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    Took delivery of yet another manta today, a star mist black exclusive coupe. I've wanted one in this colour for many years. I got my hands on this one and first impressions is I'm happy with it. It's not yo bad at all. It wants swan necks, lower A post repairs, drivers floor pan has the usual hole above the jacking point, small hole under washer bottle and couple of small holes in sills, plus a couple of other little bits, for the most part it's solid and better than most I've started with. This is going to be the first project for my new garage once my i240 is finished which is now at body work stage. 😀
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    Spent most of Sunday concentrating on the Manta electrics, the mot ran out in August 1999 so hasn’t run since then, the electrics were all disconnected when I got her so now all I can do is start with the basics, good earths, tests, tracing wires, connect and try, I have changed from the standard square lights to Irmscher quads so some adapting of wires was required, now we have side lights, dip and full beam, We also have, interior light, wipers, window washers, boot interior light, number plate light, tail lights, brake lights and fog light. Slow work but definitely heading in the right direction, some things you can’t rush, electrics is definitely a slow process when you have to start from scratch with very little labelling.
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    Pushed the shell into our body shop last ting today. Now my body man can get on it inbetween other jobs, this bit takes an absolute age. But the finish is in the prep. I'll update with some pictures in next few days
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    Two gearboxes: One is for me and the other one for Canada. I was some time away cause the work at the barracks, and have some health issues. And a new oil seal before fitting the flywheel:
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    To night fitted the aerial to the wing ,had to go into the engine bay ,that’s as far as l got as it’s raining All painting has now been done Back on its wheels, Started fist time runs sweet Sticky on the drive getting all wet Going to put it on some more sites tonight,Possibly on eBay on Saturday (hate putting cars on eBay)
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    Thank you try this https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/822234/spotlight bracket pdf.pdf
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    I most certainly is. I'm now 99 percent sure that I'm going to restore the car rather than do a 400 replica. I think it deserves it. A few engine mods are allowed though surely And the tow bar can definitely go 😜
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    Managed to squeeze a couple of hours in yesterday. And now all the welding is complete I thought I'd get the under body protection on. I used a U pol product on this occasion. Turned out ok. It's not a show winning job, but this is only being built for my own use all year round so not after perfection. As long as it's solid and reliable I'm happy 😊 Next job is to strip and figure out a bracket to suit flexi hoses to rear callipers. They are sliding callipers but have been hard piped with copper straight to the calliper 🙃
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    Some goodies for my build.... I spent Thursday and Friday of this week helping to unload and take into inventory a stash of Opel GT parts that have been acquired for the Opel GT Co-op here in Calgary. I scored the DCOE inlets and modified GT exhaust manifold from the stash. The inlets have as slight curve as they were intended for cramped confines of the GT engine bay but I'm hoping they will work on the Manta. As can be seen in the pictures the exhaust manifold has been modified and gently ported, it will need to go through a few heat cycles to see if the welded plate is stable. I'm fortunate that the GT club have adopted me and my orphan Manta B into their club and they are proving to be a great help to my project. The Co-op has gathered and continues to gather Opel parts in the hopes of keeping as many Opels on the road as possible. Basically you pay the $300 life time entry fee to the club then have access to the parts inventory at nominal parts cost. As an example I acquired a 1.9 CIH engine complete with all ancillaries, the exhaust and inlet manifolds pictured above for about £105. The group also gives me access to special tools and toys such as a plasma cutter. And the real bonus, I get to talk Opel with a bunch of like minded enthusiasts. Chris
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    Fitting the flywheel, for those that are going to do the same: Remind the "P bolt", very important. This is a flywheel of a 6-cilinder, because the clutch of a GSI 2.0 was not strong enough to handle the 2.4: This is the 9 inch clutch: The same as a 2.2 and 2.5 and 2.8. And I opened once my "400" engine and it looked the same: Filling the oil pump before starting the engine, also fitting a new oil filter (with oil) : Driving the oil pump with a drill, till you see the oil coming out the rockers of the head. So you are sure the engine, crankshaft, camshaft is filled with oil before starting the engine: Grts, Herman
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Just pulled the bezel out into the light outside. I agree it's hard to visualize it on the car, but I think it's going to work well with the satin black, and the super oscars
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    Totally agree with the sentiments above. Whilst your passion for the cavalier cannot be questioned, a few days r and r won’t hurt.
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    You have to put the important things first,everything else can wait
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    Nothing done on the car this week as I've been putting all my spare time into my new garage build. Been prepping the ground ready for the concrete which is going in tomorrow morning. This is going to be the new house for a few of my cars. It took 14 ton of stone and 5 ton of sand to get it to this point lol. Can't wait to get it up now 😎
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    Orange minus the i240 kit but gives some ideas, simple works! Wonder what those 15 inch ats wheels would loik like with a i240 kit.
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    Seen this, thought id stick it up for inspiration, like the black. Silver graphics look Well too!
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    Hi folks. I have a C20XE engine in my Manta B. I normally buy my petrol from Shell. I've been told rubber components used back in the day aren't designed for todays fuel and the additives used now. I had a few fuel leeks from my fuel pipes where the rubber seems to have melted? On grabbing the first screw driver I found from my tool box to loosen the jubilee clips which had a rubbery type handle, that melted too. After taking out the tank, getting it flushed. Changing all rubbers, fuel pump, regulator I struggled to get two tiny seal which fits onto the FPR. After finally finding a supplier I thought I would share to help others.
