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    Hello, my name is David and I am from Spain. I recently bought a 1983 Opel Manta B GT / E. The car is in good condition, has no corrosion. My project is to do a 30NE conversion and a 400 body kit. I hope to learn a lot and also be able to help. I'm sorry for my English. I publish some photos:
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    Took the Manta out for a run today, first time out since Sywell in July, after having spent the last 6 months rebuilding the gearbox and engine. The car ran fine but I seem to have lost the earth to the d/s dip headlight. Will this car ever be sorted?
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    As above not sure if they was a factory fit but there's markings to cut out inside bumper. Slow progress today really. Struggling to get the hang of this new welder, spending more time faffing with it than working. Managed to complete the inner section and get a sill plate welded in. Still some flatting to do and the bottom edge to finish, but I'm getting to grips with it now. Bit more time with it and I'll have it figured out.
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    Antwerp was nice, the girls were talking their stuff and we were talking petrol head's stuff😁! So today we did some prep's for New-Years Evening but could steel some time in my garage. Again painting and varnishing but also fitting some more insulation and cleaned the screw-thread of the mass cables, also the one on the swann-neck: About the insulation: When you build it out some parts must be broken to keep the soft insulation in good condition. So I broken a lot of those clips and springs and ordered some new again. The plastic ones are 7.2mm and fit nice, the metal starlock clips are 8 mm: Noticed the 8mm starclips fit nice on a 10mm socket: So they were easy fitted on their place, just push and ok: Also pushed the old bushes out of the panhard-rod, no hydraulic press (not in the barracks yet) but did this the "do-it-youself" way. With my vise and looks as someone did some upgrades when we look at that tube: Have a nice New Years Eve all!
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    Hola y bienvenido 😁
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