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    I needed to pop into work this evening to collect something, so my Son and I decided to take the Cav - well why not?! She ran really well and showed a great turn of speed, which certainly surprised our Son. He had his phone connected to the BT of the cheapo head unit, so we had some new school tunes coming out of the old school car lol In the end we covered about 20 miles - most enjoyable. Here she is during the brief pit stop at the office:
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    Morning all, A nice early start to the day. After my usual hour long walk, I decided to try to finish up the boot lining for the Cav. Just to remind you, this is what we started with: Apologies for the strange lack of focus on the last last photo... And now we have this: And it all cost 2p under £30 - quite pleased with that I have to say. Have a nice day and a great weekend everyone
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    Out for a run last night about 9pm, parked up at the Asco base at Peterhead Lido for a few photos, you can see the bronze glass in the second photo, From September there is going to be big changes for me, at the moment I am a plumbing lecturer teaching the apprentices their SVQ3 Domestic Plumbing and train them up in order for them to complete a Managed Learning Gas Portfolio then ACS Assessment. The company I work for is introducing cost cutting measures and I have opted for the voluntary redundancy option. I see this as an opportunity and I’m away to become self employed running my own Plumbing company, it’s a lot of work at the moment setting up, registering as self employed, setting up trade accounts, public liability insurance, etc. Exciting times ahead.
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    Well I guess this means it stuck OK Looks way better now too! Hopefully I can spare a few minutes this evening to bolt it back in and they will be another job jobbed
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    hi. its hard realy to tell from the pictures but seeing as you have already had them fitted we will have to hope the alignment is correct. some replacement wheelarches i have encountered over the years are a very good fit but i have also seem many which are not.common problems in my experience are arch profile wrong(curve) arch sticking out too much (too much flare) arch too big and ends up fitting too low (wheel /lip gap smaller than before) poor fitting method your car may have none of these problems thou and if you have another car to compare measurements with you can check.one thing which is very very important is to make 100% sure that the welded join is waterproof from both sides ( be it good welding or panel sealer or even an epoxy type sealer )before you start to add any bodyfiller for final levelling/ shaping purposes.i have come unstuck with this myself over the years and results in a job which could last indefinately starting to show bubbles,etc after a few years .if you intend keeping the car please make sure this cannot happen or you will end up repainting the arches again and having to repair any corrosion damage again. then make 100% sure that the inner areas, inner sides are well sealed painted and rust proofed.once arches are painted you can get dinitrol or wayoyl etc into the seam from inside the boot where the two arches meet around the curve. its always better to protect from corrosion whilst there isnt any but much harder to kill it years later when it finds bits you have missed. hope this helps a bit, others will be along too to add their experience as well . best regards.
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    Freshly restored calipers
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Just in case there was ever any doubt that my headliner needs replacing - see here: On a brighter note, today I summoned up the courage to walk into the Post Office in town. The result of that is the Cav is now officially MOT and Road tax exempt. Happy days.
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    I think a big mistake a lot of people make is to use the whole arch as supplied, rather then just trimming out the corrosion
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    The above info is correct in my experience too. Rear arches on a manta are a pita to fit. Manta steel is soo thin and warps soo easy, and is generally just a pig to weld to. It's one of the jobs I hate doing and dread it every time. The arches do look a little wider than they do originally, however saying that looking at the 5 stud hub conversion I'd say your not going for the complete factory original look ? So if they are a little wider than original it'll only add to the cars look imo. Good luck with the build 👍
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    My son drove also the GSI, he really liked the car. We passed an Opel dealer and stopped because we saw this: In the garage we found a complete naked body of a Manta-B and ofcourse we had a nice talk with the owner. Home I checked the oilleak but there was still some oil comming out of the front of the rocker cover. So today I took the cover off but nothing found that could be the reason... Fitted everything back with gasket sealer we use on aeroplanes, the one that never dries so vibrations don't hurt the sealing. This afternoon we are going to take the Manta for another warm run.
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    OK, so its back in... Now I see that the O/S needs a damn good clean too Onwards!
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    This is what I am doing, I took note of what Ian advised me, and will end up only using about a third or even less, of the new panel.
