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    A little more done today. Fitted shockers off the red hatch (that got new ones year before last) fitted anti roll bar with Powerflow link bushes. Fitted hubs with disks and then stuck some wheels on to see how it’s sits. Fine I recon.
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    After cleaning the BBQ down before the relatives arrive, I managed to sneak in another 45 minutes on the Cav - its amazing how quickly you can revive a BBQ thats been under cover for over 6 months when you try - and its all in a good cause of course. I'm feeling more positive about this panel now. Here it is after a lot of sanding then then application of a little skim of filler in the low areas: Enjoy your afternoon everyone - I'm now looking forward to an afternoon lounging in the garden with a fruit cider or two to keep me company. As you can determine, I'm not much of a drinker, but I know what I like, and thats really all that counts.
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    Today we are 29 years married, ordered a table at a local restaurant, so no updates. Not gonna push my luck...
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    Its a restoration no matter how you look at it, it will need a really good clean up and if you are lucky you might get away with not painting it but it will still need a good clean and mop and plenty of other re-commissioning, engine, brakes and any rubber parts will need lots of attention. I would not trust the brakes until I had completely rebuilt all of it from the master cyl to the pads and calipers. The petrol tank is the Achilles heel here, its done nearly 100k, so its been used in the wet and will have mud and muck all round the tank, the little breather pipes will have been eaten away and when you remove the tank to sort out the leaks you will be into a lot of work to sort it out, that's before you get to look inside the tank. Its a 6k car if it was done and on the road in my opinion but I am happy to be surprised, we all want values to go up and they are getting rarer.
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    This narrow body is looking neat, never thought id say this buy prefer it over a kitted version, simplicity and a nice touch with 8 inch wheels. Always thought standard wheels on any model of manta are too narrow. Nice!
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    https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1102826 Strong money at £11500 but looks nice
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    If they took a bit of time to clean it up, get it MOT’d they’d probably see close to 6k. It would be great to see how little rust it’s got (if that’s even possible)
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    Fair bit of body work. I've already replaced the front valence, springs and dampers, but the rear arches and a few bits of rust showing through the paint hint at more work. it's been relatively well looked after in the past and flies through the MoT. Past welding underneath is functional rather than pretty but that's a whole lot of tea to drink before I tackle that
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    Try this link, i bought one last year and fits the pins spot on. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sealey-4-Piece-Car-Door-Hinge-Pin-Extractor-Removal-Tool-Extractor-Set-VS801/311596359195?epid=11017008001&hash=item488c971e1b:g:bmQAAOSw9OFZKDPd&frcectupt=true
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    The seller/trader,was probably so impressed with its bodywork and structural soundness,thought that this would be enough to sell the car alone which it is...but not for 6k so he's probably just testing the water just to see if someone will bite on a "as is sale" So in reality as people in the know...er, know that he will have to recommission it himself put a ticket on...oh and give it a proper clean.🤑
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    The wings are now going to stay on, the doors are coming off as will the bonnet, the rear quarters at the moment only have one coat of 2K along with the outside of the shell. The whole shell will get another 3-4 coats of 2K and the doors, boot and bonnet will be put on stands and given the same number of top coats. Front and back bumpers sprayed separately as they are plastic and the rubber boot spoiler sprayed with plasticiser added. When the black gutter detail will be added I’m unsure but I have explained the masking lines, I went and looked at an exclusive coupe for this information and the location of the skirts gap below sill level as I couldn’t find decent pictures on the internet. I have requested that the painter keeps some polar white paint for me from his spray gun for touching up stone chips later on, not that I want any!! I will be keen to fit the GTE Decals, as I think these finish off the car but I’m going to wait a good while before fitting just to make sure the paint has cured.
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    This week there has been radio silence from the bodyshop, I didn’t want to bother them but was hoping they were working on the Manta, the bodyshop manager has just e mailed me progress photos from this week, Front wings stone chipped and painted inside, then mounted on the wing rails, Front quads and under light trim on for panel alignment testing, Petrol cap and skirts fitted, All good to go, apparently now she will be dismantled for full respray next week, then masked up for semi Matt black gutter and rear quarter window details,
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    After a morning grafting in the back garden, it was finally time for the Cavalier to have some love I have started to reshape the NS rear valance - hopefully you will agree when I say it looks much more in balance now with the other side? A with just a little more filler added to help blend in some of the low spots and also to take it back to the floor etc There is actually only a tiny difference between the two images from the rear, as most of the filler went under the lip to blend it into the floor better. In fact it would not surprise me if I even had them the wrong way round above Cheers all - enjoy the Sun!!!!
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    I know how you feel. Good to know mantas rust in canada too, out of interest, do they use rock salt on winter roads in canada? Are you a purest or a modernist?
