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    Hi Julian, cars are yet designed by computers. So if you ask a computer of HP a mathematical problem or a computer of another mark it will give you the same answer. So a lot of cars look the same. What you tolled about the Wolsey is new for me, allways nice to learn about those details. Some more about Old Opels On Tour: They make a special "Blitz-Bier" (Beer), and they use my car on their bottle together with two others😊. Must I go to the AA? Some more foto's: Is that a genuine TE2800? This is an real original TE2800! Very rare car: Grts, Herman
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    Every year we participate with this meet, was a nice break between working and restoring cars, enjoy the pics: This was the first part, uploading...
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    Well here goes. Bought this car 3 years ago on a bit of a whim. Had just built a garage and knew I wanted a retro resto project. Seen the manta on gumtree n thought, ideal always fancied a manta. Here's a photo from the ad. It's started off as a 1.8 hatch previous owner put a c20xe in it and fitted a 400 kit, home made half cage and gave it a quick spray. It had an MOT when I drove it home but the brakes didn't work luckily it was only 20miles. The engine started cutting out due to the battery not being secured and earthing out. 1st things 1st. The brakes. I got a big brake conversion and rear discs from mantasrme. Renewed all the brake lines. Renewed the seals on the cylinder reservoir which were actually causing the problem. Still not fully fitted the handbrake cable. Get that another day. The wiring was a mess from the bulkhead forward so I chopped it all and made a new loom also wiring in a heater, nodiz ecu, shift light, wiper washers, water temp sensor. Fitted R1 carbs for that retro sound. Added a choke cable onto the dash. Wired the throttle cable although in not happy with it as it only takes about an inch movement to give it full throttle. Drilled the jets to 1.8mm. Added a small expansion for the water while was at it. The exhaust was made up of a standard c20xe fwd one that had been altered to suit a manta. I got hold of an Ashley one off of eBay. Miles off fitting 1st go so this was my 1st weld project. Chopped it and extended it, hit it with some rust convertor and paint. Looks good and fits ok. Also bought a 2.5 inch kit off eBay and made my own system and also fitted an Ashley 2.5 backbox. The back end of the car had these weird round led lights I wanted rid of through time. This was promoted to needing done asap after I pulled it out the runway with no brakes and the handbrake cable snapped and it hit my other car/ wife's car...great 2 for 1. So I sourced a rear end full panel off here. Was a bit rough but with help got it welded in tidied it up now that's had a coat of primer. Ready for the next step. The latest thing is the condition of the shell. As I mentioned before it had an MOT. This and my eager urge to have a retro motor in my garage made me look at the car quickly and I never really gave it a good going over that I would now if I was in the same position...you live and learn I suppose. I made a start to the driver's floor. I should have just cut the lot out but I butt welded and patched another bit and then gave it a coat rust preventer. See attached. Yesterday I cut another bit of the footwell out and the piece of the chassis leg below that was corroded.
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    https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1102826 Strong money at £11500 but looks nice
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    And coming to join my Exclusive coupe soon
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    I've owned my Baby since 1981, she was 9 at the time. Never been restored fully, had a few bits and bobs done to her. At the moment due to a forced driving ban, I have the engine out and replacing the main and big ends, also polishing the ports and re seating the valves. It's been 30 years since Billy Blydenstein breathed on it for me, so decided it needed a treat. The bearing shells where amazingly good condition so replacing was all that's needed. Here she is on show last year with her stable mate, the wife's Jag.
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    This narrow body is looking neat, never thought id say this but prefer it over a kitted version, simplicity and a nice touch with 8 inch wheels. Always thought standard wheels on any model of manta are too narrow. Nice!
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    Sent some pictures from the paint shop this morning. It's coming along nicely. The big rebuild will begin very soon 😎
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    I have welded a lot of new parts in the manta the last time. There are a few small rust holes and closed some holes that need no more. so it comes close to go to the paintshop.
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    Back to it again! This evening did a little more on the rear roof line. Using Jason's great tip of the string to space up the screen rubber a little I set to work. I also thought that I would try something a little silly and used a flexible school rule to allow it to bend to match the profile of the roof. It actually worked pretty well, well so far anyway... Still plenty more to do, but it is slowly coming round.
