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    More work done. It's nearly ready for the bloke we are doing it for to collect. Window glass swapped, central locking motor was hitting the glass so we binned that. Bonnet painted New boot trim and Rad tray made from millboard Bonnet cable/ latch sorted Interior cleaned Front discs and pads, calipers re built Boot light fixed New water pump New battery An Andy rutter tune up All satin trim masked off and painted, mirrors painted Seat repaired Fecking masking tape took some of the millboard surface off, note to self, use chalk Boot tank cover made out of the same stuff Loads of other little jobs sorted, parts collected and fitted Nearly done, thank God
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    I’m on holiday at the moment and subsequently there is no progress on the Manta, feet up and relaxing, so I have been looking through my vast collection of photos and came up with comparisons, or as close as I could find, here are some before and after shots, before I got her home, sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, sitting in Gray and Adams Fraserburgh after the final coat of paint early June 2019, The first night I got her home, April 2016, totally unaware of what I had just taken on 🤣 but absolutely delighted with her, my first ever Manta, Sitting in my garage July 2019 after the glass and trims were refitted, Again the first night I got her home April 2016 and before I started the restoration, she was only in the garage one night before I started taking her apart, Sitting in the garage July 2019 awaiting the work done on electrics and quad lights, shouldn’t be long now till complete, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage, July 2019, still waiting on ECU wiring, engine commission and radiator filling up, again sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage July 2019, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham, March 2016, Sitting in Hatton Garage on the 2 post ramp December 2018, you would never guess I’m keen to get home from holiday and start working on the electrics and engine!!! i like the comparison photos they really show progress.
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    We had a great weekend, some pics: The Missus made some pics with the handy, got to upload them... Herman
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    Not quite finished.... but enough to get to Market Harborough yesterday. I've done 500 miles in 48 hours and really drives great....really likes petrol stations......
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    Will add more pics as wi gang along as wi stand now after approx. 36hrs on motor.
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    Took the Manta out for a run today, first time out since Sywell in July, after having spent the last 6 months rebuilding the gearbox and engine. The car ran fine but I seem to have lost the earth to the d/s dip headlight. Will this car ever be sorted?
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    Tonight polished the n/s side,wheels back on ( although rear will come off to fit the drums) Pull Sticky out of the garage in this lovely weather (started first time after 2 weeks) Turned it round so l can do some work on the o/s
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    Enjoy the video: Grts, Herman
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    It’s the small details that make a big difference and provide a finishing touch to a project, when I bought the Manta three years ago, there was no boot liner or petrol tank concealing card, I know these can be made but I keep a look out for original parts, not easy to locate but thanks to another Manta owner I now have sourced these and trial fitted to see how it looks, from this, To this, now the boots tidy, Pleased with the result.
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    One whole day, 7am start till 5pm finish has taken this from a shell on a dolly to a rolling project, engine and gearbox in, subframes and wheels on plus exhaust, I’m happy with that for a days work,
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    Quite a change over the years...... now mapped and MOT'd , significant security being fitted plus road testing and a hundred small jobs......hoping to make Saturday at Market Harborough
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    did i miss owt??? 2 years out. thought id call in and possibly attended the unbilling show..
