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  1. In 1980, Vauxhall designers built a one-off prototype special Cavalier Sportshatch in metallic silver, hence the name "Silver Aero". The car made its public debut in October 1980 at the NEC Motor Show on the Vauxhall stand. The idea of the Silver Aero project was to offer existing Sportshatch owners / buyers the chance to upgrade their cars to Silver Aero spec in three phases. Phase 1 This was a sports interior. there were a pair of black leather Recaro seats with electrically controlled backrest cushions and lumbar supports. Grey carpeting with
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  2. Overview The i200 was produced from 1984 to 1986 and was launched as a limited edition Group B FISA homologated model by Opel tuning and styling house, Irmscher. In Total, 477 i200 models were built by Irmscher. They took batches of specially ordered Mantas direct from the Opel production line in Antwerp and shipped them to Remshalden, the home of the Irmscher works, where many subtle changes were made. They arrived as either Polar White or Astro Silver cars, and already had the Opel Cloth seats fitted at the Opel Factory. These cars were built on the same production line as the standard
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  3. Overview The i300 was produced from 1984 along side the i200 and i240, It was fitted with the straight 6, 3.0 litre engine taken from the larger Opel models such as the Omega. In 1982 Irmscher had some unfinished Manta 400 bodyshells, which featured a different suspension arrangement more suited to a heavier running gear and the idea of the i300 was born. Using the heavier 3.0 litre engine and the sturdier Getrag 265 gearbox from the Omega and Monza mated to the Manta 400 chassis, the i300 was a rare and unusual model, with a potent powertrain. Once again the Manta 400 Rally car quad Halo
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  4. Overview The i240 was produced during 1984 and 1986 along side the i200, although it was never offered for FISA group B homologation. In much the same way as the i200's were built, the i240's were special orders from the Opel production line and left the Antwerp factory in Polar White or Astro Silver, with the Blitz Interior already fitted. They were then transported to Remshalden for further conversion work. The i240 was again based on the GT/E coupe but featured a larger 2.4 litre engine. Manta 400 Rally car quad Halogen headlamps were once again used, complemented by the Manta 400 deep
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