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    Looking very 80's retro now what with the gold wheels. Still nice though! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE-11-month-MOT-great-condition-ready-to-enjoy/333187429663?hash=item4d9384b51f:g:GTQAAOSwnO5c0oMC
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    Few hours in the garage last night and got my metal bending brake done. Could have done a bit better started to rush it at the end as it was getting late. But it does the job, quite happy with the end product tbh. Did a small sample of the chassis shape but can make up to about 500mn long lengths
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    It’s a good job we know what you are referring to here.... 🤣
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    Good news: Had just a mail from the body-workshop: The car is ready! So I've got to make sure the axle is ready to bring the car to my home.
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    After work done some cleaning and painting: Think this part is made in 1987! And I thought only to fix that chassis rail: Front axle is almost ready, "Danke Thomas fur die schöne schrauben" And because with the refitting of the axle the dust-plates of the brakes are easy bended, the discs and calipers together with the hubs make it heavier, so I made a high-tec solution to protect the shaft: "The Paris Hilton version is also available with a gold split-pen..."
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    Ian, put a bit of string under the window rubber to raise it, that will help you get a better finish under the rubber. Also (bit late now) but mask the rubber to stop it getting damaged with the sand paper. Got to take my hat off to you, going back over your repairs to make better as you have learnt so much since you started this build, many others wouldn't have the patience and just put up with the finish.
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    A bit more done on the rear roof line this evening. This is where we are now, its starting to come round: Have a nice evening everyone
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    Done some work on the front axle, and the last 2 bushes are pressed in the lower arms. Next thing to do is cleaning the springs but there is something strange with them: One has got a white mark so it is a 20S/1.9S spring. The other one has got a partnumber and is a 2.0E spring with airconditioning? Noticed this cause they are different in hight. And than the news came in the engineblock is ready! So the engine is hanging ready to complete but first I will complete the front axle so I can get the car from the bodyworker. Boring to the next size, honing, plane the surface of the block and drilling an extra hole was 300€! Think this is cheap...
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    Some minor pottering around this evening. 1) The trim mounting pin on the front wing that is used to hang the chrome sill moulding was damaged, so I gut that off and will use the same screw mounting tecnique that I used on the door strips later. In the mean time I had to fill over the hole left by removal. 2) Next I noticed that the rear area of the sill on the NS didn't line up with the newly shaped bottom of the rear quarter well enough. This will be covered by the sill chrome trim, but I still wanted it to be flush. Some filler was added and I used my new secret weapon as a filler shaping 'blade' - a Wilkinson window cleaning 'thing' This seemed to work pretty well and it is certainly much straighter from the off than I would normally achieve. Plenty more work to do here, but a flying start all the same. 3) Lastly I sanded the rear roof line and applied some more filler to the low spots. Cheers all.
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    A small amount done today. Repainted the brake bias and fitted it, along with some new brake pipes. Only mock fitted a master cylinder so I could make the pipes up. Also fitted another heater box as the old one was cracked.
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    OK so shell is now completely solid, fitted new o/s cill and finshed off the rear inner arch and front lower a pillar I had a couple of small repairs to do on the top of the front panel above the lights, strangely both side had gone in the exact same place, anyway cut out treated with hydrate 80 and new pieces welded into place I took both the doors and boot lid to my blasters on Friday as i want them to just blast the insides around the frame, this way i can see more easily what needs sorting. I know both doors will need some repair to the bottoms but hopefully only a small patch to the inner boot lid. Next job while i wait for those to be returned is to start trying to fit up the Volvo 240 rear axle, not sure yet how far away the mounting points will be but its a good 5 link set up including panard bar and comes 5 stud with disc's as standard. One thing i will have to over come is the fact the spring and shock are the different way around to the Manta set up, could always go coilover i guess!
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    A little bit of work this morning before we head out for the day. I managed to get the boot lid finish sanded, a splash of primer over the bare metal and bolted back on the car. Its a bit tricky to really see from the photo as its not latched down, but it is way straighter than before and when I push down on the front edge things look much better when I check it to the other reference points back there. Have a nice day everyone.
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    It's a realistic price to ask but will it achieve that price ? Yours Julian is i believe unrestored & largely original so is more desirable. The thing that would concern me about that car for sale is that it was re-sprayed a few years ago & has some rust appearing on one wing, i would want to know what prep/resto was done before the re-spray. Also why don't people present their car better when selling e.g. spray the airfilter box & clean the engine bay.
