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    As some of you will be aware Im the new owner of Loobie’s exclusive coupe. Really pleased I bought it. Had no intention of buying another manta, but when an opportunity arises and you have the money it has to be done! The car is great, drives so well and smooth, such a difference to the A series of mine which is pretty raw to say the least! IT just needs cosmetics to improve it further. Biggest job is a new roof. Which Mick threw in as part of the deal! It has a clip sunroof mod but deserves some attention as do the lower pillars around the screen where there is bubbling. A wing which was also grown in. rear arches need a little attention but haven’t gone, a hole in the boot floor needs patching up. Plan for paint is to do in sections when spare funds arise and doesn’t keep it off the toad for any length of time as this will be the backup car when the A series is off the road A little thing that I’m sorting, the steering wheel. Sourced a replacement irmscher centre pad, it’s jot mint but cleans up well. and I’m going to attempt to recover it, have the kit which was dirt cheap, but I think will give the wheel a new lease of life and make it that bit chunkier for my fat hands!
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    So got to the paint shop this morning, ask a lot of questions got good answers, very good support from the paint shop l have not been looking forward to doing this as l never used k2 paint before Quite surprise on the answers l got so l started to paint at about 12 o’clock ,put 2 coats of paint on and looking excellent This paint is so easy to use, If you are thinking of doing a paint job use this paint Got to do one more coat of paint, will have to sort out some runs, so l have bared myself from the garage for 2/3 days Having a look at the headlights l got they are looking good, Was thinking of painting the inside of the headlights sliver ,( the bit that goes to the glass) Has this been done before Cut the XS carpet off the rear trims put holes in for the clips Going to sort the wiring out on the front spot lights So will have nothing to report over the next few days Have a good weekend everyone Just had a thought ,can l still call the manta sticky as the is no sticks on it any more
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    Should have started this last year but didn't think there would be so much to do on a car that sat around for 11 years and maybe this will help some of you out there.so today's make and mend is the fuel tank cover panel first soaked in water and layed on a flat surface and piled paving slabs on it and left to dry to remove all the distortion very pleased with the result.top fixing edge was torn and very weakat work there are always cardboard box edge protectors kicking about a bit of cleaning and contact adhesive next torn fixing hole repair used an old store card cut to shape and sanded you may have noticed the bottom fixing edge has disappeared if anyone can send a pic I'm sure I can fabricate something up.once I'm happy will resray black and have a friend who is a draughtsman and fantastic at free hand drawing do some design graphics on it .....and now got to clean up the kitchen (inside garage) as " it's NOT a bloody garage !" bless her.
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    Last night was another late night in the garage, I went up to bed at about 03:00 in the end, then got up again about 08:00 to crack on I have made some pretty decent progress though: 1) Last night I got the new thermostat and gasket fitted. 2) Topped up the cooling system again. 3) Reset the carburettor to (exactly) every dimension/setting in the Haynes manual and any other reference material I had available. 4) Reconnected all vacuum hoses, linkages, cables etc This morning I fired here up and I can report: a) The exhaust blow has definately gone b) the exhaust knocking/rattling on other components has all gone c) The engine starts and runs sweeeeet! - much better than before - I am VERY happy with that work! This mornings task was to continue working through the 'snagging' list. The one I have been avoiding was the boot lock. You may remember that my 'eyelid' was missing: I inherited a couple of Manta door locks with this cover on, so I set about trying to take one of those apart to see if I could transfer the bit I needed across to the Cav. A bit of brute force and plenty of ignorance gave me this. This is the part that I needed: I discovered that it was pressed on and seemed to 'snap' over a ridge on the lock cylinder/barrel. Some careful and well placed taps with a hammer and a panel pin nail, got it off: Then I soon discovered that the hinged 'eyelid' was under the cap and consisted of three parts: a spring, spindle and the window itself: Next I discovered that the Cav's 'aperture' for the window was about 0.5 mm smaller than the Manta's, so I had to file a bit off each of the pin retaining holes on the window itself to make sure it would sit in and move freely - fast forward about an hour after all that faffing around and we have this: Of course the final piece of the jigsaw is to fit the outer top cap back on. I found this quite easy to do as I used my vice to ensure a slow, steady and 'square' push: Final test: And what we set out to achieve at the start: Will pop out to put it back on the car after lunch. Please Note! The amount of effort you have to put into this job, probably isn't worth the end result... kind of satisfying though Have a lovely weekend everyone
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    That’s a great car the shell is vgc i bought the engine and box etc about 4 years ago
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    Hi I’m back after 15 months away from the club. Not for any reason to do with the club, just stuff that life throws up I’m afraid. Sadly not touched any of my cars in that time either. Anyhow im back now and hopefully getting on with getting my cars sorted & either finished or back on the road. Be good to get back to some shows & meet up with you all again. Heres some of my stable This is my long term one I need to get finished
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    It’s on the vin plate at the bottom 1 letter 3 numbers
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    Going to the paint shop tomorrow ask lots of stupid questions, hopefully get the right answers That’s sticky all rapped up ready for paint A quick rub down ,clean and get some paint on ( again) The reacting on the bonnet is all ok now,Looking good The paint damage on the doors (when l removed the last of the sticks) looking good Cut the Xs carpet of the rear trims ,What a difference a bit of car carpet can make
