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    Took the Manta out for a run today, first time out since Sywell in July, after having spent the last 6 months rebuilding the gearbox and engine. The car ran fine but I seem to have lost the earth to the d/s dip headlight. Will this car ever be sorted?
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    Yes mate was a nos part. Bit of progress made last few days. Got roof liner out, laid it over top of the roof of another manta, and gave it a light bit of heat with heat gun, to work out some creases from being storage. Made a few repairs to the stitching, gave it a clean, and got it installed to the car. Got all the aluminium trim together, i prepped and repainted it all under a heat lamp. Wiper arms, prepped and painted satin. Also got seat runners out and seat bases, prepped and painted them, and painted the satin black bits on the car that blend into the trim. Hopefully more progress to come tomorrow
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    Just a quick update. I managed to get all the welding and grinding back done on the underside. I found one more small hole on a seat reinforcement plate but it's all cut out now and new metal in. I then spend hours and hours cleaning off ancient waxoyl, sanding back and cleaning up and spots of surface rust. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ax8Tewoae6kxkEGc9 Then I primed and bare metal with etch primer from a can and let that harden for 24 hours and used up a can of red oxide on any paint that was looking a bit thin. https://photos.app.goo.gl/RXNZ9aFACDHnpsCF6 Then I had to wait for a warm(ish) day to play with my new compressor. I mixed up a litre of red-oxide/rust inhibitor primer with 10% thinners and a cap full of Japan driers. And then practiced on a sheet of card until I was happy with the gun settings. I then sprayed the whole underside with 2 coats of red oxide primer. https://photos.app.goo.gl/FSAADZbPHMcEHNucA It's not perfect but it feels good to get some proper paint on. I've got to let this harden up for a week or so and wait for a warm dry day so I can seam seal the underside and get some stone chip on the exposed parts. Then a couple of coats of chassis paint and then I'm calling that a day. I've also picked up a cheap CIH engine which I'm busy looking at. The engine is a bit earlier than I thought so it's not unleaded so I'm just considering how much time and effort to put into it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Arc9Hb5n9YzP5gwn7 I've partially stripped it. Bores look ok with no marks and very little lip, crank looks good under the big end caps. Cam and followers all look spot on. Not many photos because I was covered in oil but here are a few. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zvLT5sbqGqkVRWU76 I've also managed to pick up the front section of an exclusive coupe roof which had rotted out at the sunroof so I now have the panel I need to repair the front of my roof where it's rusted under the vinyl. I'll move onto that while I'm waiting for the weather to improve for painting. That's all for now. Happy New Year.
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    Hello, my name is David and I am from Spain. I recently bought a 1983 Opel Manta B GT / E. The car is in good condition, has no corrosion. My project is to do a 30NE conversion and a 400 body kit. I hope to learn a lot and also be able to help. I'm sorry for my English. I publish some photos:
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    So not much been happening really. The paint shop have been getting on with the prep as they can. Asked them to do a couple of jobs that their expert eye have picked up on. Rear arches have had new lips fabricated and welded in as they was starting to corrode badly on the edges. Wing aerial removed and hole welded up and a small amount of carrion repairs needed once glass was out. Usual spots in corners where water gathers. Main thing is some cloth I have been waiting for has arrived, so I can get the recaro seats I acquired a while back in for retrim 😁 And a very Happy Christmas to you all, best wishes for an excellent 2020 too. 🍻🍻
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    As above not sure if they was a factory fit but there's markings to cut out inside bumper. Slow progress today really. Struggling to get the hang of this new welder, spending more time faffing with it than working. Managed to complete the inner section and get a sill plate welded in. Still some flatting to do and the bottom edge to finish, but I'm getting to grips with it now. Bit more time with it and I'll have it figured out.
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    Just a little update. I sandblasted the 'good' half of the roof again. There are a few sections where tin worm has made some small holes but the surrounding area is still quite think. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pwy6W4Jk9Stcqvyt9 So I decided to try to weld up the small holes and deposit some weld on the thinner material. My thoughts were if it didn't work I can cut it out anyway. Welder on lowest setting and.... https://photos.app.goo.gl/phDSrNbFWKQa7Wyx6 Using compressed air I managed to avoid any distortion. I then used a sharp file to flat them down flush with the shape of the roof to give this. https://photos.app.goo.gl/FrP5SzT7pqQvLNFv6 And this https://photos.app.goo.gl/UBZq7SDsTSbeCfdf8 So now I think I have to cut out about half as much as I thought. https://photos.app.goo.gl/h2JmWBLXeTZ1tWBs8 I'm quite pleased with this. There's no rust in the sections I've repaired, they are strong and there's zero distortion. Once finished I'll blast it again and then a skim of P40 filler and it should last year's. Hopefully...
