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    Hi to all, i upload a little restoration.
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    I've spent a few days on the a and it's now on its wheels, it's not seen them for 10 years.
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    One advantage of a private road is I can use it to run the Manta on and test it out, went for a small run again last night up and down the road, I’ve clocked up 14 miles now, can’t wait till lockdown is lifted and I can road tax the Manta, I see little point in road tax at the moment just to sit in the garage, it was a beautiful evening to take the Manta out for a drive, she is in need of a decent run, haven’t even got her dirty enough yet to wash! hopefully soon.
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    Really nicely done example😍…..in sunny Portugal😎 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Kadett-GTE-year-1974-1204-base-car-2-0-16v-C20XE/143583505519?hash=item216e3e6c6f:g:i4wAAOSw0N1emrbu
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    Now that's some classy driveway machinery you have there mate.
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    What a massive milestone to be back on its boots 😎
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    This was one of the Mantas l have had It was totally standard on the suspension
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    personal opinion only ..obviously but to me most cars look better at proper manufacturers ride height. all the front alignment figures will be correct as designed and you will be able to actually drive it !. around here (yorkshire) there are plenty of speed bumps around and even mine at normal height will scrape the exhaust if not carefull so goodness knows what it would be like if too low !.its weird how times change. in the seventies the rage was to make cars higher especially at the rear with longer leaf spring hangers.now people want them lower ? each to their own.and no offence intended to anyone who likes them low
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    try the part numbers listed there
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    Yes, the standard springs front and back were re fitted, wrong way round to start with.....oops, but then corrected 😆 I think the white underside and wheel arches give it a higher look, but yes ride height is as I got her back in 2016.
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    Yeah, it's not bad. However I'm from North Spain and is not as dry as you think. In fact it rains more than in the UK. Took me a while to find a decent unit for the fair price. Mantas were pretty rare everywhere , and you don't see many around either in Spain or Portugal. At the moment I've got two more projects on going, therefore the manta will have to wait her moment. She's properly dry stored. Regards
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    just been looking, have a list already 😂
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    Nice package arrived from Fleabay - couldn't resist-came as a pair!
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    Impressed how much work you'v done, great!
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    Never seen one before. Now, I want one. 😆
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    Hello, i do some things in quarentine. Engine off The rear axle I don't find corrosion, i clean very well with radial and wire brush I have some questions: What shock absorbers do you reccommend? And the springs i don't have any idea, i want to install the 400 kit, i hace to change the height? How much? Thanks
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    Very thanks for information, when i start to adapt the kit i answer some doubts. Some photos for the engine, i use glass projection to clean and i will paint in next days.
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    I really like your seat, maybe european spec, i am trying to recreate something similar with early b seat material. Regarding fitting kit, i presume there is an inner edge on rear arch. These can be drilled, mark quarter panel holes. Bolt them, i have used approx 4 per edge, 12 per arch, to get a clean line, use clear parcel tape on quarter panel, bolt arch. Use filler to perfect edge, shape. Dry, remove arch. Parcel tape allows you to remove arch without sticking. Final fit, use bodyshop tiger seal, thin smear on complete edge that meets car. Of course you need to cut arch to accept 15inch wheel! This is super strong, you can lift shell by arch, or remove arch with sledge hammer! Hope this helps and you fully understand!
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