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    How could you ask for anything better! There is not many people in todays world that would go to this much effort to help someone out, aswell as the club members
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    Mk3 gsi cav or astra, mk3, bolt on, no probs! These work with 2.2 carlton vented discs, no mods needed. There is a 4mm overhang on pads, but they will never come together due to thickness of disc, eiither that or you will be down to wafer thin metal on pads and disc would be eaten to shit, this is a quick turnaround setup, just bleeding needed.
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    Is this the Coupe you have bought ? Please consider keeping it as it is as its a very early rare surviving 1.9 SR Manta Coupe.
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    Chassis parts was klockerholm, sourced from a facebook member, all bottom end engine parts was supplied by quasar in Stockport who built the short motor, gasket set was sourced via Ebay, most other parts was sourced via club members and some bits I had to make, like the battery tray repair section, inner chassis rail and upper chassis sections. New chain came with the car and I found the guides in our stock.
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    Evo, at the current exchange rate $300 Cdn is only £176. What I did not mention in my post was that if parts are sold to none members the income is divided by the number of members and paid as a dividend to them once a year. Joining the Co-op was a no brainer! Chris
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    Thanks mate, I had them do it as the bore on number 2 was water damaged so had to have a liner. It's had pretty much everything new or recon now lol So that's it for tonight. Got the the block pretty much built up. Just waiting on the rebuild cylinder head coming back now with the new valves in that I sourced. Happy days 😀
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    Lovely mate, will make all the difference.👍
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    Starting to lay stuff out ready for rebuild. Only just noticed this oil pump setup, longer gears with spacer to suit. Anyone else come across one of these ? I've never seen one like this. I'm also fitting new chain and guides
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    No worries if you can’t get some will post some photos
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Took advice from site and fitted a box setion inside the sill.
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    Steering column wooo, bonus to be honest I hadn't noticed that. I've not had a proper look yet 😀
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    And bumpers, steering column and key, twin light bezel’s 😂 looking forward to seeing the build..! Speak to you on Messenger later pal 👍🏻 Lee
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    Rolling shell with doors, boot, skirts and half the spoiler. Oh and front and rear screens Thanks mate, glad I finally got it. It was a surprise to see it up on Facebook 😮 I neatly jumped out of my seat. 😂
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    One sill done welded all top of sill .
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    I noticed this also, but will stay on this topic... The car looks nice, succes with the rebuild.
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    Someone is showing up tomorrow afternoon to have a look maybe buying sticky It will be a sad day when it gets sold, but it has to go, as we all know Mantas don’t do well outside Replaced the rear drums, the ones on the car where a bit knackered And to think l was doing 90/95 mph on the motorway Also tonight remove the o/s door trim, very surprised to find NO body filler in the door Wax oiled the door when the trim was off ,door mirror fitted as well. Going to clean the engine bay tomorrow, remove the n/s door trim and check ,wax oil the door I know it may be sold tomorrow but l what it as good as it can be
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    Very nice, where you find that? Looks like a better shell then my black one tbh.
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    will take a look, I assumed it was drilled. Not much going on as I am at work , BAH! What I have decided to do, mainly down to the crap carb that is fitted to the 1.8s, is change to fuel injection. I was looking at fitting a inlet manifold to the 1.8 engine, then thought I may as well just put the STD redtop I have in it, makes sense as its a 1.8 Will use a GTE fuel tank, pump etc. Going to dump the Motronic injection though due to issues with the distributor positioning on back of the head; de-dizzy the engine and run a Megasquirt ECU from http://www.extraefi.co.uk/, (ordered) with a Bosch Coilpack from Ford or VW.
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    Well can’t wait to see it for sure.
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    Great post. Pictures like this are worth there weight in gold. Good luck with the project.
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    That will look great 👍
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    Thanks Jess all downloaded.forgot to mention once engine has warmed up a bit she purrs so just a cold start prob.will check over the system over the weekend.
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    After a lot of thought I've finally settled on a colour for the i240. Some may not like it but I think it'll look the business. We just did a spray out in a light bezal
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    Temp sensor for jetronic. Edit - found it. http://www.type17.ch/downloads/Injection/Bosch - L-Jet - Troubleshooting.pdfhttp://www.cardiagnostics.be/-now/Educational_sites_bestanden/BOSCH L-Jetronic Injection Manual.pdf And new item https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Temperature-Sensor-20E-25E-30E-Kadett-Manta-Monza-Senator-Commodore-Cih-GTE-/123816556178
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    Looks like my memory of fifty odd years ago isn't so good!!!! it must have been 33 inch pounds then not foot pounds on the Transit vans. Have a good day mate.
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    I had mine full of cracks and some where really bad. What i did ? I used a black underseal spray , the one we use to seal the underpart of the car and sprayed over these ! I did some 10 thin layers and now they are like new condition !
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    Not much done with the black coupe, as it’s going to be a wait for dipping. managed to strip one axle, and started to clean up the 4ha to have spring hangers welded on. However, currently travelling back on ferry with the following that will be an interim side project with some bits from the black coupe. And the Redtop I have. not sure if I will take it too far away from standard though, in all cases I will keep the std bits so it can be reverted back 👍
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    Available on eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F372719284748 Led’s Available at a price https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273973806545
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    rx8 engine to go with the box would be great super light engine about the size of a shoe box 9000 rpm nice
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    Not off the top of my head, no. But no reason to even think that is it! It probably ended up getting weighed in for a few quid of scrap money, that is what hurt the most
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