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    The attached has just been posted on the Facebook group.
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    Strong money! i wonder why they out the wrong decals on it? Nice car though, and rare.
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    Well yesterday (3th of jan) I got 56, means I work on those CIH engines for 35 years. Never had an old pré unleaded head with damage using unleaded feul. Had some years ago a friend with a Manta A driving a 1.9S engine on LPG and after reconditioning his old head with stem seals I found out his mixture was too lean but no damage on his valves/head. Ofcourse don't use lean mixtures or low octane feul on high compression engines it will ruin your pistons... About the lift: Maybe a cam of a 1.9E engine, they had originally some more lift. Got those info somewhere... Grts, Herman
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    Great to hear your Son is back on track. Take it step by step, the Manta (Sorry Cav) will not run away. My Son is home for the Holidays, went yesterday to see Star-Wars with him. Today we drove to Brussels to visit Autoworld and on the way back we stopped at a Mc Donalds. Sometimes quality time is allowed. Happy Holidays!
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    Glad to hear your son is making good progress and moving in the right direction, family always come first, best wishes to you all, Happy new year.
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    Yes most of the rubbers display them upside down. The early cars had them displaying opel, instead of GM.
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    Best for you too, pic of my seats, hope it can help you!
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    One wonders how long the Disklok has been on there.
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    I was going to revise my estimate upwards after I'd given it some more thought. You might be right if it's as nice as it sounds.
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    Rear axle should be ok with the power from that engine. The weak link in the axle is the. Torque tube, and that can be upgraded with a special part from German dude. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OPEL-CIH-verstärkte-Deichselwelle-Hinterachse-Ascona-Manta-A-B-Kadett-C-GT-1000/283463128403?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
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    Herman, if I've been riding on really dusty tracks I flush the cables with a mix of about 80%petrol 20% oil, this does a good job of flushing out the fine dust paticles and cleans the cable sheath (Might help clean the salt and sand out of the inflatable cables). After this I run about the same 40% petrol 60% oil as Wayne suggested. Evo, the drip bag is great idea, I currently use a glass jar from one of my kids old chemistry sets.
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    Thanks herman, there's always those elusive parts that simply vanish in the workshop too, that seem to take an age to find again 😂 Does anyone know the colour code to the exclusive wheels ? Is it just anthracite ? Thought it was 81L but when you search for that it comes up as a black metallic or anthracite.
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    I think finding all the specific bits bolts washers spacers and then finding the plastic bits to cover up all the bits we spent hours fitting is the hardest bit. Welding is the easy part of restorations. I’m enjoying the build again though.
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    No sunroof, win win! Cant beat a black manta, especially with 5 spoke alloys adding style. How can you beat em quad lights, nice investment, em!
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    Yes early 76 and 77 model SR Manta did have this steering wheel, my 77 coupe was fitted with that from new.
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    Those spot welds were hand made in production (those days) , so you have the benefit you have a lot of drilled out holes that you can weld into fresh metal. Succes!
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    With the underside in primer and awaiting warmer weather I've turned to the roof. Today I removed the headlining. I'd peeled back the lining previously but I've stripped it out in one piece so I can get another made. East Kent lists them at £100ish. Then I turned the car over to get a proper look at the roof. https://photos.app.goo.gl/rTevN4BCFtUiwkdk9 It's about how I remember. The passages side is pretty bad the driver's side has more localised holes. I sanded back all the paint and then used a mini sandblaster to remove the rust from the pits to see how bad it really is. The rust doesn't go far around into the window opening and only really extends about an inch back. It looks terrible in the photos but there's a lot of strength there. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Wkt9pnjUzdEsc9738 The passager side is worse and clearly just needs cut out. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kdcuttNe6wgXdd6b8 The lad I got the engine off was replacing his sunroof roof with a non-sunroof skin so saved me the front of the old roof. Great lad. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZjRdf8eyGPUJPQ8M8 So the question is do I remove a strip along the whole leading edge our do I remove the holes and leave the solid but pitted sections and blast them clean. The thought is why remove original material for the sake of a few pits which will help maintain the shape of the roof when I weld the sections in. As shown here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/j82TkwxV2Ucc9xZRA All thoughts appreciated.
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    It's nothing pretty. I'll get a photo next time I'm up at the car. I'll have a look at your sump. Might get one made up as well.
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    The downpipe was a very good fit as was the rest of the system ,could have done with another 2" on the downpipe to middle box pipe
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    I think the Payne? Gasket kits used to come separate due to the gasket thickness you could order. Had a tab with notches iirc. Manual will probably show it clearer.
