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    Dear All, I hope that you are all keeping well and enjoying your wonderful cars, in whatever capacity. This is a little update for you on things here at the moment: 1) Our Son reached the end of his Section 2 last Saturday and we were able to bring him back home with us after a scheduled visit. At that time, he already seemed better than when he had been home previously for 2 weeks, which of course was great to see. He has now had a firm diagnosis of Bipolar, which is being medicated correctly and certainly this has contributed to his wellbeing. Naturally we are watching and listening very closely - especially after the nightmare we experienced a month ago, when he suffered his traumatic relapse. Its an anxious time for us all to be honest, but the signs are positive and therefore we are keen to reinforce this whenever and wherever we can. 2) Our Daughter is heavily pregnant and her due date was yesterday - so we are standing by our phones waiting for news on that. This will be our first Grandchild, which will bring some much needed cheer to the family. We already know its a Girl by the way, so we are looking forward to having a cuddle with her soon. 3) Some more bad news though... Our Daughters partners Mum has been taken to hospital this morning. When we spoke to her last night it was clear that she 'didn't sound right'. With our recent 'experiences' with our Son, we kind of know the signs now and sure enough she is being taken to A&E herself for a mental assessment... You just never know whats just around the corner do you?! 4) I am pleased to report that I have had a couple of hours on the Cav over the last couple of weeks and: - overhauled and refitted a pair front brake calipers. You might recall that I struggled with getting the bleed nipples to seal ages ago. This has been playing on my mind ever since and when a used pair came up for sale, I knew I had to get the job done 100%, so bought them. Below are some photos. - This morning I have taken the passenger seat backrest front and back cover pieces to a local upholsterer for the final stitching together. I had tried twice with my table top sewing machine, but it just wasn't up to it. He said that it would only cost £10, so no brainer as they say! When I get that back next weekend I can fit the cover and put the passenger seat back together and fit in in the car. It will be nice to see one seat fitted and then I can start on the drivers side front. With everything that has happened over the last 3 months, I wont be as 'enthusiastic' with my car work as before, it has been proven that many things are more important I am afraid. I still love to tinker of course, but this whole period of our lives has brought things into sharp focus. Photos of the calipers: a) The old/original ones. b)The refurbished ones at various stages As everyone knows, Red calipers always stop the car better of course Take car everyone, it good to be kind of back - fingers crossed it stays that way.
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    The hunting and high revs are now resolved by replacing the idle control valve and cleaning the pins in the mass air flow meter where the plug from the ECU connects in to it, so all good, while spannering In the garage last night the old girl was telling me she is fed up with nearly 21 years collecting dust and cobwebs and she now has the fire back in her belly and she’s raring to get back out on the road, 😜 I still need to strobe the timing and make small adjustments but the bulk of the teething problems hopefully are now resolved, she sounds pretty good now.
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    Dear All, Happy New Year to you all. I am pleased to tell you all that this morning our Son had his section 2 cancelled by his Consultant and he has been allowed to leave hospital. The NHS have put in place a brilliant support network for him going forward, so with every passing day more and more 'normality' should return to all of our lives. Once again, sincere thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers - we are very grateful for your unconditional support. Hopefully in a week or two I can get back into working on the old rust bucket again Ian x
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    I’m on holiday at the moment and subsequently there is no progress on the Manta, feet up and relaxing, so I have been looking through my vast collection of photos and came up with comparisons, or as close as I could find, here are some before and after shots, before I got her home, sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, sitting in Gray and Adams Fraserburgh after the final coat of paint early June 2019, The first night I got her home, April 2016, totally unaware of what I had just taken on 🤣 but absolutely delighted with her, my first ever Manta, Sitting in my garage July 2019 after the glass and trims were refitted, Again the first night I got her home April 2016 and before I started the restoration, she was only in the garage one night before I started taking her apart, Sitting in the garage July 2019 awaiting the work done on electrics and quad lights, shouldn’t be long now till complete, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage, July 2019, still waiting on ECU wiring, engine commission and radiator filling up, again sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage July 2019, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham, March 2016, Sitting in Hatton Garage on the 2 post ramp December 2018, you would never guess I’m keen to get home from holiday and start working on the electrics and engine!!! i like the comparison photos they really show progress.
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    Finally............my date for final spray was pushed on another week, what’s another week to wait in the grand scheme of things? But now for the final push. Monday 15th April the bodyshop starts work back on the Manta, Delivered the Manta to the paint shop first thing this morning, hopefully in a weeks time she will look completely different, doors, bonnet, boot, wings, skirts and bumpers fitted, dash and wiring loom back in, then hopefully the rest of the work will just fall into place quite quickly, don’t want to miss this summer months ahead!
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    Tip of the iceberg, loads done and I will try and get more pictures up. so the block is nearly done (starter motor I bought new isn't for a gte!) so the injectors have all been refurbished, all new quality fuel pipe and clips from Demon Tweeks as cheap ones are no good. Plenum has been media blasted and lacquered. Now all new and ready to roll
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    She’s here! - We are now officially Grandparents. She arrived at 18:58 this evening 👍👍
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    It’s been a while. So I have most of the puzzle now sorted. I have a few last bits to get such as new brakes, pipes and other minor items and then the running gear is all done and ready to have the car lowered down onto it. Next is the engine the strip and fit all my new parts along with a freshen-up
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    Damn forum wont let me post the last few pics 😷 The car is special, ill do right by her
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    Today I have been messing about with 'stuff'. As it was a nice day I decided to get the old girl out of the garage to get some fresh air.... Today I have: - Set the timing using my new timing light, purchased at the Practical Classics show in March. - Set the auto box/carb damper pot/plunger. - adjusted the mixture a tiny bit. - set the idle speed. The car now starts freely and idles nicely. When revved it sounds clean and powerful, which is very pleasing. As I still need two new mounting rubber, the exhaust vibrates and touches the body at every opportunity. Also, I still have a blow from somewhere in the region of the exhaust down pipes or manifold. Not too fussed just yet, that should be fairly straightforward - fingers crossed! Spurred on by these small victories I could not resist taking it down the end of our road and back. The one massive worry I have had all along is: what about if auto box failure was the reason the thing was taken off the road in the first place?! I should not have worried though, it changed through the gears beautifully - phew!!! My Son was just off out, so he caught this tiny piece of history for me on his phone. Remember this is the first time in over 21 years this car has turned a wheel on a road...