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    Some work has done at the workshop, must take some pics of it. At home I cleaned up the front axle, degreasing and used rust converter before painting with hammerite: Some nice things arrived from Germany, thanks @ Thomas from Edelschmiede: First I wanted to clean up the bolts and let them passivate them, but later I noticed the whole set was cheaper to buy then passivate the old stuff and transport it to the firm, buy new self-locking nuts and so on... Sometimes the easy way is cheaper. Noticed this on the upper wishbones, never too old to learn: Usually I check the rubber bushes to check what side the wishbone fits, but with cleaning I saw R and L. Wanted to share this. Grts, Herman
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    I do like that, looks well in that colour.
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    Yes they work well.the standard rods that screw in are long lasting too. Only thing you may need is to extend the bar I found. Old pins can be realy tight and need a good clout. A longer bar can be held better and less chance of hitting the paintwork on the door or door pillar.
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    I can do the same, when my son is behind the wheel 😁: I had several Manta's with the ariel on that spot
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    Looks about right to me:- Its so you can reach out of the window & pull the aerial up..
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    Thanks for the comments! I bought those rails from Dr.Manta (www.dr-manta.de) and yet they go 146 € for one side. With the inner section 314 €. Don't think you will need that, it is easy repaired or reinforced as I did. Another web-shop: www.leidinger-tuning.de They got an Ebay webshop. The same rail goes for 149 €. Just check those two webshops, a lot of parts to find! Don't mix those rails with other repair sections in different parts, those are thinner. And the German that makes them is Eckhard Schneider, he sells them also. They will be scheaper ofcourse. I found a shop via facebook: "ESHandel" One rail goes 110 € . There are L & R versions ofcourse. And if you Google "Längsträger Manta B" you will find more pics. Hope I could help you with this, Herman
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    They look very similar to my car. The inner steel may be more corroded than the outside but you have to cut away the outside to repair it. I repaired one side of mine and replaced the other side with 40x40 box section. I've still to fabricate the outer part to make it look as it did. I don't think I would go that route again. I think H-400 approach is a much smarter job and probably a lot quicker. You live you learn as they say. If you decide to repair them buy some 14g steel for the inner sections. I think it's only 16g from new but the extra strength can't hurt. There's also a much heavier internal steel around the bottom subframe mount. Luckily mine had survived, looking at the pictures, yours may be ok too. You can just see it in your bottom picture. All good fun.
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    Look at herman H-400 tread, remade chassis sections available from supplier mentioned, reckhard or something! By the looks of your problem, these will cure it. They are possible to make depending on your skills. Have a template available if needed. What caused this problem is from the engine bay! You will notice a hole in the corner above this area, water channel, into a doulbe skinned chassis, not smart!
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    Front vented disks of a 86 carlton are a direct fit to manta, running cavalier mk3 gsi2000 calipers, if they are the same as calibra 4x4 calipers. There is a slight overhang of pad, but will never cause a problem.
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    There's a guy on here called mantasrme (David) he sells the kit with Audi discs and calibra calipers which he has pre drilled. That's what I've got on mine. He might supply the discs separate? Fittings no bother at all.
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    Today I set about stripping the last of the sound deadening material off the floors. A pair of front floor pans and jacking points required to repair these areas. I then went to the front of the car and removed the front bumper and mounting hardware, only surprise was a poorly fabricated home made bumber bracket on the right hand side. I then took a deep breath, removed the left front wheel and had a poke around the body rails and swan necks. Here's what I found.... Front section with the under seal removed, looks very nice. Moving back towards the Swan neck not so bad... Moving on down, not very pretty... After pealing back the onion... Verdict, I will be adding inner and outer left hand swan necks to my parts required list. I'll look at the right hand side tomorrow. Chris.
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    Ian thanks for the reply on the bumper strips. Might be able to salvage some of the clips and the strip Good work on the quarter panel. Looking at doing the wheel arches with replacement panel on mine. At the moment only brave enough to do planning with tea in hand. Resorted to sorting out rear end
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    Good progress this evening. The final shaping is done and some minor imperfections were filled with stopper. I then finished off fore the evening by putting some primer over the top of the bare metal. I also trial fitted the sill full length chrome strip (that looked so bad before) and the waist trim strips that sit either side of the arch - all good now! All I need to do tomorrow is to lightly sand the stopper and then (once the rest of the car is ready) wet sand over the lot with 400, then 600 grit.
