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    Last mot was around 2 years ago amazing how time flys by Quick fluid check mini service checked the brakes whipped it to local testing station passed with no advisory’s 👍👍 finally got my genuine engelman mirrors and irmsher twins also changed bonnet never felt comfortable with the old 1 with the bonnet catches so put 1 with a metal frame so I could have a proper catch ( still needs a little adjustment and the sticker replacing same with the front air dam will sort that next weekend totally forgot the smiles per gallon 😃
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    Got this home today Drove it 250 miles up the road, very happy. Couple of niggles as can be expected but nothing major so far. I'll get it up on the ramp over the weekend for a proper look underneath. Renewed my lapsed membership too. It's great to be back!
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    Just to let you know that the OMOC has purchased this item today for the club supply of panels for remanufacture. It is one of the amazing benefits that we have as a club, as have some funds in the bank and we are using them to stock up on these parts so that we have a future for the cars and the club. Some panels are already in the process of being remanufactured by our provider Expressed Steel Panels. Exciting times ahead!
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    Hi All, Its been a hectic weekend with one thing and another. It was my Birthday yesterday and also my Nephews 18th Birthday celebration meal (his actual Birthday is tomorrow), so we have had meals out and all of the associated running around etc... Anyway... I have managed to spend some time on the Cav, so this is what we have got done this weekend: Headlights back in and wired up and indicator lenses cleaned. Then the Vauxhall badge was refitted: Front bumper supports fitted and of course the chrome bumper itself: Then the rubber bumper section was added: Next the trim strip that sits between the headlights and the bumper was added: Then I remembered that I still hadn't paint the front two part spoiler, so the first two coats of paint have been added to that (one or two more to go): The NS door shut area was then painted up and the check strap fitted along with the door card etc: Then the door top trim pieces were fitted that retain the outer rain rubbers. These both still need a really good clean by the way): Two of the rear boot badges were added - a bit random buy I really just wanted to see what they looked like lol: Next I faced a challenge... You might remember me saying that the two Manta doors that I had fitted had the trim retaining 'pins' located lower than the Can door ones. Well before painting this meant that I had to cut them all off, but now I had the side trim strips to fit - but how? In true bodger style I came up with an idea - these photos explain how I did it better than any words: It turns out that this trim strip is going to nicely cover what is probably the worst drip on the car - what luck! And the result of this technique on both sides of the car: The last job today was to fit the two 'hockey sticks' to the front valance (using the same technique as I used on the doors): Naturally there is still tons to do, but we are making some progress. Tomorrow of Tuesday I hope to be able to refit the front spoiler which will mean that the front will then be finished. I'm going back to work tomorrow for a rest lol Have a good evening everyone.
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    I stumbled across a few old car photos a few days ago, I thought that they might give some of you a laugh so here they are: My first ever car a 1.6 Cav Saloon. This photo was taken on the first holiday I had with my now Wife. We drove down to the West Coast of France in it. By the looks of it I had seriously overloaded it! We got there and back safe and sound though. And the same car after some kind soul had hit it in the back and cleared off... Then I moved up to a 1.9 Coupe. This photo was taken on the Isle of Arran around 1988 The paint went all 'weird' on the roof, so I decided to respray it myself - in completely the wrong colour of Blue lol My mate Jim had a White Coupe and these photos were taken in the driveway behind my Parents house. This would have been around 1990 - 1991 Jim still misses his Coupe to this day and hasn't yet seen what I have been up to in my garage. I actually had a Fiat X19 follow me for miles, then when I parked up he jumped out and offered me £250 for my reg - like an idiot I said no! Memories eh?! Cheers all, enjoy.
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    No problem evo, I will sort that out for you with pleasure - but it will probably be tomorrow now. Tonight edged a bit further forward. First a small thing I know, but I finally got round to cutting down a bit of air cooled Beetle air trunking for the cold air feed to the carb: Then I refitted the front spoiler after giving it its third coat of paint before I went to work this morning - don't ask And finally a general shot of how the front looks now, just needs the number plate bracket and the plate itself of course. At this point I am torn between getting a new pressed Aluminium plate ordered or trying to straighten out the one that came with the car. I'll give that some more thought over the next 24 hours. Have a nice evening everyone.