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    I can do the same, when my son is behind the wheel 😁: I had several Manta's with the ariel on that spot
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    I'd just be a bit gutted that I'd spent nearly £10k more than I could've got it for last month.
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    Bit more done today. I managed to get the passenger side chassis rails in, driver side swan neck cover in and made a fabricated a couple of section from top of swan neck to forward section of chassis leg. Drivers side inner is also now installed. Still some flatting and tidying up to do but it's taking shape
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    Goes and handles very well you may remember this was Matt black then white when it was mine not that long ago it’s a cracking car I never fancied a hatchback till I owned one amazing what you can get in the boot must admit the stickers aren’t my cup of tea I only did paint and changed wings I bought it already modified from mantasrme so I knew it was a good car 👍
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    ....well that was the last time I was a member of the OMOC. So thought I best say hello, anybody still around from those days (1990's)?. I used be area rep for the East Midlands with my good mate Sean Richards, who now lives in New Zealand. We used to have a ball back in those days, Mantas available and cheap, shows at Billing, Santa Pod and road trips to the Dutch Manta Club meetings at Baarlo and another place in Holland I can't even remember. Sold all my cars, 2.2 A series, Exclusive Coupe and an GSI exclusive coupe in the mid 00 along with all the bits. Then I was car/toy less till the late 00 and I got Myself a 1976 Vw camper, rebuilt it and still enjoy getting away in it to this day. Then I got that Manta itch back and had to scratch it! So I'm back having bought that silver B series basket case off Simon down in Suffolk. I just sat in the car today and it was like sitting in an old friend. Loads of work to do and bits to find but I'm looking forward to the day I drive it for the first time... Ian Holmes membership no 6991 original no 441
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    Up on Ebay now with different/additional photos & a comprehensive write up. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1978-Opel-Manta-2-0-SR-Berlinetta-auto-one-owner-on-V5-70k-with-full-s-history/273847592760?hash=item3fc296a738:g:KIYAAOSwMY5c3FmO&frcectupt=true
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    Passenger side inner made and fitted, jig fits.😀 I'm going to cut out and replace the inner further back to jacking point. I'll then move on to drivers side. And do the same, then a good clean up, rust treatment, zinc rich primer, paint and trim before final weld and outer skins go on.
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    Big steam clean before it comes in the workshop for propper assessment
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    I got into camper vans too many years ago. And still have her to this day, But a few years ago got the Manta itch again bought a really nice B then a Berlinetta hatch. But last year was able to secure my old Exclusive coupe back that i originally bought 20 years ago and like you say its like being back in an old friend. Welcome back.
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    Back in the day as a youngster I'd never have wanted a gold car, always seemed a bit Grandad/Granada! and a pain in the backside to colour match with a rattle can Now I'd love to have that car in Gold, proper retro even the interior looks well just cool
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1976-Opel-Manta-B-1900-Auto/173896582157?hash=item287d0b440d:g:PKcAAOSw3bBcrbyn&frcectupt=true Looks like a good car, shame about the pic's and lack of.
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    I know this car but the last time i saw it was in 2012, it's a rare early SR with the stingrays on the front wings & the black back panel. First registered Feb 1976 The car has been in the same family for years, being passed on from father to son. here is a pic i took then.
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    The new pistons on the conrods: And yet in the engine-block. Waited till my son was back (from Antwerp, day out) so he could feel how it is to put a new piston in a engine. Things they don't learn anymore at school. Don't look at the mess, lookes like a car exploded here...
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    Tried friday to install the springs of the front axle while that thing was laying on a workbench. With a professional spring compressor ofcourse... Lets say it is not that easy as the axle is under the car. So did this today; the man gave me the keys of his workshop and I had time on my side. Wake my son so he could help me a hand. Hmm...Clean engine-bay: The axle was fast installed, yes I know the steering house is not done but it will; The "400" lookalike bonnet looks great, hope this time it doesn't crack around the scoops: And the car arrived !! So I can work on free time. My son behind the wheel and go! I connected tamporary a battery to the circuit that feeds the hazzard lights and used my tow-bar. Was only 2 km's to home: And now I'm going to drink a beer, done enough today. Enjoy jour weekend all.
