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    I needed to pop into work this evening to collect something, so my Son and I decided to take the Cav - well why not?! She ran really well and showed a great turn of speed, which certainly surprised our Son. He had his phone connected to the BT of the cheapo head unit, so we had some new school tunes coming out of the old school car lol In the end we covered about 20 miles - most enjoyable. Here she is during the brief pit stop at the office:
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    Went on a 170 mile round trip today up to Cairnamount, Laurencekirk. The climb on parts were 14% gradient on a really hot day. I kept a close eye on oil pressure and temp gauge, she ran like a dream, never missed a beat, stopped half way up to take in the scenery, a view from inside the subby, up on top of Cairnamount, I took the chance today to drive with the rear opening quarter glass open, really helped with temperature and comfort control inside on a hot day, no aircon! stopped in past a garden centre in Banchory for a coffee, The Manta was admired in the car park, some lads taking photos of it and chatting about owning one or a friend they had who owned one, great day to be out in her. I’m away to spend the evening removing the flys from the front nosecone and windscreen.
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    Morning all, A nice early start to the day. After my usual hour long walk, I decided to try to finish up the boot lining for the Cav. Just to remind you, this is what we started with: Apologies for the strange lack of focus on the last last photo... And now we have this: And it all cost 2p under £30 - quite pleased with that I have to say. Have a nice day and a great weekend everyone
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    Out for a run last night about 9pm, parked up at the Asco base at Peterhead Lido for a few photos, you can see the bronze glass in the second photo, From September there is going to be big changes for me, at the moment I am a plumbing lecturer teaching the apprentices their SVQ3 Domestic Plumbing and train them up in order for them to complete a Managed Learning Gas Portfolio then ACS Assessment. The company I work for is introducing cost cutting measures and I have opted for the voluntary redundancy option. I see this as an opportunity and I’m away to become self employed running my own Plumbing company, it’s a lot of work at the moment setting up, registering as self employed, setting up trade accounts, public liability insurance, etc. Exciting times ahead.
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    Hi everyone, back in the club after few years absence... Just got the car MOT'd yesterday after being parked up in the garage for a year...Unfortunately no shows to go to here in Ireland as I'm sure is the same with you, but hopefully next year will be different.. fingers crossed. Anyway hope everyone keeping safe more importantly.
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    Chain and tackle Yes klokkerholm panel
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    Haven’t done a lot on this car for a while. Last job was send a master cylinder off for repair and it returned a month or so before lock down. I will be getting all the front brakes sorted tomorrow. Then i really need to sort out this arch and rear quarter. But I’m crap with making good repair panels.
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    Managed to get a few bits and bobs done today: - After receiving the fused relay for the rear fog light conversation (please see above), I got the wiring finished up. That all looks good and the light works beautifully, so I am pleased with that. - After having the bottom of the drivers side of the dash off, I washed 40 years of dirt and dust off the back of those. - Fitted the (repaired - see above also) top and bottom steering/ignition cowls. - Modified the back of the fuse cover, so you can actually read it lol - I highlighted the numbers with White Tippex, then taped a piece of paper over the (German) text, so I don’t have to use Google Translate, try to remember what each fuse is for, or carry the manual around with me. All very minor things, but they just make things a little easier.
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    hi. its hard realy to tell from the pictures but seeing as you have already had them fitted we will have to hope the alignment is correct. some replacement wheelarches i have encountered over the years are a very good fit but i have also seem many which are not.common problems in my experience are arch profile wrong(curve) arch sticking out too much (too much flare) arch too big and ends up fitting too low (wheel /lip gap smaller than before) poor fitting method your car may have none of these problems thou and if you have another car to compare measurements with you can check.one thing which is very very important is to make 100% sure that the welded join is waterproof from both sides ( be it good welding or panel sealer or even an epoxy type sealer )before you start to add any bodyfiller for final levelling/ shaping purposes.i have come unstuck with this myself over the years and results in a job which could last indefinately starting to show bubbles,etc after a few years .if you intend keeping the car please make sure this cannot happen or you will end up repainting the arches again and having to repair any corrosion damage again. then make 100% sure that the inner areas, inner sides are well sealed painted and rust proofed.once arches are painted you can get dinitrol or wayoyl etc into the seam from inside the boot where the two arches meet around the curve. its always better to protect from corrosion whilst there isnt any but much harder to kill it years later when it finds bits you have missed. hope this helps a bit, others will be along too to add their experience as well . best regards.
