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  1. It’s about time I did a build thread building this car to use in road rally stage events with the help of my father who is a 30 year manta nut who’s turned me from fwd Astra gtes novas in to opel rwd machines 🙂 i already have a mk1 cav saloon running national hot rod spec xe and another spare saloon and another spare coupe 🙂 i have made a good start pics to follow etc I got most of the kit fitting before I had the shell blasted the car had been painted and looked straight As a die I could not believe how much filler was in the rear quarters for no reason at all filler straight over the top of the old paint etc but the paint job was very good I think they did it to have a pin straight car which it was but I hate filler so it has all been bare metalled
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  2. Car has now been blasted and on roll over spit to stitch weld add link boxes for axle a few extra gussets here and there I want it to be able to take them back roads flat out with out twisting etc i am stuck on engine I have many xe engines I have carbs, jenveys, slide bodies etc but I have C20let in my Astra gte and it seriously moves running around 300+ hp i have all the parts to build another c20let our 2 🙂 but some of the road rally events won’t allow turbocharged engine so I am stuck I would really like to get frontera block and cut 24v head would be interested in any info people have on building a 2.4 16v cih car is going to have big tunnel fitted I have an abundance of 1.8 boxes but they are shit I have done 3 in 2 years with 240hp+ xe bolted to them So I have got my self an r25 cable box and a r 28 hydro box have also been looking at rx8 boxes and Sierra Cosworth 2wd box just have made up my mind yet on the plus side I brought a spoiler of a member which is very good only to find I have a genuine 400 thinner type spoiler already in the unit plus another exclusive one it’s genuine twin lights I am after !!! also peoples thoughts of rear end I have exclusive bumper and standard gte carnt make my mind up there this is were it’s at now many photos etc to come I want to try and have it done for summer but we will see 🙂 You may see many old Vauxhall’s Opels on my pics I think me and the father have an obsession 🙂
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  3. Thanks, i will take a look. Yesterday i received my Martin´s 400 KIT, i'm impatient and i wanted to see what it looks in the car.
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  4. Not a 400 kit unfortunately. The arches have been cut. Pulled and badly filled. I was interested at one point.
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  5. Manta and BMW sold Thanks everyone Fiat 850 Coupe next and Mk2 Mini Cooper
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