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    Thanks for the comments guys. So on to the n/s jacking/chassis/A post/floor The rotted section was removed as above, first was to make and weld in the new piece of outer chassis Once all secured i then made up a section of floor and welded it in a long with the jacking point The front section of floor is quite a tricky piece to make, i had to bend the inner section but to get the curve just right i had to cut a couple of slits, so allowing the metal to bend around and down around the curve. Next it was onto the inner wing in front of the a post, i had to make up a section here. Last time i bought a section from Retropower which was spot on but because i only needed half of it i thought i'd make it up myself this time. And welded in place Next it was onto the front of the A post, just the front edge had rot so that came out and i made up section to weld in To get the base of the piller correct i thought it would be best to weld in the new cill first, completely forgot to take any pic's of this going in but you can see its in place now I made the front section of the lower pillar first, as you can see there is a hole which i welded a speed clip to the other side to take the wing fixing. Again didn't take another picture of this until it was all finished and coated with hydrate 80 as is the cill etc. Now the cill was fitted i could carry on with finishing off the inner and outer arch where it attaches to the rear of the cill, also remembering to weld through to pick up the inner cill section i installed earlier. The n/s side is all finished now and coated in hydrate 80 (metal wise). next will be the o/s and small repair to the front panel, then all the metal work will be done!
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    Some good progress this evening. After giving the rear panel another couple of coats of Satin Black over the last 24 hours, I set about putting everything back on. We now have this: And I could not resist trying a 'moody' photo Naturally I still need to finish making up that OS bumper mounting bracket and painting them all Black - then the rear plate lamp and the bumper itself can go back on.
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    LOL: Was working together with my son on his Corsa, and noticed this: Group B arms, reinforced! Must be to cope with the massive power of the 3 cilinder 56hp machine!😁
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    Not much done tonight apart from unwrapping a giant present Sadly there will be no progress tomorrow either as I am off to Belgium for the day on a business trip - another long day... Have a nice evening everyone.
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    Hi Folks, I've been a member and forum user on and off since 2012, I previously had a wee berlinetta hatch in red which I stupidly sold in 2017. I've been looking for an excuse to get back into Manta ownership ever since and yesterday a really nice early B coupe popped up on Facebook for sale. I had a chat with the owner and took a punt on it, picking it up later this week. Will update with pictures when I get it up the road and renew my OC membership. Cheers!
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    Some more messing about this evening. Firstly I refitted the wiper arms and blades, followed by the washer jets (connecting those up again to the hoses in the engine bay of course). Unfortunately Mr Clumsy broke one of the nut covers in the process of fitting them - Doh! Fortunately a bit of superglue seems to have it holding for now. After that I started to have a play with my front speaker spacer rings, they are definitely going to need some modifications to use with the speakers I have. They can wait fr another day... Next I decided to try to improve the OS headlamp by fitting the Aluminium tape I bought a few weeks ago. As you will see from this photo, the chrome spray I had tried was already flaking and bubbling, so that was a resounding fail! This is the tape as received: And after the top and bottom curved surfaces had been covered - hopefully you can see the difference: Stupidly I forgot to photograph the reflector after covering the whole thing with tape. I guess it was my excitement to get it all back together - another Doh! - sorry! This was the light output and pattern before: And after the tape was added: I have managed to convince myself that it is now more intense, but what do you all think? For some sort of comparison, here is the light output from the NS headlamp (which is in good condition).
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Yes, it's a lovely looking car. I put a lot of time into getting that back on the road. It was a bit like driving the British Museum though, with the 1.6 and the auto box. The 2.0ltr is much better at keeping up with modern traffic. Still up for sale - I do hope it goes to a good home and is kept as nature intended....
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    Made some progress, the bumper was cracked twice on one side: So I made a metal plate with the shape of the inside, bending and welding, drilling to give the gleu a strong grip: This is how the car looks, the engine bay and the rear right side need repainting Waterproof chassisrails: Some work was done on the back: Again rustfree: Original battery-tray, looks after all the years pretty good:
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    Got a little bit more done this afternoon. Firstly I refitted the wiper linkage and motor: Following that was a quick function test - all good Next I turned my attention to the washer jets and piping. I disconnected all of the piping and blew it through using my compressor. Again, this was all fine and no blockages or restrictions were found. I decided to treat the washer nozzles themselves to a mini service: - a quick sand - a blow through with an airline - both were blocked, badly... I then found that my spray gun cleaning needle was perfect not only for removing the blockages, but also for changing the aim of the nozzles. - lastly, a quick lick of paint. Don't tell anyone - its Renault paint, left over from my Sons (pain in the arse) Clio. I've never been more pleased to see a car get sold! There is probably still a few bits of my skin still attached to that car Lastly, I spent about an hour having a really good tidy up, although looking over my shoulder as I locked up, you would never know it Have a nice evening everyone.
