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    Took the Manta out for a run today, first time out since Sywell in July, after having spent the last 6 months rebuilding the gearbox and engine. The car ran fine but I seem to have lost the earth to the d/s dip headlight. Will this car ever be sorted?
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    Got a couple hours in garage last night. Spent more time putting car covers on mancona and Commodore and setting up my mig welder, than I actually spent on the car lol. Did manage to get some rot cut out, and a little welding done. Hoping I'll get a few more hours in later this afternoon. Was out early doors this morning to a local ish auto jumble. Found a cam follower press tool, so had to have it for £20. Probley never use it, but it will look good on the shelf of manta tools 😂 also found some new Hella spots that look a good size to go in bottom of A manta bumper so grabbed those too.
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    Yeah a new welder takes time to get used to, but still very tidy work mate.
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    As above not sure if they was a factory fit but there's markings to cut out inside bumper. Slow progress today really. Struggling to get the hang of this new welder, spending more time faffing with it than working. Managed to complete the inner section and get a sill plate welded in. Still some flatting to do and the bottom edge to finish, but I'm getting to grips with it now. Bit more time with it and I'll have it figured out.
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    Not in the UK as far as I know. They might have been on mainland Europe, as I've sen lots with them fitted. There is a cut-out marked on the inside of the front apron for them. They look spot-on IMHO.
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    Was there ever an oem fitment of front fogs to the exclusive mate?
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    Measured 3.44 and 3.89 last night but forgot to take my best verniers I am going to remeasure with precision depth gauge later and also do I 3.67. But the measurement I have done have been very very nearly the same and it has gave me the same center line all but a couple hundredths of a millimetre so I may I have crack will be back with some better pics !
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    White walls to make it brighter 😀 I'll have to keep on top of it. I wasn't really ment to be doing this kind of job in here lol. But just thought screw it, I'm sick of spending so much time at my work unit. I needed to seperate myself from the place a bit.
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    Body shop have started to strip the car, sent me these pics. Good news is no more nasty surprises, (so far !).
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