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    Just found this pic from Feb 1985, with polished (filthy at the time) Wolfrace slots & B F Goodrich Radial TA tyres. And currently:
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    It’s the small details that make a big difference and provide a finishing touch to a project, when I bought the Manta three years ago, there was no boot liner or petrol tank concealing card, I know these can be made but I keep a look out for original parts, not easy to locate but thanks to another Manta owner I now have sourced these and trial fitted to see how it looks, from this, To this, now the boots tidy, Pleased with the result.
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    Just found some photos of my Manta taken at a local meet on Sunday.
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    Thanks for your comments, A Manta GT/E for me has always been a real desire of mine since I was 17 and never being able to own or afford one in my younger days (plus a mid life crisis thrown in..... nearly 50 !) has ignited a passion and real interest in this restoration, I have gained for the first time a hobby of which I can loose hours in the garage and love every minute, it’s been so far a huge learning curve, welding, mechanical, trim cleaning and restoration and a vast amount of time searching for spares. My kids are both up and working now, one time served and one through university so I can now devote my spare time to my Manta without feeling guilty of not spending enough time with them. I must admit it started off with the idea of getting a good example for a runabout on the road with an mot, something tidy enough but as time went on and progress is made on the Manta it’s a case of when I’m at this stage I need to do this right, or at least the best I can, then before I know it it’s went from an idea of a decent example to quite a comprehensive restoration. I have had to pay for some professional work which I haven’t been talented or skilled enough to do or brave enough to tackle but I knew that there would be those bills and issues to deal with, and this so far has been three years worth of work, so a slow drip feed of money instead of all spent in one lump sum which does help. What I don’t want is to be welding for every mot so that’s why nows the time to tackle this right in the hope I can run it for years and enjoy it. I’m hoping to do the North Coast 500 run this summer and possibly the North East 250 plus some classic car shows. I’m waiting for it now to go back into the bodyshop for its final coat of paint, panels, doors and bumpers on, hopefully in the next week or two. 👍
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    This afternoon I inspected the areas I primed earlier and as expected I found a series of small imperfections. So it was out with the trusty stopper filler. Once that has dried I will flat those areas back out and re-prime accordingly. After that I mixed up some more normal body filler and added that to the rear quarter panel. Once that has gone off, its back to even more boring sanding...
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    havnt been on in a wile heres a couple a more pics
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    Not quite, the 1st pic is where I grew up in Blackburn, there is an ASDA, Halfords etc there now, the 2nd pic is in Ramsbottom which refuses to move out of the 1800s.
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    Spent a sweaty hour this evening grafting on the NSR quarter panel. There is still a loooonnngggg way to go yet, but the motivation is that this is the LAST, yes the last panel, to do on the whole car! If, and that's a very big if, I can get this panel shaped up during the week, who knows what might happen next weekend...
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    Armed with some more sand paper and a few dollops of filler I just had another little play: Slowly but surely this panel is coming around.
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    And they say being over the hill is all down hill not when you can carry out a hobby and get a 1st class manta
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    Hi Terry, Re: the wings - as long as the progress is forwards, your doing OK! Re: the shed - I hope its a nice day! Re: the Chinese Buffet - that sounds great - enjoy!! All the best!
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    Cheers, we have been together for quite a while now... I wonder if it will outlive that Merc.
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    Stop slacking off its playing out weather at the moment ! Ha ha
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    Oh, I think we know you will! ☺️ A milestone in progress for sure!
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    Not sure if this one will fit the A https://www.krause-rennsporttechnik.de/shop/Bremsen/Handbremsseile/Bremsen/Handbremsseile/Handbremsseil-MantaAscona-B?source=2&refertype=1&referid=145 Andy
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    https://speedycables.com/ I use this company, send them your old one and they will make a new one for you.
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    Michael, i was lucky enough to see your car today at the classic car show at Shepton Mallet, looks great! Shame about the rubbish weather although on the bright side i managed to pick up a pair of Manta b cills from back in the 90's
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    Hi couple of wings available on shpock. Unfortunately collection only, in Rotherham if any use to you. £60 the pair https://en.shpock.com/i/XF15pvEunwA0Whef/?lft=
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    Masking up whole shell to prevent overspray. shell interior, engine bay, chassis and underside painted and finished in polar white 452, small amount of masking on the inside, Engine bay now finished, Underside, rear arches, front inner arches, chassis and floor has been stone chipped prior to being painted and now finished in polar white, boot finished in semi gloss black, Top side of shell given only one coat of polar white at the moment to give a seal, so I can build her back up and return it to the bodyshop as a rolling shell for final paint, and at this stage the bonnet, boot, doors and wings will be fitted and all painted at one pass so as to get a good paint match, they are all prepped and ready to go, im at the stage of getting her home now to start running brake and fuel lines, master cylinder and brake servo fitted, then sub frames, engine, gearbox, exhaust, radiator, hoses, steering rack, suspension etc, A good place to be, the long wait has been worth it, 15 months in the bodyshop, they were doing it between jobs and that was the understanding and arrangement, this way I was able to keep a lid on costs and make the project feasible.
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    So finally got it finished turned out great has a few little issues but dont we all Just 1 thing to add i got the sunroof seal off east kent trim its not the best fit has anyone used the mk 2 golf 1
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    All panel gaps fitted and aligned, first round of filler applied and sanded. She is really taking shape, actually resembles a manta now. Side skirts and rear arch sections away to be trial fitted next week then hopefully into the spray booth. When I bought the manta it came with the square lights and a set of irschmer quads in bubble wrap, I intend to keep her as standard as possible but I feel the mantas look better with quads fitted, so these along with the under headlight trim trial fitted, The front bumper had dropped on both sides, it was re fitted to run in line with the front wing body crease and match up with the wheel arches, Rear tail lights trial fitted, Rear bumper iron trial fitted and gap adjusted, drivers side needed work to even up gap, All panel gaps tested and adjusted where necessary, Both doors with new door pins fitted, no play or drop on either of them, a rust free door now, a half door skin and lower door frame section fitted, Bonnet and wing gaps adjusted, The coupe boot was when closed standing proud at both hinge sides beneath rear window, I don’t know how the bodyshop did it but I’m told it fits properly now while still retaining the original torsion bars, so all good.
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