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    Many many weeks have passed in prep, the car was straight but it needed massaging to get the lines perfect and seeing as the arches came from another car and the skirts I made from 4 standard manta skirts it came out ok I'm trying to add pics from photobucket but it's just too hard so I will add a couple and be done Why we cant host our own photos is beyond me I'm sure mantadoc will be in telling me why and photo sizes but I just cant be arsed messing any more there is months of work and hundreds of pics but its just far too hard to put hem here any more, it's taken hours of passwords and uploads and click this and that and stop this at that add on photobucket and I just CBA Yes me moaning again on an edit, the club is cash rich... can we please please for the love of God get a better easy to use website................please.............please..........the forum is dead.............a dead forum will not generate more members and if it is so hard to update a thread or add pics then people will continue to use faceache and we all lose Have another pic
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    Hi all, I've owned this coupe for a good while but I took it off the road 10 years ago and put it into my parents garage with a mind to get some work done as I didn't have a garage of my own. unfortunately they didn't live next door or round the corner so my ideas of popping over to do stuff never happen and as I didn't have much money I couldn't afford to pay for much work either. Probably around 8 years ago I had a nice bonus from work and blew it all on having the majority of required welding done by Chris Collier but when it came back it went back into the garage where its stayed ever since as I still didn't have a garage. I've since got married and moved down to Cheltenham into a house with a garage but unfortunately that was filled a TVR which I'd picked up along the way..........I've sold it now so finally the manta is at my own house I can start stripping it down properly - this won't be a quick project as im in no hurry so updates will be sporadic
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    what a week been working on it every night and and since friday dinner time have put another 27 hours in to it the dash and wiring loom have been the nightmare i thought they were going to be the main problems being the fact i didnt take it apart/the loom has modified beyond belief and the fact it has now got the correct dash after much head scratching with the mbe ignition finally got it started bled the rear brake and managed to drive it fora few yards still waiting for front brake bells
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    My first car show today with the manta..
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    The slow progress continues slowly. I am at the point where I am preparing, painting and fitting little bits and bobs so that I spend 2 hours in the garage and the car looks exactly the same as before. Fitted the window glass rubbers, painted some more window trim, the heater ducts and cleaned and fitted the dash crash pad. Been searching the loft and boxes and have found some more parts I will need but there are a lot of things missing (must post a wanted ad!!) EMS sent me the decals arms they arrived today. Even though there are far more important things I should be doing I couldnt resist fitting those so spent a blissful evening tinkering with this. The quality and cut is superb
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    Been busy the past few weeks and have only got a few small jobs done to the manta. She is not far away from paint tho.. Painted the back of the bonnet tonight..
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    Some car I spotted at the RRG
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    got the rear quarter painted had to flat back to the primer to get rid of the flakey paint.. also fitted new door speakers . fitted cassette rack from ebay just slid in great. new mats ebay £27 great fit new leather gearshift gator of ebay really pleased with that . genuine leather and really thick great quality new number plates ebay £13 the pair delivered bargain also got all the lights working im having a day of today. then i will crack on with the door and front wing hoping to get the side finished this bank holiday
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    Went in past the bodyshop today to have a look at the black detail that was applied this week along with all the panels fitted, Under the bonnet all painted but the box section cavity’s will be treated to some wax oil, she is now sitting better in height at the back but I still have petrol tank, glass and interior trim so she will still have to settle a little more yet, matt blank masking detail on B pillars, coupe louvres still to go on, Matt black masking detail on A pillars, front quad light and under bumper trim detail, lights to fit yet and adjust beam for MOT, Original small black rubber bump stop fitted inside petrol flap to keep fuel cap flush with rear quarter, I’m absolutely delighted with the paint finish and panel gaps, Manta GT/E decals being fitted next week, along with laser wheel alignment, wax oil all cavities, chassis rails, Sean necks, inner wings, sills etc Im getting her home next Friday/Saturday weather dependant, got to get her home dry. Boot lip spoiler has turned out really well, fits perfectly, bolt holes treated with wax oil before being fitted, again box sections inside boot lid going to be wax oiled, new rubber boot seal fitted, Side skirts and rear arches all fitted, retaining original joints between straight sections and arches,
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    Hi All, Its been a hectic weekend with one thing and another. It was my Birthday yesterday and also my Nephews 18th Birthday celebration meal (his actual Birthday is tomorrow), so we have had meals out and all of the associated running around etc... Anyway... I have managed to spend some time on the Cav, so this is what we have got done this weekend: Headlights back in and wired up and indicator lenses cleaned. Then the Vauxhall badge was refitted: Front bumper supports fitted and of course the chrome bumper itself: Then the rubber bumper section was added: Next the trim strip that sits between the headlights and the bumper was added: Then I remembered that I still hadn't paint the front two part spoiler, so the first two coats of paint have been added to that (one or two more to go): The NS door shut area was then painted up and the check strap fitted along with the door card etc: Then the door top trim pieces were fitted that retain the outer rain rubbers. These both still need a really good clean by the way): Two of the rear boot badges were added - a bit random buy I really just wanted to see what they looked like lol: Next I faced a challenge... You might remember me saying that the two Manta doors that I had fitted had the trim retaining 'pins' located lower than the Can door ones. Well before painting this meant that I had to cut them all off, but now I had the side trim strips to fit - but how? In true bodger style I came up with an idea - these photos explain how I did it better than any words: It turns out that this trim strip is going to nicely cover what is probably the worst drip on the car - what luck! And the result of this technique on both sides of the car: The last job today was to fit the two 'hockey sticks' to the front valance (using the same technique as I used on the doors): Naturally there is still tons to do, but we are making some progress. Tomorrow of Tuesday I hope to be able to refit the front spoiler which will mean that the front will then be finished. I'm going back to work tomorrow for a rest lol Have a good evening everyone.