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    A few jobs done on the driver's side. On the whole it's about the same condition as the passenger side. The back wheel arch is worse but the foot well and A post are better. On the whole not to bad. Mid chassis rails are mint as are the jacking points so can't complain. A few photos of a hole in the boots before repair. The cars upside down in the following pictures. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uBJsnme4BqaVM6BWA I cut out and replaced the structure that runs up into the boot. Seam welded isn't pretty but its strong and will never be seen. You can also see the small repair to the wheel well. I've tried to keep everything looking original which has meant making lots of small repairs up as the shapes are quite complicated. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6SWqZKM2xwJ3RbyM8 Then I made a repair panel for the inboard side of the repair above. Joddled/joggled/flanged? The edge and spot-welded in place. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LtcqccKUagbyimQb9 Everything is plug welded or seam welded in place with zintec and galv primer. I can't to the rear wing repair yet as the outer wheel arch is too far gone so I need to buy a repair panel and then see what is left to repair. I think they are about £40. https://photos.app.goo.gl/pU7UoiriF2pkjMXc8 Next I moved onto the sill. So much easier with the car turned over. And having done the other side I know what to expect. Sill as found. https://photos.app.goo.gl/rjNuCunaMLz4zeWw6 And with the filler and rot sanded away. https://photos.app.goo.gl/87rmZFXkmj9PjSSs8 And then with the previous repair cut out. They seem to have made the repair up with multiple small bits of metal. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gneZyZKmB4LLZxfV9 Again, no real problem with the inside. Got lucky again so just needs the outer sill section put back on. Still to do. The sill is in the rafters and I couldn't be bothered to get it out so I moved onto the foot well. As found. https://photos.app.goo.gl/r3VT96z7rm3besvPA Two repair sections needed. Cardboard, tape etc and then this. https://photos.app.goo.gl/mAbXCJh7voiHQ9Se6 And then the complex bit that ties into it. Again, I made a template out of gaffer tape, transferred it to card to see where to bend, stretch, shrink, bash, etc, then transfer to steel. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pzso7xip28cw6Gmw6 Once happy the basic shape is there then an hour with my new Trevor's Blog approved planishing hammer, a few tech screws and the original panel as a buck got me this. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ofYRzrZp8yge6XnS8 A pretty good fit and reasonably true to the original. I'm pleased with these last few repairs. I've got Sunday to myself which will see all this welded in and I'll share some photos. Nearly there with the underneath. Better start thinking about that roof repair around the screen. Cheers all. K.
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    he was going to put a LS engine into it but hes busy with other things now added a picture of my old girl
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    This is quality work mate. Great to see what you can do when you know how to.
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    Not a manta but this was the engine bay When l sold the corrado
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    Fair bit of body work. I've already replaced the front valence, springs and dampers, but the rear arches and a few bits of rust showing through the paint hint at more work. it's been relatively well looked after in the past and flies through the MoT. Past welding underneath is functional rather than pretty but that's a whole lot of tea to drink before I tackle that
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    Yet another one! Looks like this could be a cracker! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1104717
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    The car was very smart and was a credit to the Manta scene but for £25k I want to look at it and find nothing and that wasn’t the case. Anyway so long as all parties concerned are happy then that’s smiles all around as mho means sweet fa as they blast around smiling. 👍🏼
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    Just seen your replay. Yes we use 2k epoxy primer, then 2k gloss for top coat
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    Yes mine is a 2.4 but had over size forged pistons etc...so block would still need to be bored out to accept them, However a spare 2.4 would be great, i have been looking and asking around but can not find one. The Monza in back ground is one I bought a while back and I've now sold it to a friend who as yet has not collected it 😀 the orange one is my rekord d coupe, super rare 1900 manual it's also for sale but needs restoring. The transit belongs to who I bought the the i240 off. I also have a commodore GSE with BMW 2.5 straight 6 engine and box In, now that's a fun toy I've been using it as my daily for the past couple of months. 😎
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    The lack of headlamp washers and washer jets in front bumper also indicate that it probably had a light frontal as well.
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    mot passed again, he was quite amazed just how clean the engine was running on these r1 carbs, just a few jobs to finnish now, new big brakes, bonnet sorting, polish and more polish:). its been a busy few month, job done:)
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