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    I’m on holiday at the moment and subsequently there is no progress on the Manta, feet up and relaxing, so I have been looking through my vast collection of photos and came up with comparisons, or as close as I could find, here are some before and after shots, before I got her home, sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, sitting in Gray and Adams Fraserburgh after the final coat of paint early June 2019, The first night I got her home, April 2016, totally unaware of what I had just taken on 🤣 but absolutely delighted with her, my first ever Manta, Sitting in my garage July 2019 after the glass and trims were refitted, Again the first night I got her home April 2016 and before I started the restoration, she was only in the garage one night before I started taking her apart, Sitting in the garage July 2019 awaiting the work done on electrics and quad lights, shouldn’t be long now till complete, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage, July 2019, still waiting on ECU wiring, engine commission and radiator filling up, again sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage July 2019, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham, March 2016, Sitting in Hatton Garage on the 2 post ramp December 2018, you would never guess I’m keen to get home from holiday and start working on the electrics and engine!!! i like the comparison photos they really show progress.
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    Hello there everybody, Dropping in to say hi, and to show off my most prized possession- my 1987 Manta GTE! This was my stepdad's car, and before I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, i'd only ever seen it once before it was tucked away and hidden in a garage forever- I was five years old, and the year was 2004. Around the age of 10, my interest in cars developed- Top Gear, Car SOS and Wheeler Dealers were all on telly, and I had a computer game called Rallisport Challenge that got me really into rally cars and the idea of driving fast off road. By the time I was 16, I'd discovered Mad Max (last of the i4 interceptors?) Mighty Car Mods and Roadkill, and I had a gaggle of car friends, some of whom already had their first restos on the go, and my enthusiasm for cars was really growing. Every time I saw my stepdad, I would joke with him about him giving me his rotten old Manta so I could do it up, and he always jokingly said "Maybe one day." April this year, I'm in the pub with him and I say "So, when are you going to give me this manta?" and to my incredible surprise, he tells me I can have it as soon as I have space to keep it. Soon enough i'd struck a deal to get myself a garage to keep it in, and in late June it was time to collect it. I'd been up to look at it a grand total of once in the gap between being told I could have it and collecting it, and to my great surprise, there really wasn't that much wrong with it- there were a few things I knew about, brake lines, fuel pump and lines, and a few rust patches which had put this car into the garage in the first place, but the rust was nowhere near as bad as expected. When pickup day rolled around, it only took myself and another strong lad a couple of minutes to rock the car into unsiezing the back brakes, and within the hour it was on the back of a truck heading to its new home. As my first ever total restoration of a car (myself and the motley crew that are helping me out joke that it's a barn find because of how filthy it is!) I'm here for all the knowledge, advice and parts I can get, as well as for all the Manta related geekery. I'm DeeBob, and this is my Manta-
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    Hi all , im new to this site, thought ide join to help get some info and possible help with a new project that i recently purchased, for many many years ive had fords and still own a ford capri s but ive allways loved the A series opel manta and managed to get hold of a 1973 manta 1900 sr a couple of weeks ago, its a little worse for wear ie front floors and chassis legs are in a poor state but its only metal and she;s definatly worth saving, not only is it complete i put some fresh fuel down the carb put a new battery on it, freed up the water pump and after an hour or so of tinkering much to my amazment she fired up and sounds ok. starts stops and drives which isnt bad for a car being sat in a garage unloved for nearly 20yrs, looking forward to getting on with the restoration will keep you posted, thanks for now Nick
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    Some car I spotted at the RRG
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    As promised earlier, here is a photo of what the engine bay looks like these days: And here is a little reminder of what we first started with in Nov '17
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    Remove the throttle body as the idle adjust was sized (all sort out ) The engine is a 2.0 Sri 130 8 value It has a coolant hose going to the throttle body but one is blocked off (on the 2.0 chi engine it go’s to a T piece heater hose ) Put some sound dreading on the bulk head (as the exhaust runs down that side it seams a bit loud) Flattened polish the front panel it has come up really well Refitted the headlights, lights all work Put the front bumper on lt looked bad , l thought the front bumper was ok but put it against the front panel and wings not so good So after wiring up the spot lights up have to cut the wiring to remove the lights. made a start on the bumper.Hope to paint in the week
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    Hi All, as usually we had our meeting on the "Ring". The first day (friday) was pretty wet but from saturday on it was better. Enjoy the pics: This one is looking for a new owner: This is the first part, got some pics of the smart-phones to download. So more to come. Grts, Herman