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    Thanks Jason, much appreciated. I managed to get a little bit done on the Cav before I disappear off to Archery. The NSF wheel arch trim 'thingy' is now back on. As you will see, I did opt for a 'nut and bolt' type fixing in the end, I just don't like rivets holding trim stuff in place I am afraid. I know they work and it would all be fine, but that's just me Apologies to the purists.
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    This evening I rushed home from work so that I would have time to apply the third and final coat before the temperature started to drop too low. Mission accomplished: Its nowhere near perfect, but I'm still quite pleased with the way its gone. What do you expect for less than £70 ?! Tomorrow I will start to remove the masking tape and paper. Then the big assembly can begin (while the paint is drying right through). I would say it will be at least 2 weeks before I can think about any wet sanding. But in that time I should be able to mess around fitting front and rear screens, polishing chrome etc etc.
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    All done matey! And...... the front screen is also now in! Unbelievably, the corners which I repaired all worked out nicely and the rubber seals well - sometimes you just get lucky I guess Hopefully I can get the wiper arms and blades back on later to finish this little chapter. I'm very pleased with this weekends progress - onwards!! Ha ha, thanks Kelvin, much appreciated. Your car is also coming along nicely matey, stick at it. I have to say though that the help, advice and loads of encouragement from the members of this wonderful owners club has really been an enormous help to me. I will be forever in their debt! Believe it or not, there have been times where I doubted that this car could actually be saved, but our fellow members kept me driving forward when I really didn't fancy it too much.
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    Some info: All 400's came from the production line with those square headlights. Mine had original the wipers/washer set installed but the second owner changed the headlamps to the 4 round ones. Still have the big square water bottle and the wires/tubes in the car. And my A-pillar has got no cloth on it, because it is a B1 I think. The B2 400's in the club have the cloth on the A-pillar. There are some more differences between B1 and B2 400's.
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    An 'itty bitty'kind of day today. Our integral dishwasher decided to die yesterday, so a new one was sourced today and I spend the next 4 hours taking out the old and installing the new. Four hours of valuable car time! Anyway, I still managed to get a few little things done: 1) I painted the rear quarter glass hinge 'outside things' on both sides of the car, along with the corner triangles in Black too: 2) When I removed the rear bumper in November 2017, one of the mounting brackets was toast and just broke in two as I undid the bolt.I kept it with the intention of making a new one when I reached the appropriate point (assuming I would get that far!). Well that day was today - this was the original and some scrap Steel I thought might work out: And a few minutes of making a lot of noise later, we have something that will work once a couple of holes are drilled/filed: As I prepped the rear quarter glass areas for paint I noticed (due to the very bright light I had set up) a lot of micro scratches on the rear panel I had previously painted - no idea where they have come from, although I suspect one of our cats might know something. I decided I couldn't ignore that, so added a tiny amount of filler in the affected areas then flatted it all back down in readiness for some more paint in the week. Last job of the day was to drill the boot lid and fit the last badge: Have a nice evening everyone.
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    It's all the chrome trim on the Cavs & earlier Bs that make them different & to my taste better looking than the later trend for block colours & no trim. Good job you're doing, just so glad I bought new trim before it disappeared.
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    What the hell happened to the forum earlier? - I seemed to be totally locked out and couldn't post anything, anywhere! Anyway, it seems as though it is all fixed now. Mainly cleaning this evening (big yawn!) All of the wheel arch trim pieces, including the spare I have, plus the rear quarter window 'ledge' pieces. There is one or two dodgy bits, but I think that they should look OK once fitted. Tomorrow its the turn of these bad boys - the sill trim strips. Not sure how I am going to get these in the kitchen sink though - perhaps they could join me in the shower?! As you can see, there are a few little dinks and dents to try to knock out of these as well Hi Chris, excellent info as always. I am going to look at the front plate more closely tomorrow then decide what to do. I am definitely keeping the rear plate though as it looks like the original! The front one is a pressed Aluminium item, still pretty old I think, but certainly not the original.