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    I have been meaning to start this thread sometime ago but never got around to it. So here goe's! Bought the car in March this year from one of the guys on here. I didn't see it before purchase but was given a good description so i took a chance. Pretty much as expected apart from a few (as always) sections that hide away under carpets and behind wings etc. Its a 1986 GTE, 3 owners from new, 98k genuine miles. I managed to track down the 2nd owner who had the car from 1988 until earlier this year when it first changed hands. He had it on his drive way since its last MOT in 2005, nice chap and luckily had all MOT's from 1989 until 2005 and believe it all not they were all done at the same garage D&R Services, Arley. I was really after a coupe to convert to a 400r but when this one turned up it was so original i couldn't do it so i am restoring to original. Even the spare wheel was still new and unused! Every clip was in place etc etc. First job was to completely strip the car and put it on a spit You know when the chasis is shot when you jack up the car and the jack goes up but the car doesn't move! I can go on showing lots of pic's of rust but i guess we've all seen rust although maybe not as bad as this one? So first job was to replace both chassis legs, making sure the car was secure and supported. I won't explain the process of welding up the the legs as there are a couple of links on the forum to show this. I got them from Eckhard in Germany, quality is second to none and highly recommend his Chassis legs. More to follow as seem to of run out of space?
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    Been cracking along, car is back at mine, the v8 build has been shifted into the trailer and left up the farm for time being. ive built a firewall to seal the tank In the boot for safety sake, carpeted the shelf to hide. headlinging is in was going to fit the rear screen by the new rubber is too long on the top section, hoepfully sort swiftly with east Kent trim. also got all the front lights built up and in. sug out the r28 omega box for a clean up.
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    I'm delighted with the Hella Comets. I had forgotten just how big a difference these make. I cant say I'm totally in love with the look but practicality wins over cosmetics and the safety whilst driving at night is worthwhile. I am very reluctant to tempt fate so |I wont go into detail on reliability. |It has been my daily drive taking me to Cardiff, Newport, Taunton, Bath and Cheltenham as well as doing the school run twice a day. Its a bit tiring as its not the sort of car you can drive for two hours and get out feeling the same as when you got in, the 4 gears, wind noise and seats will remind you that this is a 37 year old car. I absolutely love driving the thing and every journey is a pleasure. The only downside is you have to allow a few extra minutes for your jurney because people will want to talk to you about the car. \bearing in mind it gets used every day I would say at least twice a week someone will stop[ and chat about the car and want to know what it is or to tell you about the one they owned back in the day. Don't drive a Manta if you are shy and retiring I found some 10mm bumper tape so I fitted it today just to break up the black bumpers a bit
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    A quick update, I do like a coffee in the car in the morning and got to thinking about getting a cup holder for the manta so I could enjoy my morning beverage without fear of scalding my b*lls. My search took me through a load of crappy tat that wouldn't suit the car so I found another piece of tat on eBay that, at 14 quid, was obviously going to be shonky but could have had some potential as it did the cup holder job, provided an armrest and extra storage all in one go http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Armrest-Centre-Console-Universal-/270865174431?hash=item3f10d28f9f:g:X9MAAOSwT~9Wk2eC So, I stripped it back to bits and started by gently sanding down and finishing all the rough edges on the moulded plastic so it didn't cut you when you handled it/ was nice to touch. Second job was to remove the black vinyl and cheap foam that covered it. I originally used this as a template for recovering but came up with a better way of sewing it at a later point. Next was to shift the cup holders. It had a single one at the front which was