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    I bought it, got it for £1500 in the end, she is surprisingly original, its not a 5 speed as stated, got it going after a bit of work, the rust onit is only surface, in the middle of trying to get panels for it before i start stripping it, i binned those hideous wheel and put a period set on it, when i get started on her ill post some details, cheers
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    Started on the work to connect up the wiring looms, I’m getting help from a friend who knows his way around Manta looms, as I wouldn’t have a clue 😁 all wiring in the boot has been done, rear light clusters, courtesy boot light, fog light, fuel tank sender and rear screen de- mist. Front quad light wiring have been started, bumper off, black trim off, metal light holders removed and 5 3/4” sealed beam units fitted. The White irmscher surrounds were a tight fit over the glass, a coating of vasalene over the metal retaining rings helped them locate fully home in the bezels. inside the engine bay the pump for the washer jets has been plugged in, as has the oil pressure sender, brake fluid resivoir, wiper motor, front indicators and horn. still some way to go with the wiring, all the interior electrical work and instrument binnacle and ECU still to do. Again the front of the Manta has changed, fitting the lights now finishes off the exterior. At this stage there is no rush now, trying to trace and find colour codes, relays, fuses, switches, changing from standard square headlights to quad lights etc can all be time consuming but definitely a rewarding and productive day.
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    just got the boot and rear painted the prep work was tuff. the boot and spoiler paint was pealing and craking all over. see before pictures
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    As the bottom of the car is finished and the rear axle installed i then started on the front, again it was fully powdered coated and new or treated bolts used. New bushes and steering gaitors. The springs are 40mm lowered, i have fitted these before and have liked the stance of the car. Just a heads up on the rear axle, if you ever get one powdered coated and blasted make sure you removed the crown and pinion and ball bearing races, i removed the half shafts and axle cover then masked all open sections, the guy who blasted it then masked again just to make sure. When i got it back the the crown and pinion were very hard to turn, i washed out the axle but it just got worst and wouldn't turn, nightmare! I stripped it right down and found all the bearings full of the fine blasting material, took me half a day and 6 cans of SAS spray to clean out the bearings, all back in now and turning freely. So onto the doors, the n/s just needed a small plate and forgot to take a pic of that. O/s door was shot along the bottom, i did see a few doors for sale but all were around £100 and needed small bits of repair. So decided to fix mine, it fitted so well on the hinges and the gaps were good so worth trying to keep it. First i got hold of a donour door, only one i could get was a n/s, removed the lower frame, o/s and n/s lower inner frames are very similiar apart from the front and rear sections where they curve up around the corners With lower frame removed New lower frame istalled and outer skin cut back to solid metal, this is where the fun begins. So i had to make my own lower door skin with retun flange. Above is a piece of metal i removed from the donor door, 10mm bigger top and bottom, the 10mm at the bottom will be the returned flange and 10mm at the top will stepped as below. I then clamped the metal to an old spirit level and carefully planished the bottom lip around to make the start of the flange Once done checked the measuremants against the door and welded it in place Welding about an inch at a time to stop any heat distortion, i would also after 10 welds planish the area using hammer and dolly just to help keep the panel straight, anyway all went to plan and came out a treat. I then planished the bottom flange around the bottom of the frame and added welds about 6" apart. Then put the door back on and kept my fingers crossed🤞 Couple of raised areas to address but looks great and gaps spot on! I have a few more pic's of the door on the car but ran out of MB's space and can't seem to add any more even if i do a new reply! Anyway panels all finished now, just refitted the boot and all fit well, next job it onto fitting the bodykit. Never done one before buy quite looking forward to it! Yes i seam welded them all around and also the small cap on the top, my track manta has the same set up but the tops are connected to a cage, never had any issues with that and the project car will never get anywhere near the stress that the track one does. When you say Rods?
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    The prospect of a retro project was too much to resist after several years of my lads & me egging each other on and cooing at Manta B's... the blind purchase was made, I stode in awe as the hatchback span off trailer with front brakes binding, Shit i thought this is going to be interesting... This is my 86 GTE, bought in January 2018 having been off the road since about 2001 starts & runs having 100k miles on the clock the Manta seems to have been well maintained during its time but despite this the last 17 or so static years since have made things crusty. The guy had enjoyed years of ownership and she certainly gave as good as she got in the trading paint stakes, overall a straight Manta with a bit of rust here & there, very original & complete, just a few dodgy mot patches, should look the part one day...
