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  1. I’m currently working on a 16v CIH engine, and have the refurbished head in the workshop. I’m now looking at getting the 2.4 bottom end sorted out and have a brilliant local machine shop that are helping me with the build. I’m happy to share photos, tips, knowledge etc as there are plenty of pitfalls in doing this conversion. Total cost can run into many thousands though, as the cams alone aren’t cheap. photoS for inspiration!
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  2. Hey Paul, what about this nice front cover: By the way nice project! Picture of my engine, you can see there are a lot of differences: Was when I just bought the car, before I removed that ugly yellow paint.
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  3. Be good to see 👍 I do follow the 16v FB groups and there are some really nice custom machined parts, even if they are a bit costly. Good luck with the project, I will be following it with interest mate
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  4. i wish i was nearer to you .we could go through this together and swap all your bits one at a time to sort it. but to be honest im not sure its a component fault but lets see what happens when you do your ignition. then we can go through the basics and work our way in.
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