really cr*p and a better one at the rear that held two (pointless) cups. I transplanted the rear to the front then cut and glued a piece of MDF to fill the hole at the back. Lastly I had to glue two pieces of MDF to cover the cup holder inside as it was a different shape. This meant ditching the moulded flocked inside tray (that was, you guessed it, rubbish anyway) and I covered inside with automotive black carpet. The floor mounts were binned and I came up with a sandwich of MDF that I shaped to fit into the rear of the console and then bolted through the rear of the original console and spacer underneath into the transmission tunnel . This gave me a firm plinth to screw down on when fitting. In the console I had to move the bottom plate as far forward as possible so the armrest mounted far back enough without foiling your left arm when changing gear Next I sourced the best colour match blue vinyl I could find and a piece of blue upholstery velour. Made up a new pattern for both, cut and sewed the bottom cover (running stitch) and then sewed and recovered the top rest with the velour (backstitch). I did it by hand but could have machined it for speed. I covered the base with a nice quality upholstery foam and then slid on the new cover and glued it all in place. The cup holder was lubricated with damping grease to give it a "feel" and I have ordered a 65mm circular rubber mat to sit in the bottom. Sorry about the lack of photo's, it wasn't supposed to be a "how to" but Dave said I should share it on here,] I can take some more but this is a quick after snap. So now I have a nice solid cup holder (or 2 if you slide it out all the way) and a comfy place to rest my are and the extra storage is always handy in the middle. You could go mad if you wanted (but I restrained myself this time) it could have power run to it so you could charge a phone, you could run an aux input to the radio for plugging in your iPod and you could even use it to mount some switches (but that would mean losing the cup holder) Budget wise it was 15 for the console, I had the foam, 5.50 for Half a meter of vinyl and about a fiver for the velour (half a meter of both so I have enough to probably do another two!) some thread and 8 quid of MDF. Coach bolts and screws were in stock. The most expensive thing that I get for free was my time, I reckon it was about 14 hours including thinking and trialling time plus I could have saved two hours if I had machine sewed.
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    I have an apology to make. it looks like the issue was probably with my photobucket account and not the forum. More pictures of rusty Mantas to come soon
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    So a small update on this thing Engine supported by engine crane and front end removed Remote Brake booster fitted behind front drivers side guard Gas struts from a VT Holden Commodore fitted, a straight bolt on job Crossmember is back after having been modified for lowered steering rack Steering rack all cleaned up and fitted with 75-84 Holden Gemini Rack boots, which again are identical to the Mantas...and a lot cheaper for me to buy here than ship Manta ones from the UK Front end back in car A quick before and after shot Cleaned up all the front end bolts All brake lines now fitted Wilwood remote reservoirs fitted Engine bay almost complete, Still needs a good clean and some wiring removed once im sure the engine runs okSo really its just the Sump I am waiting on now then I can start and run it (touch wood) Brakes I will bleed tomorrowI am also going to fit some new seat belts, just so it looks better when I license the thing as the current ones are a little slow to retract Hopefully have a start up video in a week or so
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    Hi All, Thought I'd better say hi as I've been lurking for a while, I was the owner of a Silver GT/E hatch and then a Red GT/E Coupe about 15 odd years ago but had to go when I had no where to store them I did attend billing around this time and have a few photos that I will post up to see if any of you recognise them, I doubt it as there were a damn site more of them back in the day! Anyway, I've been keeping an eye on them recently with the intent of getting another one and this came along. It is a dealer converted i200 which has been pretty well looked after by a previous OMOC member for most of its life and then been a bit neglected for a couple of years. It came up for sale a few weeks ago (no I didn't pay what he was asking!!!) so up to Bangor I went and collected it, drove it home all okay! I would've liked to bring her to billing but it was too soon and I wasn't happy to drive it there or to let people see it as it was (we had a baby 4 weeks ago so persuading the Mrs to let me buy iot was hard enough!) I did go to billing and had a wander around and a quick chat with a few of you but was only a flying visit. My short term plan is to get it cleaned up a bit and use it for a while before giving it a fresh lease of life and the rothmans look. Look forward to getting involved and meeting some of you soon hopefully! Phil