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    hi guys just bought it probably paid to much. but this is my dream manta its the colour i really want. love the colour, always wanted an early coupe gte in this colour and with this interior my favorite interior colour combo and its a manual. just did not like my old auto its going to be a lot of work i no. the mechanical side will be my hardest bit as not that hot on fuel injrction. i will add some photos as soon as i get it home
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    Hi I’m back after 15 months away from the club. Not for any reason to do with the club, just stuff that life throws up I’m afraid. Sadly not touched any of my cars in that time either. Anyhow im back now and hopefully getting on with getting my cars sorted & either finished or back on the road. Be good to get back to some shows & meet up with you all again. Heres some of my stable This is my long term one I need to get finished
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    Had a quick check tonight miss a bit on the front bumper, mix a small bit of paint and that’s sorted Paint still a bit soft in the mixing pot so going to level it alone Have keep one sticker on the front bumper (just as a bit of the past history) Done a photo of the masking up under the bonnet which l think is very neat The bonnet is looking good as well
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    i drove the car around our block to turn it around to get it in the garage. the other way around and the engine ran great, even pulled geat at under 1500 rpm. so it got me thinking why would it run great when under load. and not whilst standing my conclusion was no vacume under load so got to be sucking in air. but i new the gasket was new. so never went back to it.. so i went straight to the manifold to check the bolts and they was all loose. what an idiot !. i must have got distracted when fitting the carbs as i was suposed to be looking after the kids.. i feal real stupid.now at least its running great. well pleased
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    Sundaymorning (@the Nürburgring) I woke up and I noticed two men looking at my "400". Lets say I was pretty tired after a night with our friends of the club, beer was one of the reasons. After a few seconds I recognized the first owner of my "400"... Well let us tell this story from the start: When I bought the "400" in 2005 there was also that little yellow maintenance book with it. The last page has got the name and city of the first owner. Also his profession. So I knew his name was Roland (cause of privacy will not give all info). The second day the "400" was in Belgium I looked at the Swiss internet to search for someone that fits the profile. So I found someone with the same name and he was a staff member of a firm that fits his former profession. And that firm was 20k's from the city that I found in that yellow book. So I mailed him "Are you Ronald ....the first owner of a original Manta-400 from the village ..." The same evening I had an answer "Yes I am!" So I informed him about the car, and he was happy the car still excists in good condition. He mailed me a lot of info about the car and I mailed him all those years about what we did with the car. And one meeting we were in the neighbourhood of Switserland and we had a appointment. So after more than 25 years he saw his car again in 2013: And last weekend he was at the Nürburgring with a friend to look for his old "400", and he was again happy the car is still in very good condition... Not me after that night...
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    Swan neck repair parts arrived.
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    I haven't fitted any seats in as yet, car is long way off from being finished, the small raised sections shouldn't cause an issue though. Here are some pic's of the rear axle, fresh back from being powdered coated I'm using adjustable top links for ease of setting up, all new bushes installed ready to fit back into the car. All fitted back in with new or treated bolts/nuts etc. Coilovers installed, this may need a shorter spring but i'll wait until car is on the ground with wheels before i play around with that. I made my own adjustable panard rod, i used the fixing from the manta axle onto the volvo which was pretty straight forward, this way both ends are manta bushes, just makes life easier. Hope the pictures help!