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    Now the car is seemingly up and running, I am now going to turn my attention to the smaller details that are bugging the life out of me... You all know about my intention to replace the headliner, but that will probably be an Autumn/Winter project, as sweating my whatsits off in a tin car in the Summer is not my idea of fun So the first of those 'fill in' jobs was the N/S headlight. Ever since I refurbished it a couple of years ago, my lack of patience has stared back at me. I am talking about reassembling it using Black adhesive/sealant to attach the from glass. Here it is after putting t back together: It didn't occur to me at the time just how clear and obvious the Black was going to be... Add to that my impatience and desire to finish something and I continue and let it dry - big mistake. So it was time to right that wrong. After removing the lamp, I stripped off the majority of the old Black sealant to end up with this: This is the seam as viewed from the front that hopefully will look way better once finished: I am collecting some clear sealant/adhesive from Screwfix later that should do the trick. Naturally I will show you all how it ended up.
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    Looking fantastic & it’s so good to see you starting to take trips out after the epic restro Just a matter of time until he wants to borrow her for a quick run to the shop. At least that’s how it starts, my elder son has found a variety of excuses to borrow my old shed. Time you renamed the thread Polar White - a restoration epic, done... like a Boss!
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    Yes since i posted that euro have stopped supplying them I needed one myself recently and found gte clutches to be totally unavailable at any price Im now having them remanufactured myself and can supply them at £120 on an exchange basis, i must have your old plate and cover back in order to continue supply Release bearings are brand new Uk mainland post and packing is £10
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    Thank you kind Sir, I’m really pleased my bodging is helping someone lol Re: the tax and MOT exemption, I simply took my V5, certificate of Insurance and Govt form V112 and told the lady at the counter why I was there. She checked the COI, took form V112 (which I needed as my car did not have an MOT) and scanned the V5. She then gave me back the right hand page of the V5 and said “I’ve taxed it for a year from the start of the month and you will receive a new V5 (with the Car reclassified as ‘Historic’) in 4-6 weeks - enjoy!” Good luck getting yours sorted mate
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    Ian well done. What did you take. I've been to 2 POs round me and they didn't know what to do unless it's on the basis of disability Btw this post is still an inspiration and really helped me with ideas and decisions to redo things when I see how good they can be😁
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    Moving house = realising just how much crap you have accumulated and thow it out! Moved house = wishing you hadn't thrown that crap out because you now need it! Maybe that's just happens to me Good luck with it all.
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    Right have sold my house, found a house ( garage is 10.3 x 16.3) That if this goes according to plan House in Wirral,so when we move will have to change location Only found yesterday so things will have to sorted out as most things will be dumped in the garage for now Once it’s all sorted will be looking for a coupe ( don’t fell the love for a hatch) Don’t mind one that needs work ( don’t they all) but not lots of welding required , Whoud like a 2 slot but 4 slot will be ok So lt will be next spring that that l can get into the garage l will be in Bedington in Wirral. will looking to spand around the £5,000 to £6,000 mark + or - Will not be able to take a Manta at this time
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    Loving the idiom, google translate wouldn’t do that justice 👍
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    Yes it was Jess no vin-numbers and bare painted metal. No undercoating etc, wanted to buy it but not for sale. After our testdrive on the hottest time in the afternoon the leak seems to be gone. The tropical radiator is amazing, it is hot enough to let the birds fall out of the sky but the needle og the temp. gauge goes 1/3 up and never had to use the electrical fan.
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    Thanks Herman, im from Sint-Laureins, between Gent and Brugge on the dutch border. Thanks for all the replies already guys, if i understand correctly it would be better to search a 2.4 block, porting, camshaft, valves and a full exhaust together with a set of 45 on it? Im far more familiar with electronical injection then I'm with carbs but I think carbs fit such a car nicer and it gives me the chance to learn more about them. As for the MOT, I could keep my 2L block stock and swap it every 2 years, but as you guys mentionted it might not be necesary as the 2.4 and the 2.0 look the same. Sadly enough I dont have a deep enough pocket to afford a 16V head of Cosworth, but what I might try is shortening a 24V 6 Cylinder head If i can get my hands on a cheap one, welding it and modify everything that should be done with it. Greets, Mathew
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    Hi Mathew, also welcome on this forum, zo, ge zijt van België, waar ergens? Ik ben van Beveren, net naast Antwerpen. Sorry guys, he is also Flemish😄. So we will keep this conversation in English. As Jess wrote the "40's" are too small for that engine. Basic tuning on all engines is on the hard-ware bigger valves, higher compression, porting the head and another camshaft. Together with another exhaust system. Than you'v got the feul system: Weber DCOE are fine, or throttle boddies even better but you need some experience on electronical injections. But one thing is important: I work on cars since I was 14. Learned that the Belgian MOT (Keuring) will never give you there blessing if you want to take that car on public roads. Even when it is an oldtimer, just want you to know this before you spend a lot of money on your project. What GTEPETE wrote is a fact, and that engine looks the same as a 2.0... Grts, Herman
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    It’s great that you are going to such detail to be honest 🍻
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    Have you checked all hoses for air leaks? Including the brake servo pipe as it sounds like you gave a bit of an air leak, so thats un metered air, meaning you will be going very lean . Did they try to adjust the co lever at the AFM at test?