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    Painted Start the rebuild Wheels in paint now
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    Was tipped off by one of my builder mates that a local old boy has a beige manta in his garage, but wasn't 100%. Roll on a couple of months and the guy now knows about me and my keen internet in all things manta, in particular the A variety. He walks in on the job I was finishing which backs onto where he lives today! 'Are you the young sparky that wants to see my manta?' I am indeed sir, so after a brief chat I was itching to see it off we went to his garage and couple of pics... It's a beaut of a manta S 1600. Not perfect by any stretch but well preserved, Pip has had it for over 35 years. He does go to shows locally and billing 2 years ago, with a bit of work could be mint. He went this year actually but not with the A. I'm sure he said he was a omoc member but u was too excited to remember. He is literally a mile away!
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    Yes mate was a nos part. Bit of progress made last few days. Got roof liner out, laid it over top of the roof of another manta, and gave it a light bit of heat with heat gun, to work out some creases from being storage. Made a few repairs to the stitching, gave it a clean, and got it installed to the car. Got all the aluminium trim together, i prepped and repainted it all under a heat lamp. Wiper arms, prepped and painted satin. Also got seat runners out and seat bases, prepped and painted them, and painted the satin black bits on the car that blend into the trim. Hopefully more progress to come tomorrow
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    Just a quick update. I managed to get all the welding and grinding back done on the underside. I found one more small hole on a seat reinforcement plate but it's all cut out now and new metal in. I then spend hours and hours cleaning off ancient waxoyl, sanding back and cleaning up and spots of surface rust. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ax8Tewoae6kxkEGc9 Then I primed and bare metal with etch primer from a can and let that harden for 24 hours and used up a can of red oxide on any paint that was looking a bit thin. https://photos.app.goo.gl/RXNZ9aFACDHnpsCF6 Then I had to wait for a warm(ish) day to play with my new compressor. I mixed up a litre of red-oxide/rust inhibitor primer with 10% thinners and a cap full of Japan driers. And then practiced on a sheet of card until I was happy with the gun settings. I then sprayed the whole underside with 2 coats of red oxide primer. https://photos.app.goo.gl/FSAADZbPHMcEHNucA It's not perfect but it feels good to get some proper paint on. I've got to let this harden up for a week or so and wait for a warm dry day so I can seam seal the underside and get some stone chip on the exposed parts. Then a couple of coats of chassis paint and then I'm calling that a day. I've also picked up a cheap CIH engine which I'm busy looking at. The engine is a bit earlier than I thought so it's not unleaded so I'm just considering how much time and effort to put into it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Arc9Hb5n9YzP5gwn7 I've partially stripped it. Bores look ok with no marks and very little lip, crank looks good under the big end caps. Cam and followers all look spot on. Not many photos because I was covered in oil but here are a few. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zvLT5sbqGqkVRWU76 I've also managed to pick up the front section of an exclusive coupe roof which had rotted out at the sunroof so I now have the panel I need to repair the front of my roof where it's rusted under the vinyl. I'll move onto that while I'm waiting for the weather to improve for painting. That's all for now. Happy New Year.