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    hi folks, just to jump in, i recently got a leather steering wheel cover (ebay too - cheap as chips) to refresh my irmscher wheel, pretty much looked like the one paul pictured. youtube videos made it look relatively simple but a girl at work stitched it for me, just got it back today and i'm super pleased with it. the youtubers did nice jobs but i notice the stitching was kinda thin, she seems to have stitched mine pretty thick (she's well into needlework) and I like it much better than the thinner cross stitching. nice feel to it too. see what you guys think. currently trying to work out how to get it back on with the spring in place, man that spring is super tough, i can't see how you can overcome it and line up the wheel and get the nut started, any advice welcome. i've got a standard gte wheel in place just now without the spring, steering wheel kinda clunks / moves slightly in and out, would like to refit the irmsher one properly. love the car btw 🙂
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    Think i might be able to say that i can see some sort of light at the end of the long Manta tunnel! Engine fully rebuilt and back in the car with the box and prop all connected up 🙂 Just got to get some adaptions made to the manifold this week and brackets for the steering and then that can then be fitted along with the throttle bodies and all the other engine gubbins and then its connect up the hydraulic clutch and fill everything up and start the pre-start up checks, then fill engine with break in oil, check oil pressure and Huston we should be ready for a start up (the scary bit!!) The only good thing with the rebuild taking this long is now im definitely TAX and MOT exempt!! Andy
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    Ok, so we (that's me and the Cav) arrived a few minutes before they threw the doors open and found myself a spot next to some much newer and posher metal... Then up she goes on a lift for the first time in about 20 years: At this point I did hear a few mutterings along the lines of "look at that old car" and "what is it?" etc lol Then a Lady who was sat next to me must have worked out it was my car and asked if I 'knew about cars' as the fuel cap on here 2008 Clio was stuck closed and she had no idea how she was going to get to work tomorrow as it was now breathing fuel vapour and everywhere else was closed... Knowing I would have a little wait for the Cav, I decided to take a look and after about 10 minutes of removing boot trim and generally grappling around the OSR inner wing area it was open. The Kwikfit guys seemed as pleased as she was to be honest, maybe because they didn't know how to help her and it saved them a job/time/potential embarrassment? Anyway, by this time the Cav was ready to go and this was the initial reading: Oops! Oh well, that's why it was there after all, so crack on please. Then cue the oxy-acetylene torch as one of the track rod lock nuts would only move forward and not back. To be honest I knew this - one of the reasons I booked it in there in the first place... My blowtorch and days of Plusgas would see it move at all. Luckily the Boss man had it moving after a few minutes - and without a hammer in sight too! So after setting it up, he back it off the ramp and drove forwards and backwards around the yard, but he wasn't happy and put it back on the ramp. 15 minutes later, we had this and a straight steering wheel: After shuffling around the yard again, he was happy to hand me the keys to go for a test drive. ps he had a good look around underneath after I had given him the short story of all the stuff that had been done and he said "it looks mint under there!". Perhaps not how I would describe it, but his kind words of were appreciated all the same. The car is now transformed, no more dragging tyres around and it runs straight and corners well. I'm a happy Bunny
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    Tonight refitted the spot lights to the bumper and rework the wiring Painted the underside of the bonnet Will wax oil the front chassis legs before l refit the bumper The wife has some time off looking after her mum so may not get a lot done over the next week or so Will remove the masking as don’t need the masking tape hard to come off and damage the paint
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    just got it back home so really pleased set out st 2.00 in the morning got home 3.30 in the afternoon. real hard drive .but i have got it home. great good news is. its very good underside swan necks great loads of wax oil underneath so im very lucky. copper pipes been done look good body work way better than i was expecting arches spot on. wings good and inner wings great got the original bill of sale the car cost £6800 new. i have got original service book with lots of history. loads more history i have not looked through yet. problem areas. really need a front grill as mine is shot. car is turning over so thats good. but got to drain the fuel before i go any further on that. did not here the fuel pump running. with the ignition on.. are the gte decals available. here are some photos its getting a bit dark so i will add better photos in the morning also rear springs to high
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    Check out East Kent Trim Supplies, £2.88 a pair + packing https://www.eastkenttrimsupplies.com/manta-c102x2772652
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    So the fourth and final coat has been applied - that will do I think.
