope not). Black coupe should also be back from dipping then too, so I will have plenty to do over winter months.
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    Front axle officially finished now. New Vented Audi discs and GTE callipers fitted, tried and trusted upgrade setup that is well worth the money 👍 Brembo pads from the local factors, £23.81 😁 So thats; Modded Audi discs £80 from David Howell, Calipers from FB market place cost £70inc postage, and £23.81 for pads. Total £173.81. , About the same as Merc charge me front pad replacement in my GLC! Absolutely a bargain of an upgrade to the Manta.
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    Yes but you did not have the contacts we used to have in northwest area.
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