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    I've been looking for a manta gt/e coupe for approximately 10 years now and finally this week I've been able to locate and transport a 1985 gt/e coupe up to Scotland. My search over the years has taken me as far as Boulton, Sheffield and Magerfelt in Ireland as there is very few manta's for sale in my area so being prepared to travel for the right one was the only way, I did feel I had missed a few good opportunities looking back, but at the time the deal or car must not have been right. The manta is just home and I have not had a chance to look over it yet. Initially it looks quite solid although I have ordered both driver and passenger floor pans as I know they are needing attention. This weekend I will check out the chassis legs and if they need work I will address this at the same time. I intend to restore the car thourally to original specification, and hope to get advice on the restoration from the club members. I'm sure as I dig further into the project some surprises will await! I will post pictures as I progress. Here she is tucked away in the garage, I'm building up to a full fresh coat of original white paint, I'll go by the vin plate coding.
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    OK people. I have just finished spraying the second coat with a higher air pressure (approx 50 psi) and I am much happier with things now. It will still need another/final coat in my opinion are there are at least two places that have run and I want to make sure that there is plenty of paint to work with once I start flatting back. As (hopefully) you can see, there is already a pretty good depth pf shine to it. That little lot can dry off now for the next 24 hours or so, then I will apply the final coat tomorrow evening. Perhaps it is now time to reveal the paint I chose? I have used this paint twice before on cars and found it to be good for home spraying (in terms of H&S) and it can also be brush applied for those difficult areas. I have used coach enamel paint in Gloss White. I did some colour match tests a coupe of weeks ago and it was so close to Polar White it was incredible, so I pressed ahead. As I have said before, the purists may be horrified - but hey its my car and my choice
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    For a long time I've wanted an Ascona A, preferably a Voyage (yeah right, like one of those is going to turn up!). Over the years a couple of Voyage projects have turned up (the latest one a few weeks ago and featured on this very forum), but I've not had the money or the skills to sort them out. I've also wanted for a long time a car sold by the garage I used to visit as a kid, Bridge Motors in Skellingthorpe. I missed out on an Ascona B saloon about 15 years ago, and haven't seen another since (for sale or otherwise). Then, on Thursday night I saw a post on Facebook linking to an ebay auction for a Voyage (Thanks Paul). Described as 1976 opel ascona showing only 30 000 miles from new This has been sat for years and is being sold as a non runner / restaration looks solid underneath see pictures this is a rare car as I can't find the same model for sale anywhere has keys and service book . log book will need applying for Viewing welcome Interesting, oh, and it's in LIncoln, getting more interesting. A quick look at the photos, it looks quite clean, and one shows a partial registration plate, WTL 75. That's a Lincolnshire registration, could this be a Bridge Motors car? Probaby not as it was registered in 76, but the photos make it look like an earlier car, chrome overriders and only 2 air vents in the dash. It's probably been imported in 1976, maybe by a member of the armed forces, lot of RAF bases around these parts. Still, It'd be rude not to go and see it. I phoned the seller, and arranged to go and look at it the next day (Good Friday). On arriving at the yard there in all it's glory was a K registered Ascona. In the metal the paint wasn't as good as the photos suggested, but it all appeared to be solid. One wheel arch trim was missing, and the drivers front wing it should've been on was dented at the bottom. I'm hopeful that can be straightened. Crawling under the car it all looked good again, sills seem to be solid, chassis rails solid, jacking points solid. It doesn't look like it'll need much welding at all. Inside the car is filthy, but looks to be a near mint interior under all the muck. It turns out the car was parked up in a barn in 1976, and the owner passed away. It has sat there ever since until this last week when the guy I bought it from pulled it, and an old Austin A35 van, out. There are a few small dents on the car, possibly due to it having been covered in all sorts of farm detritus over the years. A bit of bartering I agreed a price with the seller which was a bit more than I'd hoped for, but less than he'd been offered over the phone, and included delivery to my house 10 miles away.