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    Here you go my friend, just for you, and anyone else daft stupid enough to try do it my way Here is the paint and thinners I used - the paint was thinned 10% Naturally I also needed various bits and pieces i.e. paint mixing cups, stirrers, filters etc: I used my old gravity fed spray gun (with a 1.5 mm dia. nozzle), I have had for a few years - that was only about a tenner on Ebay at the time. Note the expensive gun stand - that is an old fire extinguisher wall bracket - I knew it would come in handy one day And my positively medieval compressor (set at 50 psi for the second and third coats). No idea what this is, apart from probably not suitable for a respray... However, I used it and just took a minute or so break between each panel to allow it to replenish the air tank and built the pressure up a bit again. I hope that helps somebody, but I doubt it lol
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    I have just pottered around a bit tonight, sorting through trim clips etc etc. I did consider trying to fit some bits and pieces, but I feel the paint would benefit from another day or two drying time, so chickened out... Archery night tomorrow, but I promise you all a very productive weekend!
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    Well finally going to start my Ascona 400 build. I want to use 16v XE but need advice on the wiring. The wiring in the Ascona is very old so may need a new loom Are there any companies who can make a new wiring loom? Also how does the XE connect together with the Car? I'm looking at the 225 kit from SBD Is it a matter of connecting the new ecu to the harness.. Im a body man so the electrical side is a bit daunting I will put some pics up asap Any advice would be great The Simon
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    Welcome back,l have been on and off myself,fist joined in 1996 .Manta 2.0 GTE D611 TDM in red would like to have it back l am now looking for a manta myself,but in no hurry.
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    The washer bottle is large, as it was on my old silver 1800. My two GTEs have the same washer bottle but those both had headlamp washers (that I removed when I fitted twin lights to them) Its not the only thing that is weird about the red hatch I have here, the carpets are the most plush deep pile I have ever seen, I thought it was because they were some kind of hand made or aftermarket ones that had been made for the car, when I removed them they had the GM stickers and printed on part numbers, they are also moulded and embossed the same as all the carpets I have here and have ever handled. They are more like the deep pile Senator or Carlton carpets, close pile, smooth. Very nice indeed and have been protected by GM rubber mats their whole life too ! No Ariel and its got GTE 5 spoke alloys on it. complete with a matching spare. I suspect this car was ordered differently from the factory,
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    I know exactly what you mean. Mine was the same on the hatch with original door and with a replacement door too. The gaps would have been ok when the car was new so I was on a mission to sort them out.its as if they seem to ‘settle or swell or something .maybee due to the size and heat over the years? . Maybee due to rust between the seams.maybee they just gradually curve outwards due to years of shutting them and the pressure of the door frame seal against them ? We will never know,possibly a combination of a few factors but hard to get right. Mine had 3 issues actually .probably yours may have too. first the lower lip of the door from front to back actually seemed to have an outward curve/swell along its entire length .i know it isn’t meant to be totally straight line but it curved more than the sill and chrome cover and more than the door on the other side did but there were signs that it had had a new skin on at some point in its life so I put that one down to bad fitting of the skin.before the car got painted it was ‘encouraged’ back into better shape with a soft mallet !. another door .the other side actually. fitted pretty well overall but had the rear lower corner sticking out a good 5mm in relation to the sill / rear panel corner and gave the impression the curve down the side was less than it should have been. Luckily for that one the front upper edge was also too far in so an adjustment to the hinge position brought that corner out and the corresponding rear corner in.more or less perfect. ( I seem to remember the hinge needed cutting off and re welding )hinges (both) were then adjusted to give good gaps and door alignment. any fine tuning on that bottom corner was then done with a mallet and thin skim before painting. Same as can be said for any panel gaps realy. These cars were not realy bad for panel gaps compared to some cars but anything that can’t put be rectified in the obvious way ,adjustments,alignment etc needs sorting in other ways. Bead welding edges ,etc as required. Panel gaps are a pain in the arse and some of mine are still not perfect but were not rectified properly before paintwork and before I had the patience and skills I have now. How many of us wish we had done things differently !., hopefully some more answers will pop up here to compare notes !
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    Nice work ! regarding the L and R stamp, some have it some don't, more do than don't if my collection is anything to go by.
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    Up with the Sparrows again this morning to crack on. So far I have: 1) Cleaned all four wheels and tyres as they were filthy from all of the sanding etc 2) Cleaned both sides of the front screen. 3) Thoroughly cleaned the front screen rubber. I hadn't realised just how much old, dry sealer there was left in the channels of that thing. Cleaning all of that out, without damaging the rubber, just takes forever! 4) Got the front screen and rubber ready to refit later. Fingers crossed I can get some assistance later to make this job a little easier. Just some firm pressure on the outside of the screen makes the world of difference.