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    Nice to have you back lan
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    Fantastic progress Kelvin - well done that man!
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    You all are doing great, respect!
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    Yeah, I can't fit them all in unfortunately 😂 although I wish I could. Quite a productive day today. Was nice to have our Kevin back on the scene after him being so busy the past year, and not really having any spare time to help out on the cars. There was 3 of us on the go today. Tom my in-house body man on the i240, and me and kev on this one was a nice steady, enjoyable day. 😀
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    Fairly certain I’ve seen this one at the shows abroad. Knew I had,
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    Yeah a new welder takes time to get used to, but still very tidy work mate.
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    Not in the UK as far as I know. They might have been on mainland Europe, as I've sen lots with them fitted. There is a cut-out marked on the inside of the front apron for them. They look spot-on IMHO.
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    Still struggling with this one lads I am going to measure a 3.44 a 3 .67 and a rekord 3.89 today to see if I can find the centre line I now have a nice 3.89 from Danny sohns thanks to member rutts for outing me on to them I will say very fast delivery from neatherlands 2 days !! Excellent service and quality parts well recommend big thanks to Andy and herman for help so far
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    Hi Ian, iv not been on for a while and only just seen your sad news. I hope your son continues to improve. All the best, Jamie
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    All the best lan try and have a relaxing Christmas,new year
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    Looks about the same condition underneath as Silver gDream machine, so not bad mate at all! yeah space wise it’s a bit of a tardis now you got the cars in 🍻 As for blankets, cheap and cheerful old fire blankets work well for curtains, unless you mean to cover completely, then you would need a fair few stitched together.
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    Got this one into my new garage at home. This will be my first project in this garage 😀 as we was saying it don't take long to fill them. I can just take my time now with this one, at my own leasure. It will be nice to be able to work here at home now, rather than everything being done at my business workshop. It was beginning to feel like I was never away from the place. 😊 now need to source some desent fire retardant covers for the Commodore and mancona. Long term I thing I'll have a curtain devider put down the middle to protect the cars from all the crap.
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    here is a few pictures of my manta i recently purchased some will recognise it from ebay about a year ago , i bought it from the chap who got it from ebay but it has sat since as he was unwell and sold it on ,its still in a lock up at the moment while i collect missing and new parts for it
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    Not sure Andy, I did say I was interested, but no doubt many people did? JustPM me if you decide and what price
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    Hey Andy, thanks for info. I saw it also so it is hanging in my garage ready to use ! So it has been a while I posted something, an update: The radiator is delivered and looks very nice. 50mm thick core with 43 cooling channels. Costed me with mailing 180€. Last week I took the decision the "400" has got to go...😥 To the winter storage in company of a lot of other old-timers😊. Need also the space to work on the GSI. So the day I wanted to drive to that location the car didn't start. Like the car knew it had to leave my garage. Checked some basic things and I had no ignition! The low voltage circuit was ok, also the resistors and the coil also. So got to check the wires that come from the "hall-sensor": Problem is this distributor is rather rare, got to check if the hall-sensor of a GSI is the same and so on... I will keep you all posted... Grts, Herman
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    With the VBOA show out the way, I can now concentrate back onto this build inbetween doing our Monaco blue exclusive coupe. After a lengthy search for a RHD battery tray Nothing came up, so I desided I'd have a go at replicating it. I managed to knock something up it's not perfect but will do the job. I'll be down at the unit this evening finishing it's installation, then hopefully I'll get a couple of patches into the inner wing area too. Once that's done there's a small bit required on the front panel and that should be the welding completed. I've had a short motor rebuilt, it requires new shells, new mains, crank grind, polish and balance, piston liner, new rings, and and oil pump case. I also need to find some new over size valves as it turns out 4 are bent in the spare head I sent in for testing 🙄
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    yes i to dont like the multi colour look of it but its thee only way to get good panels on it, and will hopefully be painted in the spring ready to bolt back together , im thinking silver
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    With a bit of mucking about you can but if you haven't done much modding before i wouldn't bother as it is a bit tricky. The best way is to fit 2.0 head fitted with the 2.2 valves (inlet and exhaust) and mildly port (literally smooth up) the ports. This will give a big improvement in flow for the price of recutting the seats and half a day with a die grinder. The std 2.0 injection can then be fitted. CCC mag (Dave Walker to be precise)did a test for doing just this with big gains. The 2.0 engine was timed 0-100, the head was then removed and fitted to a std 2.2 bottom end and the run done again. The 0-100 time came down by 33% due to the increase in low down and mid range torque. more can be gained from the 2.4 but the increase is not as great. HTH Chris
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