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    Well, its been a very, very long journey in the restoration of the A series! and finally today was they day when we hit the road for the first shakedown 🙂 Still a few little bits to iron out and a new battery to buy, but well happy with the way she drives. Time to sort out the free tax and MOT so we can get out and start doing some proper miles. I will get some better footage with sound next time but here a a few clips. http://theopelproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Opel-Project.mp4 One good this to come out of this lock-down, happy days!! Andy
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    Went up to my local park tonight for some exercise, took the Manta out as it was a beautiful still evening, I'm quite happy with how the engine has settled in after the rebuild, I’m now 3 miles short of turning 60,000mls on the speedo, after I got home I thought it would be best to remove the bugs on the front instead of letting them dry on, white paint and bugs are not the best combination 😁
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    There’s no surprise really. Charlie’s got a box full of old coils id be surprised if any of them work at all 🤣. There’s no excuse for the firing order though haha
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    Today's dose of manta work. I got the lower rear quarter cut to suit the repair section I had. Repaired the inner boot strengthener, and added a return flange to plug into the boot floor section I was replacing. Rear arch repair panel cut to the required size. Rear arch cut out to suit arch repair. Rear arch welded in. I opted to go single skin and cut the rotten lip off the inner arch, and weld the inner around the new arch repair panel, to prevent future rust setting in inbetween the 2 skins. All welds dressed back and as per everything I could get at once I'd cut out the rot was treated with built hamber hydrate 80, and zink primer.
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    Happy Days Andy, well done 🍻
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    Thanks, Mike It does make it all worth while and the first set of lights i pulled up at a guy waiting to cross shouted over, Love the car! so makes it even better when you have something that people dont see every day on the road. Got to get cracking on the bodywork now just in case there are some shows on at the end of the year!!
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    pull the connector off the sender and give it an earth gauge should sweep over to max I suppose you could also put a resistance meter on the sender when cold value should decrease as warms up will tell you if the sender is dead or you have a wiring issue or gauge.
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