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    Just found this pic from Feb 1985, with polished (filthy at the time) Wolfrace slots & B F Goodrich Radial TA tyres. And currently:
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    It’s the small details that make a big difference and provide a finishing touch to a project, when I bought the Manta three years ago, there was no boot liner or petrol tank concealing card, I know these can be made but I keep a look out for original parts, not easy to locate but thanks to another Manta owner I now have sourced these and trial fitted to see how it looks, from this, To this, now the boots tidy, Pleased with the result.
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    Just found some photos of my Manta taken at a local meet on Sunday.
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    This afternoon I inspected the areas I primed earlier and as expected I found a series of small imperfections. So it was out with the trusty stopper filler. Once that has dried I will flat those areas back out and re-prime accordingly. After that I mixed up some more normal body filler and added that to the rear quarter panel. Once that has gone off, its back to even more boring sanding...
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    havnt been on in a wile heres a couple a more pics
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    Not quite, the 1st pic is where I grew up in Blackburn, there is an ASDA, Halfords etc there now, the 2nd pic is in Ramsbottom which refuses to move out of the 1800s.
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    Spent a sweaty hour this evening grafting on the NSR quarter panel. There is still a loooonnngggg way to go yet, but the motivation is that this is the LAST, yes the last panel, to do on the whole car! If, and that's a very big if, I can get this panel shaped up during the week, who knows what might happen next weekend...
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    Very true Jason. To be honest I am almost having to force myself to slow down and to keep being methodical... I’m hoping that around the end of this month I might be ready for some top coat - fingers crossed!
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    Managed to spend a bit of time in the garage this week, as mentioned above i will concentrate on the rear inner section of the cill, their are 3 parts to this. I had to repair the lower inner arch section where the seatbelt anchor sits first and the floor Once i was happy with that i moved on to the piece that attaches to the cill and also the rear jacking point, this had to be made from thicker metal as it could be supporting the car. I just had to cut out another section of rust first Then plate it up That piece fitted in a treat, so next was making the section that is part of the inner 1/4 panel and also the cill attaches to it as well. Once that was welded in i then repaired the section which attaches to it which is the base of the b post. Bit fiddly this section but best to take your time and also check the cill fits and lines up where it should. I then moved along the cill/ floor and had to fabricate a couple more plates before i got to the jacking point! Once i finish a section i like to coat it in Hydrate 80 for protection. Onto the jacking point To be honest the jacking point and floor around it had rotted but the chassis is very good, there was a small piece of corrosion on the outer skin that i removed and treated the inner but that was just a bit of surface rust. I have closely checked over the rest of the chassis leg and to my amazement its perfect with no signs of any rust issues any where, kinda feels like i'm cheating if i don't replace it!
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    Hi Terry, Re: the wings - as long as the progress is forwards, your doing OK! Re: the shed - I hope its a nice day! Re: the Chinese Buffet - that sounds great - enjoy!! All the best!
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    Cheers, we have been together for quite a while now... I wonder if it will outlive that Merc.
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    Stop slacking off its playing out weather at the moment ! Ha ha
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    Oh, I think we know you will! ☺️ A milestone in progress for sure!
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    Not sure if this one will fit the A https://www.krause-rennsporttechnik.de/shop/Bremsen/Handbremsseile/Bremsen/Handbremsseile/Handbremsseil-MantaAscona-B?source=2&refertype=1&referid=145 Andy
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    https://speedycables.com/ I use this company, send them your old one and they will make a new one for you.
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    Michael, i was lucky enough to see your car today at the classic car show at Shepton Mallet, looks great! Shame about the rubbish weather although on the bright side i managed to pick up a pair of Manta b cills from back in the 90's
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    Some decent progress this morning. I got stuck into sanding the NS front wing and the door. Both are coming back into shape quite nicely, I'm pleased with them both so far. After this rough sand I applied some stopper filler to any obvious pin holes and imperfections on both the door bottom and the wing. These are the pale pink areas you can see in the photo below. Apologies I forgot to take a photo of the bottom of the door after I had done this. Suffice to say its boring detail anyway Then to wrap up for the day I decided to mix up some filler and make a bit of a start on the NSR quarter panel where I had grafted in the new arch etc. That work seems like an eternity ago now! Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Hi couple of wings available on shpock. Unfortunately collection only, in Rotherham if any use to you. £60 the pair https://en.shpock.com/i/XF15pvEunwA0Whef/?lft=
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    Ok so on to finishing the lower rear 1/4, had to make in 3 sections. Firstly i made the top (in the picture) section, will of course be the bottom when the car is up the right way! Once this is the correct shape and welded in place, it will help making the other sections as this runs the full length. I made the front section first, this is a little easier as the section just has a slight curve The rear section is harder because it curves both ways, i also managed to get a return on it where it fits inside next to the rear panel Next i'll be tackling the cill section, floor and the reinforcement section behind the rear of the cill which also attaches to the b pillar. Its always best where you can to drill out the spot welds, makes it easier in the long run and doesn't cause so much damage to the adjoining panels. As the cill had been patched before and looked pretty rough all over i will replace the whole length, this way i can also treat the inner cill. As you can see there is quite a bit of rust (no change there!) so first i will tackle the section behind the front seat belt mount I started to cut back the reinforcer panel and b post section to get to clean metal, piece that attaches to the back of the cill by the jacking point, i was hoping to save some of this but it had gone worst than i thought so out it came. I also at this point removed the section of the inner arch which had the rear seat belt bracket attached. Now all the rot is out of this section i will make up new sections to fit. The outer 1/4 panel above i will deal with once the cill is all lined up and ready to go in.
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    So finally got it finished turned out great has a few little issues but dont we all Just 1 thing to add i got the sunroof seal off east kent trim its not the best fit has anyone used the mk 2 golf 1
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