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    It’s HYCOTE white primer ,got it from eBay 2 cans for £9 10 covers ok Tonight painted the front panel and the edges of inner wings So l have banned myself from the garage until Friday ,as if l go in there l will mass with some things
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    Evening all, been lurking for awhile, just bought another manta ( 25 years since my last one!) no doubt going to need advice & parts in the near future, hopefully it's not going to be a long term project. It's an 87 reg 2 ltr, 5 speed manual gte hatch, with sunroof, which was advertised locally, showing 69000 miles & MOT expired september 2014, (58k in 2006) miles may well be genuine but could also have been around the clock, doesn't really matter to me. already had a lot of welding done, tidy enough welding on the inside, however not not so tidy on the underside, but solid enough & just wants some of the welds dressed up & a bit of sealer brushed about & undersealed / wax oiled Bodywork is rough in the sense of dents but not actually that rotten, door bottoms good, wheel arches good, front wings not great but repairable. scabs on roof and bonnet Bought not running but was told it was a runner, so some fresh fuel squirted in , booster pack on & it fired straight up & sounded fine, its pretty much a basic shell at the minute, having been stripped out to be welded. I Paid a lot less than half of the advertised price as the seller was fed up of time wasters, ( under £500) so we'll see how it goes, aiming for a road legal manta, with a nice interior & nice coat of paint rather than a full nut and bolt restoration. It has an Opel mantas Owners club plaque stuck on the dash (from july 2 &3 2011) and a matching tax disc holder, maybe someone recognises it? Anyway- cheers & I look forward to picking your brains and getting another old manta back on the road- its not half as bad as some i've seen on here, just hope it ends up half as good!! is using photobucket the only way to insert pics? only got this one on as it was available through a link?
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    I'm afraid there wont be much happening on the car this evening, I have a ring main problem on the downstairs sockets to try to narrow down. Anyway.... before I get stuck into the 'Dad stuff', I managed to do a tiny little bit more prep on the underside of the bonnet, then gave it a quick lick of primer for protection: You can all marvel at the wonderful piece of improvised engineering that is stopping the bonnet overbalancing and falling on the floor
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    Jessica is only for Saturday nights 😂
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    Well I'm back. But didn't do anything on the Manta. What I did (of topic) do was preparing the truck for MOT. The new brakes are fitted and checked the lights and so on. But didn't pass the Belgian MOT. "Your speed limiter is behind date" (Don't know how to say that in English) Me: "Urh?" In the army I drive trucks that are together with the tank on the flatbed 100 tons heavy. We have also speed limiters but they are never calibrated... Some of our armoured vehicles (25 ton heavy) are not limited and they do 70M/h, civilian truckdrivers look suprised when I overtake them at the highway😁. So the truck is in a workshop to check the speedlimiter, while I was doing that: And for the first time one of my cars has got a "O" numberplate. I was always proud to have a regular plate on my oldtimer so I could prove my car is technical 100% save as other modern cars. But because of the environment rules oldtimers are only allowed to enter a city with "Oldtimer numberplates": Friday we drive to the Nürburgring for our meet with the Opel400Club, we will take some pics of course! Grts, Herman
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    original sales invoice traded his silver green cav 1.6 s got £3500 good deal i say it says under special bodywork and factory fitted accessories (two coats mettallic paint)
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    Got sticky out of the garage today ( starts first time after 2 weeks) in the sunshine Checked the wings looked just a good in the sunshine ,flattened the bonnet (well most of it )it’s looking really well not polished yet I am very surprised that it’s turned out this good ( got to love that k2 paint) Give it a clean on the inside The grey bits where the paint is a bit knack
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    thanks i will be adding photos of the full resto. cant wait to get stuck in to it
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    Borrowed a 14ft ivor Williams to go fetch it on the back of my Shogun, it was remarkably cosy on there, literally just had the back wheels on with the front bumper touching the front of the trailer. Hauled it back to my unit to get stuck in and show off to anyone who cared to look, took my lad to give it his seal of approval Drove on the trailer under its own steam, bit smokey on the drive up the guys driveway but I put that down to either sticky rings from being stood so long or maybe valve stem seals - wasn't too worried at the time as it was a new toy. I was looking at this through the world most rosiest tinted glasses ever lol, full of enthusiasm. It fitted quite snug into our unit next to Lee's Nova that he had restored - very similar story to mine although he knew a bit about old school mechanics - at the point of purchase I had little to no involvement in anything with a carb apart from the odd lawnmower so another part of this was a learning mission for me Time to get started on it and do a full recce as to what work was needed to get her legal - it was never going to be done in a weekend to be fair, wheres the fun in that So job list was mounting up thick and fast:- Remove towbar and electrics - who ever wired this up went hell for leather and really did over wire everything lol Exhaust Blowing - minor understatement - exhaust from the downpipe back was knackered - didn't realise how bad it was until I got under it on the ramps Fuel tank leak - this turned out to be slightly more than just the one leak - all the breather points were wafer thin and needed repair Welding - I will upload more pics a bit later of what was needed Lighting - rear lights were spurious and front lights weren't working at all bar a sidelight on drivers side