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    Scared the fcuking life out of me when I chopped that area out, but had to be done to get back to good metal, and was ridiculously easy..... But then again i work with steel all the time. So coming together slowly, Weather has been a bitch to me stopping me getting a lot done, it's been bloody cold out there doing that lot, but cannot be shuffling around in the wet and the cold, next step will be to tackle the seams on the inner wing there as you can see in the last pic, I would really like to do that area well, but all work so far has been done with a hammer and an angle grinder and no other tools/tooling (ok yeah it shows lol) but may nip over to see my old mate Nat to see if I can use a bit of his kit to help replicate this area. all the wing rail work needs a good tidy up on the inside but I don't mind a bit of unneatness as this shell needs to be strong for my future plans. but I should be able to tidy this up so the eye will never see it. Next step will be to tackle the passenger side wing rail, A panel and A post, got a lot of awkward shit out of the way, and decided to make life a bit easier on the passenger side by popping over to Retropower and using Nats patterns to cobble up and A panel,,,,,, Well Stewart mainly did a lot of that for me at Retropower, but we made up a drivers A panel, passenger side is different,,,,,,
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    That picture says so much, not only do you have a beautiful bright Red Opel Manta just look at the rest of the cars in the picture, uninteresting modern blobs in black, grey and silver, if anyone asks why classic cars are so appealing heres the answer.
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    Got my 400r back on the road today just needs mot next weekend put a recon 3.0 24v back in as last one burnt more oil than fuel !!!! It's been off road for about 18 months I think I forgot how it roars just got to prize my smile back down lol I'm sure I'm not alone with that
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    A few pics outside tonight, pity I missed the sunshine. Really chuffed with the way it's all turned out, especially the steel bonnet.....some amount of hours gone into getting it looking the way it does but well worth it!!
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    So I finally got my sump back, after having been modified to clear the Steering rack Pickup had to be trimmed to suit chopped sump rear One of the only parts I did not replace with new broke.....as they do Thread extension on Rear Slave cylinder broke, ordered some new ones Ran a kit thru the rear drums while there So all that was left to do was start it..... And..well....life wasn't meant to be easy, I have no Spark whatsoever Going to do an injector pulse check tomorrow to check if the crank angle sensor is working Then swap the ECU, coils and igniters to rule them out to. The 1UZ runs 2 coils and 2 Igniters, one for each bank...this has no spark at all so I dont believe they are faulty, more likely the ECU or Crank angle sensor I reckon So close!
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    He was up Huddersfield way, both him and his son had gas monkey t-shirts on lol. I'm guessing he's sold it on. It's Covered in underseal so bad you can't see the floor, chassis etc. It's like 5mm deep in places! Filler marks everywhere and the black paint was badly masked so runs and chips apparent. It wasn't restored, just bodged only 3 years ago. It really is mutton dressed as lamb. I bought this instead and I'm so glad I did!
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    A little more progress this weekend.
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    My name is Daniel, i'm 27 years old and I live in the South of Austria, in a town called Graz. I have wanted a Opel Manta B since I saw the movie "Manta, Manta" for the first time when I was a kid. If you don't know the movie here is the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG1EAwxZEtk I have a '69 Opel Rekord C too that I'm restoring since 2008 but last year in august I finally bought a '76 Manta 19S which looked good at first sight but was very rusty underneath the shiney paint: as bought: before i sold it: my plan was to have a "rolling restauration (although the swan neck were already in a horrible state and the work done by the previous owner was only to pass MOT), but by chance I found another Manta 3 months later in much better condition. So I sold the yellow one and bought the turquoise one. A '79 Model, originally equipped with a 20S engine, but unfortunately that was changed to a 19S engine: first I changed the wheels and bumpers then lowered it with 40mm springs, changed wheels again and headlights (I like the square ones better on a early manta but the reflectors were pretty bad and the light from the dual lights is very good) : Love this car! Plans for it: Install a 2.2 CIH engine on twin 45 Webers with tuned cylinderhead and 296° camshaft+ 240 Getrag 5spd + exhaust over Winter Attack rust - it's not much but of course it's there New paint, one day, when i have the money... Best regards, Daniel
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    Clutch and gearbox in this week, exhaust on, timing belt all on, new oil cooler kit fitted, old back axle in so I could drop her on the floor.. Starting to look good I think..
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    I just properly joined the club now i get to see everything ! Hello everyone hopefully i will be on here regular and get to know some of you X
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