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    What sealant are you going for ? As it will need to be exterior with UV resistance, probably something like a frame sealant?
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    Car looks really great Ian. Well done and its nice to see people enjoying the fruits of their labour.
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    hi Pete, I have a question to ask: whenever i saw you car back in the day, I noticed you have a fire extinguisher fixed to the nearside front interior; can I ask what spec it is, how its attached and the supplier please. I ask this because the previous Exclusive my engine was in, (E828DJN), perished at the side of the M11 back in 1996, due to a fire in the fuel pump assembly area; anything I can do to not go through that experience again, I'll do. to watch your pride and joy go up in flames, aknowing there's nothing you can do about it, is something I wouldnt wish on anyone.
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Car looks awesome mike.
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    Out for a run on a beautiful sunny day, other people must have the same idea, spoke with this lad for a while, we certainly got looks and comments in the car park,
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    More like it.... https://www.google.com/search?q=ISUZU+PIAZZA+TURBO+AXLE+WITH+LSD&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiUt7DyxI7rAhVF4oUKHTByBCIQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=ISUZU+PIAZZA+TURBO+AXLE+WITH+LSD&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQDFDbM1jHRGDETmgAcAB4AIABNIgBNJIBATGYAQCgAQGqAQtnd3Mtd2l6LWltZ7ABAMABAQ&sclient=img&ei=zSMwX9ScFcXElwSw5JGQAg&bih=920&biw=1920&rlz=1C1OKWM_enGB786GB786#imgrc=Cflu5eF1sic1TM GTJIM (R.I.P.) Old Opeler Joined Jun 15, 2003 5,564 Posts #5 • Mar 12, 2008 (Edited) Non-Turbo Yep - the Imulse diff to use - or get gear parts from - was used right up to 1989 in RWD Non-Turbo Impulses and has a torque tube that looks very like Opel diffs (mainly because they were made in the same GM factory and supplied to both Isuzu and Opel - plus early years of Vegas, Astres and Chevettes - but with different lengths of driveshafts/torque tubes and disc brakes in Isuzu's case). Turbo Impulses with auto trans used the same type of diff till about mid-1987 when it was found the 180ps from the turbo motor shredded them (thus the limit on hp that they can sustain - about 150/160 hp). The opel torque tube bolts on to the Impulse housing and the Opel driveshaft slides on to the Isuzu barrel spline on the front of the pinion - so as long as the wider Isuzu diff fits your chasis and disc brakes are allowed in your racing class - the whole rest of the Impulse diff can be used in a Manta with a little spring cup and location bar alteration ... If you can find an early Vega or Astre or Chevette LSD unit (Aurburn made one!) that will fit too! Pic of a NOS one that was on EBay a couple of years ago attached below. BTW: The Impulse front suspension is also very similar to the Manta/Ascona/1900 front suspension - and as an aside ... the Impulse front spindle can be fitted to the GT/Kadett front suspension with a 10mm spacer above the Opel top ball joint; with the Opel lower ball joint bolting up with the same taper as the Impulse one .... nice, light 246mm vented discs and Isuzu calipers on GTs and Kadetts! Attachments Vega-Astra 6 3-4 Posi 001.jpg 29.1 KBViews: 54
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    Good for you! Changes & challenges present opportunities, if you’re as meticulous in your planning as you’ve been with the Manta I have no doubt it’s a success in the making.
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    Everything is for sale at the right price I guess lol
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    Great work Ian as usual. Looks great. You now need to get one of those car vacuums to keep it immaculate 😜
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    Indeed mate, can’t remember off top of my head the size but you can find them as hex drive self tapping tek screws (flanged)
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    Last night I managed to get the Drivers side quarter and upright lined: Then I decided to finish the job off, the petrol tank card would like good in the same material - plus of course it would then all follow round nicely. Here it is after I covered it and cut out the fixing holes: I probably wont fit it back in just yet as I want to keep as much of the area clear as possible to allow me to make a template for the carpet that I will eventually fit.
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