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    Freshly restored calipers
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Just in case there was ever any doubt that my headliner needs replacing - see here: On a brighter note, today I summoned up the courage to walk into the Post Office in town. The result of that is the Cav is now officially MOT and Road tax exempt. Happy days.
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    Last night I managed to get the Drivers side quarter and upright lined: Then I decided to finish the job off, the petrol tank card would like good in the same material - plus of course it would then all follow round nicely. Here it is after I covered it and cut out the fixing holes: I probably wont fit it back in just yet as I want to keep as much of the area clear as possible to allow me to make a template for the carpet that I will eventually fit.
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    Found Some. East Kent Trim Supplies. required length to do one screen £9 something, not sure what the pence was! It will be in the post today. so I will do both screens while I'm at it!.
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    Well I'm back! Thanks Jess, we had fun and stayed save. When we arrived in the south of France we hardly noticed anything of Corona. The region we stayed was as big as Northern Ireland and they had 3 people that died, senior ones. We went for long trips by foot under a hot sun, and found out how French people repair a worn oil sealing ring: The sharp eye can find the solution! And a car broke down, overheated and I used my professional tow bar to bring it back. But when I poured water into the cooling system it ran as fast out of the spark plug holes😁! After dismantling the head the wet liners' gaskets and the head gaskets were all gone😢. So the owner and me decided we had to change the engine, also cause the oil sump was rusted that bad I could push a screwdriver into it. Engine out: And 2hand engine in, I used some imagination to lift it: Gave the local Safari beige Rocky jeep also an oil & filter gange so everybody was happy: About my GSI: Still waiting for the numberplates😬... But while I'm waiting I can search this forum with all those new things you all did, Grts, Herman
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    Fitted. and painted Then I’ve made both front brake pipes. Made one side twice as didn’t realise I needed a double flare on both ends and had to re flare the nearside
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    Next bit of the puzzle is sump. Whilst I am now considering dry sump setup for the big power unit Saab 2.3L unit, I have already set on a path for solving the sump issue. Metal RWD sump Saab sump flange. The pickup pipe is incorporated into the sump in the SAAB unit, so it will be on this conversion part too. So a bit of fabricating to do.
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    Small amount done tonight. Fitted back plate to offside front and caliper with new pads. then took the 4mm thick filler off the o/S/r quarter. No idea why it’s been filled there’s no debt really. Just a small amount of welding. Arch on the other hand needs welding. Got another arch to cut up but unsure where to cut it out as the rust ends on the swage line.
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    Joints sealed now ready for epoxy primer.
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    I think a big mistake a lot of people make is to use the whole arch as supplied, rather then just trimming out the corrosion
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    The above info is correct in my experience too. Rear arches on a manta are a pita to fit. Manta steel is soo thin and warps soo easy, and is generally just a pig to weld to. It's one of the jobs I hate doing and dread it every time. The arches do look a little wider than they do originally, however saying that looking at the 5 stud hub conversion I'd say your not going for the complete factory original look ? So if they are a little wider than original it'll only add to the cars look imo. Good luck with the build 👍
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    My son drove also the GSI, he really liked the car. We passed an Opel dealer and stopped because we saw this: In the garage we found a complete naked body of a Manta-B and ofcourse we had a nice talk with the owner. Home I checked the oilleak but there was still some oil comming out of the front of the rocker cover. So today I took the cover off but nothing found that could be the reason... Fitted everything back with gasket sealer we use on aeroplanes, the one that never dries so vibrations don't hurt the sealing. This afternoon we are going to take the Manta for another warm run.