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    Think it is a part of a letterbox (don't know how to say that in English), that thing in your door... Dimensions seem to fit.
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    Just a small update this evening as I up early again tomorrow and I must get my beauty sleep I refitted the rear number plate holder and connected the wires. Then I went searching in the garage loft and dragged out this little beauty that was all covered in dust and 'stuff': My final job this evening was to drill a couple of holes in my newly fabricated OS rear bumper mounting bracket, then give everything another generous coating of Black Hammerite. Hopefully tomorrow I can get everything bolted back on the car - fingers crossed!
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    Ian, not sure if stradacab is still around, but fell across his old thread, as its similar to the car i started, his started of with red seats, maybe worth contacting him?
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    Seems it got up to 35,000 Euros. Doesn't say if it is actually sold however.
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    In some European countries it was a requirement for cars to have a headlamp washer system, so the square lamps were the only option. You see a lot of European i200’s with the square lamps. These would usually have the larger square washer bottle. In the UK the washer system wasn’t installed so the small round washer bottle was used instead. The twin headlamps on UK spec i200s were different to the later exclusives in that the Irmscher system has the lamps bolted into a steel cradle and the bezels are removable.
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    I had a mk1 cavalier with course splines. The door handles were black with a chrome inlay. I will see if I can find them. The cav has long gone but I'm sure I have the handles.
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    Hello guys Just a update on my latest braking issue. Located those two bolts on the backplate on my passenger rear brakes. Freed them right off, spun the drum & adjusted them accordingly. And now it spins freely just like the drivers side.👍 A big thanks again for the info from my fellow members. 😃
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    Mine is August 1977. I like that number plate, I wouldn't change it.
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    Great job refitting these tricky trims Ian, that lower front spoiler looks great now its back on. I like your forward planning with those trim clips, nothing more frustrating when your ready to get on with the next job and a small but important clip is missing. Your on 1000 hits now
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    All your photos dispersed yesterday,all back now.excellent work
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    LPR Brakes, Part number. 6T46120 brake hose front-left/right opel ascona/ Manta b £8.97 each + VAT https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332296466087 up in price slightly since 2017, just check e bay link is the proper ones required.
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    https://manuals.co/workshop/opel/manta/opel-manta-1975-1988-workshop-manual/5530647/275 I find it easier to look through manual, but you can copy and print the relevant pages from here. Which may come in useful.
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    Great job IanMc, coming together nicely now, on the home straight 👍
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    Thanks for the comments🙂 These photos are parked height, bags deflated, so not really driveable since the back tyres are about 2mm from touching the arches. I will run it about 30mm higher in the front and 10mm higher in the back so it’s level which works out to be 5.5bar in the front bags and 2.5bar in the rears. Could easy be higher but I prefer the low look. Slightly lower than it was with the -60mm springs. The front bumpstops have to be cut away to get the bags to sit in. The bags are a piece of piss to fit, one bolt up through front wishbone into the middle of the bag and the top just sits in the recess the old spring sat in, although I’d prefer if they were fixed so will do something with that next. Rears just bolt in from the bottom again with a large machined washer on the bottom of the axle to keep the bag central, again no fixing at the top, they locate themselves when you pump them up. Routing the pipes and figuring out the management was the biggest pain. The kit came from on air ride system, a company in Croatia. I found them on Instagram. Management is very basic with 4 valves, 2 inflate (front and rear) and 2 dump. 2 switches in the centre console and a digital dual pressure gauge in the dash but it just took me ages to figure it out having had no experience with air suspension before. I do have a remote as well which I’ll maybe wire in sometime. Ideally I’d like to get the Airlift 3p management, so much more advanced than this with preset heights, phone app etc but it’s so expensive....maybe some day! First I had it out for a run after fitting it all was yesterday, I was quite worried it would be bouncy and soft but it’s quite the opposite, a fair bit harder then the spax springs I had fitted before. Has anyone figured out how to delete old photos on the forum yet?? I do have plenty of photos of the fitting but my attachments now is 99%😫 You’ll get your clearance just by pumping up the bags. I no longer have to use blocks of wood to get on the 2 post ramp, just pump her to full height and swing the arms in. Back seats are still standard. They’re in good nick apart from a bit of sun bleaching going on at the top. I have enough new material to do them so they will be on next year’s list of jobs!
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    Been away from this project while I've been restoring my Manta A. Looks like this GT/E B is ready for MOT as soon as the weather improves so it'll be at the shows this summer. Hopefully joined by my restored Manta A. Luke.
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