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  1. It's the 2 pack primer, it looks like colour though. It's going to be a pearl blue. Here's the bonnet which I've painted in the finished colour.
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  2. Hi all. Several weeks ago I bare metalled the body and gave it a coat of black epoxy. Today it finally got 2 pack primed. My boss is getting fed up with Manta bits everywhere.
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  3. Below are a few photo's of my oil pump housing and pump gears. My mechanic is worried about the scoring and has suggested replacing the gears and possibly the housing. From what you can see, difficult I know, would anyone agree that they need to be changed ? Would you describe it as light, normal or excessive wear ? I have seen the gears available on ebay for £300 but a new housing ? Should I need to replace can anyone recommend the best place to try ? Thanks, Steve.
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