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    stereo In, works well! And looks great I think
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    Wheels painted! Move chose not have the lip in silver though. Which is what I was going to have much like the Ronals
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    After consulting Mr Haynes, it transpires that I need a 3/16" Allen/hex socket to adjust the brake band on my auto box. Guess which size of Allen bit I dont have to connect to my torque wrench - yes correct! After trudging around the shops with Mrs Mc this afternoon subtlety looking for said socket (no joy at all - one shop even said "what's an Imperial size" ), I returned home empty handed. Being the impatient soul that I am, I hatched a plan to make one instead. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be able to deliver a massive 3.3 ftlb of torque... After a bit of rummaging I came across an old set of Imperial Allen keys and lopped a bit of the end of the long leg with my angle grinder: Then I found a sacrificial 5 mm socket (3/16" = 4.76 mm, so only a quarter of a mm difference in size) and we had the makings of a solution: A few seconds in the vice an we had a nice fitting hexagon that should easily take that torque: Now all I have to do is actually get on with the job
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    Wow Ian what a difference, first class, just goes to show what a bit of effort can achieve 👍
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    Have put on very dry coats of primer every hour,not rubbing down just more dry coats So far its looking well , If comes out at 95% right not going to mass with it Cheers lan . I think l has it sorted , if l have any more mishaps l going to remove a much paint and start again
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    Going of topic a bit,Here’s a photo of kipper on the bonnet of the last manta
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    thanks gutted i had to sell my last manta, our house move was very costly its taken us 3 years just to be able to go on holiday again. but we have spoilt our selves this year as the house is finished .been to corfu twice. and now just got myself another manta. always wanted a gold gte coupe. the last time i was at billing with my manta, looking at all the gte coupes i new i had to get one then. but its taken me until now what cars have you got now have you still got your black gte coupe
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    Not a bad effort, for the money can’t go wrong. I’m giving mine another bash this weekend. meanwhile, picked up a rear Louvre, run one on the A series, clearly have a thing for a bit of tat lol I like it
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    Next on the agenda - an issue I had been a bit anxious about looking at was taking the bright work off the arches and sills to see what the verdict was, I knew that there was welding needing (its 39 years old who was I trying to kid ) started on the passenger side - this was the better of both sides - by a country mile - some plates would be needed on the rear tub round the mounting - and the end of the sill would need replacing Drivers side was a bit erm….worse....the chrome sill plate came off with little to no effort along with 3/4 of the outer sill 🤣 - im laughing about it now as It was at this point I knew it was either commit or take the hit and run. I had a mate of a mate come have a look at it for me and he gave me a very reasonable price to sort both sills, the tubs on both sides as they had both gone and arrangements were made to take it to his workshop after Christmas
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    Welcome - we look forward to the build thread!
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    Today was all about getting all chrome and trim strips etc cleaned up. As usual, I ran out of the vital thing that I needed after about 15 minutes - namely Autosol metal polish. However, I remembered that we had some Brasso under the kitchen sink (just like the rest of the world does ), so decided to give that a go. Surprisingly it would really well and I can thoroughly recommend it for cleaning and polishing up headlamp exterior glass - try it and see! The main reason for this is because the old girl is venturing out tomorrow - she has a tracking check and adjust session booked. I do have a Trackace laser jobbie in the garage, but the tracking is so far out I cant even get a reading with that... Naturally I will let you know what happens, its booked for 10:00 Oh yeah, I almost forgot - before the cleaning started, I popped over to the other side of town to get the spare wheel/tyre looked at. It was/is a decent Goodyear tyre with 6-7 mm of tread on it, but it just would stay inflated. They took the tyre off, wire brushed the rim, refitted it all back up again, valve, balance etc and now its great. And they charged me a dirt cheap £10 all up for this! So obviously one less thing to worry about if the worst happens...
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    Back to the grindstone this evening. To be honest it was so hot in my garage that I struggled to get motivated to do anything, but that kind of attitude isnt going to get this car finished, so I forced myself to do something... That something was a measly cleaning of two chrome side trims. These were covered in a mixture of masking tape residue, mucj and dust and a timy bit of overspray here and there. When I started: After about half an hour with my trusty Autosol: Cant see much difference?, no, nor can I looking at those photos - I guess you will just have to trust me then
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