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    The boot liner kit has arrived. I ordered a 3 x 2 M section of stretch carpet and 2 cans of adhesive for just under £30 delivered. I could have bought a bit cheaper, but I went on recommendation/review in the end. The adhesive had some good reviews due to its max. temperature rating (120 deg. C). The carpet is actually a little thicker than I expected, which is pleasing: I've got a small mountain of work to clear this week, so it will almost certainly be the weekend now before I even look at it all again.
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    It was for sale latterly by East Lancashire Classics for sale circa £17K. I notice it's no longer listed, so maybe it sold or it has been passed on yet again. Agreed on all counts. It's worth a lot of money as an investment/keeper, but it's still a bit OTT at £25K despite it's condition & mileage. I'd be pleasantly surprised if he could get £15K for it. Have to agree. I see the post on Facebook seems to have been removed. I did notice the seller had only bought it a couple of weeks ago. Here's a link to when KGF Classics was selling it:
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    For that price I would prefer it to be in factory fresh standard spec.....
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    Cheers guys it's off stubborn little bugger really thought it was going to break took a lot of force to remove but it's still in one piece.
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    Indeed unfortunately got to be
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    I have a heater box with matrix but no fan 🙂
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    offside inner wing then ? I have this, very solid panel £100 plus postage 🙂
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    You are definitely fearless Keith 👍
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    The trouble when they are that nice is that I'd always be scared to drive it in case it got wet, dirty or damaged. Lovely car though.
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    For that price i'd want the headlight wash wipe system reinstated 😊 Remember the low mileage original Red 1.8 GT hatch that has been up for sale for between £18K - £22K for the last 18 months still hasn't sold its just been passed around between dealers. If some one is in the market for what is essentially an almost new hatch then this is the car to buy as a keeper.
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    Spotted in London by a mate looks mint
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