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    At last the oldtimer-plates arrived. So I took the GSI for a long hot drive to test it. Not on a highway but most of all small roads and into the centre of our hometown. So the tropic radiator did his work, never had more than 1/3 on the temp. gauge. Noticed the rubber gasket of the rocker cover leaked a bit but the screws were not tight. This weekend I'm gonna use this car for a road trip, my son is the first one to test it!
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    That’s the beauty of the 4 way stretch carpet you see Jess, it really is so easy to get a good looking job. Even a ham fisted, clumsy oaf like me can do it
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    So while concentrating on the front brakes the offside pipe bracket on the chassis is missing. This was cut off and not refitted when I had the legs welded some years ago. Asked a few folk to cut one off for me but got bored waiting so I made one out of 2mm steel and had my mate drill a 17mm hole for the pipe fitting. Tomorrow it gets welded on.
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    How on earth did you get the shell up there?!
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    Not at all. I love a bit of powder coating me 👍👍 Powder coating , yellow passivate , annodising and polished parts are all personal touches that make things stand out from the rest 👍
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    Apologies, I forgot to take some photos at the weeeknd. Here is the fog lamp switch installed: And the modified rear light viewed from the boot. There is only really the blue wire that says that shows that this is not standard: And finally my quick bodge on the back of the fuse cover:
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    Thanks Herman, im from Sint-Laureins, between Gent and Brugge on the dutch border. Thanks for all the replies already guys, if i understand correctly it would be better to search a 2.4 block, porting, camshaft, valves and a full exhaust together with a set of 45 on it? Im far more familiar with electronical injection then I'm with carbs but I think carbs fit such a car nicer and it gives me the chance to learn more about them. As for the MOT, I could keep my 2L block stock and swap it every 2 years, but as you guys mentionted it might not be necesary as the 2.4 and the 2.0 look the same. Sadly enough I dont have a deep enough pocket to afford a 16V head of Cosworth, but what I might try is shortening a 24V 6 Cylinder head If i can get my hands on a cheap one, welding it and modify everything that should be done with it. Greets, Mathew
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    Hi Andy, thanks for the tip about those extra holes, makes me wanting to do this in the winter😁! The 2.7 was well known in the Opel scene while I was stationed in Germany in the eighties, I scanned some pages of the Mantzel catalogue: There was a firm "Imotec" that offered the CIH as a 3.0 (4 cil.) and a 4.5 (6cil.)
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    Alright, Alright There is no need to rub it in Ian, I;m only doing this to prove to you youngsters that even at 86 years of age WE ARE NOT OVER THE HILL!!!!! one of my sons ( he's one of twins) who is a mechanic and MOT inspector, told me a few months nago that if I went back in the trade today, I'd be only good enough to drive a car into or out of a garage, cheeky b*****!! He is wrong though, because I wouldn't be able to do that, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO START ONE OF THESE MODERN THING!!
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    Just had a look at the add on facebook it looks a nice example, very original apart from probably had a respray as back panel should be black. Swan neck has a previously welded patch but pics from underside indicate its solid. I reckon it was put away 27 years ago in V good condition & has been stored in a dry garage. will need a recommission, new MOT & new airfilter box. Interior looks in good nick Best colour imo Sapphire Blue. I think £2500 is a fair price considering it could be worth up to £5000 once cleaned & recommissioned. Located at Winchcombe Gloucestershire right by the Steam Railway. https://www.gwsr.com/
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    You just have to pull it off unfortunately, the trim around the door handle, not the door card.
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    Just had a look on my car Ian. the big one with diaginal slot goes nnearest the drivers door and the slot runs from port to starboard, look at the photo you put u, it's the opposite to that.
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    yes always use proper fuel pipe clips there. the original gm ones are usually reuseable but i would imagine new ones are available. also worthy of a mention. always use a good quality known make of hose designed for fuel injection.you dont want any leaks around there. hopefully this will help your running issues.and if not at least you know this area is now good.
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    Sounds like it could just be leaning out. Definitely change the injector seals and resell the mounting plates. Have you checked all the induction pipe work after the throttle body? They can split especially at the flex points. It will make it feel flat as a pancake if it is! Hth Chris
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