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    Thanks a lot. Bought it. Really appreciate that 👍
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    Cheers, having one of those
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    Ian Excellent effort as always. I hope you don't mind me offering a bit of advice which you probably know anyway. I found that a long flexible straight edge real helps when trying to flat out large panels. I use a piece of hardwood ripped at about 1mm. Put lots of filler on and then bend the hardwood to the curve of the panel and pull it across. It takes of the high spots and shows the low spots. I struggled for days on my last project on a badly creased front wing but found an advert on YouTube for a 'blade'. I just made my own as described. Also, I found a dusting of black spray as a guide coats helps find the high and low spots. Anyway, you're doing great and I can't wait to see it finished. Skip forward to 8 mins and it shows a nice demo.
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    After some more relatives popped in this afternoon, I managed to sneak in another crafty hour on the Cav before the BBQ came out again. Some more sanding and stopper filler later and we have this now: Some more sanding tomorrow evening should see this panel just about done I think. Shame I didn't pay this much attention to detail the first time round... Anyway, all in all a good long weekends work I think.
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    it will make next to no difference, unless it was climate controlled for humidity and temperature. Trailers get hot as hell and cold as ice, for 15 years. the seals on the engine might do a little while before they let go, likewise you might get a good pedal with the brakes for a bit but as soon as you get a bit of use and heat in them stuff will seize/leak and generally fail. I am sure its a great car, I for one would be interested in it simply because its not going to be the usual amount of work to get it right. buts its still a lot of work needs doing to makes sure it is safe and reliable. I am halfway through putting an 1800 hatch back together that was liberated from a 16 year dry barn slumber, its got 56k on it and I have it down to a bare shell to make sure its all "right" before I use it. So far I have found dry rotted suspension bushes, seals that are hard as rock and rear wheel cylinders that are totally seized. This is a car that was also never used in the rain and garaged its whole life. I believe this because the petrol tank is pretty much perfect. no rust or mud anywhere. I hope the GTE gets the six grand, it will be a happy day for Manta values !
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    Keep going Ian! After doing my back arches I couldn’t bare to see another pot of filler! I think it can be soul destroying as you think you’ve done a good job, put some primer on and.....agh... still not right! 3 hours later and you’re little further on. Iv left mine and been doing other stuff but I know they’re still waiting... keep going, it’s you that’s got to happy with the job 👍 looks great btw!
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    How often do you buy tables Herman, are you having it delivered?!!!!!! Congratulations mate.
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    Fabulous Herman, many congratulations to you both!
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    You could imagine how excited I was Ian, opening up the e mail hoping it contained photos, this week has been a long week just waiting but now I can envisage next week taking even longer!! I don’t think I could ever get so enthused or excited about a new car as I do on classics, unless it was an expensive sports car or supercar, I can only dream about those......... so I’ll have to make do with the old Manta 👍
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    After a little stroll into town with my Wife, I returned to do a little more sanding, then apply some stopper filler. I'm feeling pretty pleased with this area now. Another quick sand and we can move on again. Have a nice evening everyone.
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    Hey Ian, got to respect your patience. Sanding is not my thing. The sun: I'm enjoying it with a beer in the garden on my terracce. That same sun says the top pic is later than the bottom one.😁 Enjoy the weekend!
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    Nice B series, as the rest on here say, seen a lot worse brought back to life, good luck 😉
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    i like this way! Good job, i will be addressing these soon, i learned something today, thanks.
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    Do you know what’s given me the most inspiration to get this done?? fed up of paying car tax. I’m going to get this done, then take the red one off the road as restore that .....until it’s 40 year old.
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    Welcome back Martin! Is that BEEDZ'S old car you've bought?
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    In 1980, Vauxhall designers built a one-off prototype special Cavalier Sportshatch in metallic silver, hence the name "Silver Aero". The car made its public debut in October 1980 at the NEC Motor Show on the Vauxhall stand. The idea of the Silver Aero project was to offer existing Sportshatch owners / buyers the chance to upgrade their cars to Silver Aero spec in three phases. Phase 1 This was a sports interior. there were a pair of black leather Recaro seats with electrically controlled backrest cushions and lumbar supports. Grey carpeting with black and white trim and door panels featuring special graphics gave a modern look to the interior. A Voxon radio / cassette (expensive in 1980) was incorporated into a special centre console. Phase 2 This phase addressed the exterior with a special bodykit made of glass fibre and included a nose cone, lower front spoiler with built in fog lamps and indicators, mouldings on the sills and full underbody skirting. A spoiler was fitted to the tailgate while a special rear spoiler with built in bumper was found on the rear valance. All exterior glass mouldings were in matt black. Compomotive alloy wheels with 215/60x15 Goodyear tyres finished the package. Phase 3 The main feature of this package was the 2.4 litre turbocharged engine which produced 150bhp. This was built by WBB (Racing) Ltd. and Turbo Torque Ltd. Special vents were let into the bonnet to dissipate the turbo heat. Sadly the project did not get past the one-off prototype. The car still survives today with less than 25,000 miles on the clock.
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