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    I remember fitting exhaust to cavs back in the 80,s bolts always snapped off ,centre exhaust box knocked on the rear axle You did well that no bolt snapped off Cav is looking sweet
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    I really want the body kit but can’t justify having a pair of Manta’s plus i would like to see it kept together as it’s a iconic car in my mind
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    As my new exhaust manifold to head gasket arrived today, that was the main job for the evening predetermined. 1) Dropped the down pipe, which came away really easily. 2) Lifted out the manifold. This gave me a chance to have a closer look to see if I could see why the old gasket had not sealed. It was very simple - somebody had not removed all of the old gasket... The bottom and sides of the old gasket were still stuck n place, which left a big gap at the top when the new gasket was fitted = the bad leak I had - what a Muppet! (Apologies I forgot to take a photo of that) 3) Fitted the new gasket with plenty of Red Hylomar - old habits die hard I suppose. Then refitted the down pipe from the underside of course. You might remember that I had a bad knock on the down pipe from that bolt head. Well guess what, it now misses - weird or what? It also still misses the nut and end of bolt for the brace to the chassis rail. Oh well, perhaps there is a God after all. Happy days, just need my new (correct) thermostat to arrive and I can get everything buttoned back up again. Fingers crossed, that should be with me tomorrow.
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    agree that the one you like is the closest match to the original, but think plain sides would work best.
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    Cheers Chris, hope your keeping well mate? Thanks for your help - as always! Tonight I have fitted the washer nozzles/jets. I decided to be a little controversial and go for some Ebay specials. The originals could best be described as tired, so it semed like a good opportunity to try something new. At less than £4.00 a pair, whats not to like And here they are in action. I think that they are a decent upgrade on the weedy originals to be honest. Maybe not for the purists, buy hey its my car... Lastly, I thought I would give the VIN plate a quick scrub up as it was almost unreadable - well it is over 40 years old now!
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    Ok I done a deal on this. It needs stripping and some repairs for sure plus a fair few beer tokens. its tatty, dirty and has some odd bits on it, random paint and wrap in places. but all the bits it comes with clinched it for me. redtop engine with bits and Ecuador, alloy big wing sump etc, plus getrag 1.8 bell housing, orig bonnet, alloys and rear seats. has loads of smaller panels, and once I get it home will be getting shell stripped for dipping and repairs. So if anyone wants to step forwards for this work or we got any recommend ppl from the club drop me a message. i will start a project post/log as soon as it’s home.
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    Well seen as it was a nice day I thought I'd spend some time looking at the manta. I'm actually surprised how good the car is. The chassis looks solid as it's been waxoiled. There is some scabs and rust on the doors and sills but nothing major. The worst is the nose cone. Really looking forward to getting it back on the road. I've started stripping the engine down to remove it and rebuild it hence why there is no front bumper. Here's some pictures
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    Don’t use this as is crap ,l think this is why l am getting the reaction
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    Inspired by Graeme's (HOOBBY) Make and Mend Manta thread, I decided that this evenings mini project should center around the fuel tank screen. I changed things slightly by using Duck tape for the broken and weak 'hinges'. I tried to double up and reinforce wherever possible. This was pretty straightforward as one thing that Duck tape does stick to even better than most things is itself (and me, but that's another story ) So this is how things progressed: This is what we started with: And what we have now: Just need to get myself some carpet in there now and we are good to go.
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    Another collection turns up, seller does mention buying individual items rather than selling together. Could be some useful panels for the club https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F133119823675
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    It sits quietly shedding silent tears of shame having had 'that' engine dumped into it.......
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    As my Hoobys says above,the gauge will spring to max ( and may need a swift tap on the dash to realease it !)if the gauge wire is either disconnected or even loose or a bad connection in any way. The heat down there does a good job of making things brittle.pity you didn't do it whilst the exhaust was off it would have bee easier for access. if you want to do a perfect job remove the two leads. And replace them with something heatproof like you would find in an electric fire for example.If there's any way you can get the sender unit off with a short spanner all the better but at least make sure the lugs are rust free and tight if not. its a common problem area ,the sender unit itself is fairly reliable thou
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    Ian, careful, just watch with your drill, you could snap your speedo needle, Wrong direction on drill could snap needle. You could remove dash pinacle and disconnect speedo, behind dash. Hopefully the cable is ok, as hard to get. Thats a great technical write up on boot lock, it would be great to get a write up on setting carbs, with pics and timing adjustments. I had a guy that could set carbs by ear, but sadly passed away, old skool guys are getting thin on the ground.
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    The pressure will ping to max if the sender is disconnected I have had this myself clean all the connectors sounds like the connection is good enough until the engine start and shakes it about.
