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    https://www.rolloverjigs.com/gallery/ check out these jigs, if you go into customs gallery you can see my Manta on the jig. It works perfectly.
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    This evening I have made a start on the base for the Passenger seat. I decided that the obvious place to start was using the old fabric as templates for the new. The old (with the new fabric roll at the top of the photo): And after a bit of faffing about: The next job will be to add the 'interest' stitch lines that run from front to back. These will continue the 'theme' across from the door cards.
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    This whole thread is fantastic, your determination & creativity are an inspiration.
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    Well back from my Holidays, Cuba was interesting if you like old American cars, but OMG the fumes! Anyway, the shell is back from the dipping, and I will go down and look at it tomorrow, told it was ‘not that bad and is red’ so we shall see 🙈🙈
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    More door card fun this evening - I was determined to try to get one finished. As the Passenger card was the first to be removed, I decided that was to be the one... First job was to show off my new tools though - stronger needles and thread in preperation of the seat work (as I have to go through the plastic piping), a hog ring set (pliers and of course the rings themselves) and a mega sharp fabric knife for piercing the fabric for the tangs on the chrome strips etc Anyway... first job was to cut the rectangles for the handle pull and lock slider. These were then tucked inside and stapled: Then on to cutting the slots for the 'wood' strip retainer - then amazingly it fitted! Next the bottom chrome material dividing strip. To make this easier, I copied the OEM way, which was to tuck the fabric it under the carpet, then piece it: Then on with the strip... Finally, some careful measuring and piercing with the fabric knife allowed me to fit the top chrome material dividing strip and we were done: Admittedly there is still one or two small tidy up jobs to do, but I'm feeling pretty happy about it has turned out to be honest
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    Well done, yeh original ones didnt last, must have been made or biodegradeable rubber just like the rest of the manta, being biodegradable steel.
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    Bronze tint screen plus blue top tint still available new for the Manta b from Auto Windscreens, just got one fitted July time this year.
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