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  1. It did actually sell the day after I spoke with the owner. He got £18k for it, obviously in Ireland as cars in general are much more expensive and this is amplified with classics. He still has the original steering wheel, as I used to drive it with a protector when I took it on maintenance runs and it's basically brand new condition. The wheels have gone, although I fitted some different refurbished Ronals when I had it as the originals had gone porous. I also think provenance and paperwork has gone now as he asked me to confirm the mileage. I ahem.. "sold" it (to KGF) with every tax disk, MOT and service history—yes, the little footwell book thing—and even the original window sticker and bill of sale that showed £5000 + a trade in for a 78 Cavalier for it brand new, delivered on the 1st August 1984. A shame to "retro mod" an original. I dressed the engine bay with Clive Armstrong's custom chrome/stainless stuff, an Opel GT rocker cover and silicone hoses, etc, but still kept the original parts. Getting my pants pulled down.. er, I mean selling this car was the BIGGEST MISTAKE I ever made, and I've been married twice!
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  2. Hi Wayne, you can find them on several German webshops. An example: https://www.o-t-r.de/shop/ascona-manta-a/kupplungssatz-16-19/ So if the gearbox and clutch is out, think it is the moment to fit a new oilseal on that side of your engine. It's only removing the flywheel...
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  3. Front valance welded in and radiator intake panel.
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  4. Picking up my manta this saturday. Fairly complete build. Just gotta get a clutch.
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  5. Hi This how that pipe looks inside of my engine head. Seems like it had better times . Looks like someone has ripped it apart. I think this head has been already messed out by someone in the past. Look at the pictures including the camshaft bolts Found this small wire-spring lying around between the rockers, Does anyone know where it could came from? Thanks guys
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