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    That is issue with the that cellulose, it lifts all sorts of stuff. you more than likely would have not the issue with the 2pack
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    that is the way I have always done it. Knock it back and new gloss. Don't forget for a flash coat, you thin a little more than previously to get that very deep gloss look.
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    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333269426446 more old photos available here
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    I got 2 litres of paint,1 litre of harder ,and that com to £96.00 You will a small amount of thinners l already wasted £65.00 by getting the incorrect colour, but it done as a base coat lf you get stuck can give the phone number of the paint shop
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    One nightmare is enough Thanks Ian ,l am more than surprised that it’s tuned out so well, never use this paint before well better than cellulose paint
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    If you are going to repaint this use k2 paint,l have never used before today Its so easy to use and covered very well
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    Camelion red Vauxhall. Good start there 😂
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    Thank you! I've had it since 2001 but the tax ran out in July 2000 so I'd say 19 years. It's been stored in a garage for 18 years then had to move it because the garages were being renovated. Ideally I need to get it back in there before winter sets in.
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    Hopefully l get to it on Monday as have painted sticky today,Turned out quite well If you like it just pay for postage
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    Lovely Wayne - very well done! This paint has thrown you a few curve balls over the last few weeks, but it looks like you now have it conquered
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    Very late to the party on this one, but I did it on my Manta rebuild a few years ago and it's survived the heat and does make a difference (especially the injector clack clack, and damps the noise the electric fan makes). Doesn't look bad (to my eyes) either. I wrote up the rebuild on the forum so you can see how I did it if you want to. This link will take you to page 2 of the write-up and it starts about 7 posts down from there. Cheers, Nick
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    For sure,the car should be kept complete,..i like it a lot too and the kit looks well at home on the hatch...are you looking to put an i240 kit on yours gary?..the hatch kit in question being really for a coupe was modded to fit on the fuel cap side..You can still get the rallytech ones just to add.,which were taken from the moulds of the irmscher ones supplied by the late great MANTADOC,unless i'm mistaken.
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    This is the last of the trim to got covered,Got to let it dry then cut of the Xs carpet Got to get to the paint shop this Saturday as time is against me to get sticky ready for sale
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    Welcome along Paul, nice car 1.8 hatch, not many left now, yeh best place to be with a manta, here. Plenty of advise, help and info, and is also nice to see another new car. Yeh, full membership, you can upload photos and start up you own project thread.
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    That is very nice, good build threads too.... I don't really have the space or probably quite enough'spare' readies and should concentrate on my Coupe rear quarters, but it's so tempting as I could fairly quickly have a Manta on the road. Admit I have had a bid but I suspect this will be too rich for me!!
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    Welcome Paul, I'm a web member on here and currently have a restoration project which has been ongoing for roughly 3.5 years, without the help, knowledge and information from this club and members plus being able to trade and source parts, my project would have been a lot more difficult to do.
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    Hi welcome to the forum looking forward to seeing your progress
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    Hi Paul, there are several very knowledgable guys on here; there's quite a bit more info if you join the club too. Will you be doing most of the work yourself?
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    Looks cool with the kit, I found another thread on the build both prior & post the above
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    I will try my best to keep it. Just toying with the idea. As I need to get some money for other things 😠 But thanks again for your help and support. 😉 I will make some enquiries when I get a spare 5 minutes. 😉 Cheers
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    Stunning car & rare as its a B1 SR non berlinetta model. Love the colour I think to achieve the highest price you may have to consider going down the auction route. GLWTS
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    Im with you on that one for the centre part, but think it would look nice to keep the contrast and have plain sides if you can find something to match. All looking very nice 🙂 Andy
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    As a Winter project, I'm thinking about stripping my seats down and making my own covers. I mean how hard can it be?! The way I see it is all I would have to do is: - pick the seams apart - end up with some templates of old seat material - trace round the templates - buy and old sewing machine and teach myself how to use it - stitch the new material together - sell the sewing machine again. With all of this in mind, I have collected some material swatches from on-line sellers over the last few weeks. This is them - what do you think? My personal favourite is the ribbed one, second row (from the bottom) at the front edge of the seat. Of course, to keep it as standard looking as possible, I need to find a matching plain material - unless I do the whole lot ribbed?!
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    They do run quite close to there .can be squared up a bit when you are ever replacing the 6 bolt flange gasket or like you say just squash it oval a bit or doctor the bracket/bolt. It will probably be a pattern exhaust. Some fit better than others ! cant see your pictures so I’m guessing here a bit but I’m sure you know what your doing.! See ya Ps. There’s a headlight on ebay ! !
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    Battery tray fitted, front end patch done, started to prep the engine bay. And I forgot i need to replace the jacking points so welding isn't over yet 😀
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    I just searched for vauxhall viscous fan and lots came up. Make sure it’s a 4 bolt fixing .m pretty sure ones marked frontera or omega a are the same although some look like a 3 bolt fixing. If you get a uk seller you should be able to confirm mountings and dimensions. The water pump fitting should be the same Try typing D5x001tt That’s also nice to know they may be fixable
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