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    Dear All, I hope that you are all keeping well. Over the last few days I have got a little bit done on the old girl. As mentioned above, the final 'big stitch' of both sections (front and back) of the passenger side seat back was done by a local upholstery company. They did a good job and were quite kind about my completely amateurish work on the rest of it Once I got that home I was able to reassemble the whole seat, and then this afternoon I have got it back in the car. My score for this job is 5/10 overall - its just all OK, but I feel that I could have done better really. Everything still needs a good smack about to get the piping all straight and so on - or perhaps that wont change anything, I don't really know to be honest... But I did learn a lot doing it and that should stand me in good stead with the drivers side and the rear seat. I do like the overall effect though when you look across from the drivers side to see the new seat covers against the door card. Anyway, you guys are the experts - I will let you judge for yourselves. Take care everyone, enjoy your cars
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    Took the Manta out for a run today, first time out since Sywell in July, after having spent the last 6 months rebuilding the gearbox and engine. The car ran fine but I seem to have lost the earth to the d/s dip headlight. Will this car ever be sorted?
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    Hi everyone, Firstly, sincere thanks for all of your posts and messages, they really have helped Donna any myself over the last 3 weeks or so. Now things are starting to improve, I now feel able to give you some more details... On the morning of Sunday the 9th of December, our (23 year old) Son was giving us serious cause for concern with his general behaviour - it was just totally out of character. After we managed to trick him into going to A&E, he was assessed by the mental health team and subsequently detained for 28 days under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act. After admission to the Priory in Burgess Hill (2-3 hours from us, depending on the traffic), his conditioned deteriorated badly and some very dark days followed. At one point we were not sure whether he would come back to us at all. He has been in and out of seclusion and having varying levels of sedation, all of which had been very difficult for us to hear and witness. Thankfully, he is now out of seclusion and making some good progress, with fluent speech and good speed of thought etc It really has been a complete nightmare to be honest and as well as bring worried about his condition, we have been trying to find out how he came to be in this situation. It appears as if some unsavoury characters have been involved and the Priory staff believe that he may have had his good or drink spiked. Ultimately though, his recovery takes priority and that continued to be slow but sure. Thanks again to you all for your support and messages - you will never realise how much they have helped us through the dark days. Merry Christmas to you all 👍 Ian xx
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    Last bit of bodywork tackled today (n/s sill & arch back) , was a bit of repairs to complete on the B-post bottom and the inner sill. phew I will be glad when I am back at work for a rest! ( and heal🤦🏻‍♂️) although I will put it into silver with base coat and lacquered, whole arches need doing, so it will only be a temporary job. Will send it to a body shop to have rear quarters blown in properly in a paint booth.
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    Happy I could help you. the only thing I done today that has to do with the GSI is buying gearbox-oil. Bought enough cause the "400" needs also new oil: The rest of the day I was washing the "400", cleaning the engine-bay and yes, repairing a feul leak. Been a month back to the MOT and from there a trip to the Nürburgring and suddenly I noticed a wet trail in my garage after driving the car outside. Later my wife came back from shopping and she said "The car was looking great again". Tomorrow we are going to that "400-meeting" in Holland, just on the other side of the border. She loves to go out with me so she can meet again some other girls of piston heads. You all love pics so this one of my engine-bay: Will take some pics tomorrow!
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    Hello there everybody, Dropping in to say hi, and to show off my most prized possession- my 1987 Manta GTE! This was my stepdad's car, and before I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, i'd only ever seen it once before it was tucked away and hidden in a garage forever- I was five years old, and the year was 2004. Around the age of 10, my interest in cars developed- Top Gear, Car SOS and Wheeler Dealers were all on telly, and I had a computer game called Rallisport Challenge that got me really into rally cars and the idea of driving fast off road. By the time I was 16, I'd discovered Mad Max (last of the i4 interceptors?) Mighty Car Mods and Roadkill, and I had a gaggle of car friends, some of whom already had their first restos on the go, and my enthusiasm for cars was really growing. Every time I saw my stepdad, I would joke with him about him giving me his rotten old Manta so I could do it up, and he always jokingly said "Maybe one day." April this year, I'm in the pub with him and I say "So, when are you going to give me this manta?" and to my incredible surprise, he tells me I can have it as soon as I have space to keep it. Soon enough i'd struck a deal to get myself a garage to keep it in, and in late June it was time to collect it. I'd been up to look at it a grand total of once in the gap between being told I could have it and collecting it, and to my great surprise, there really wasn't that much wrong with it- there were a few things I knew about, brake lines, fuel pump and lines, and a few rust patches which had put this car into the garage in the first place, but the rust was nowhere near as bad as expected. When pickup day rolled around, it only took myself and another strong lad a couple of minutes to rock the car into unsiezing the back brakes, and within the hour it was on the back of a truck heading to its new home. As my first ever total restoration of a car (myself and the motley crew that are helping me out joke that it's a barn find because of how filthy it is!) I'm here for all the knowledge, advice and parts I can get, as well as for all the Manta related geekery. I'm DeeBob, and this is my Manta-
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    Made some good progress today. We got fuel and brake lines ran. Bias valve and bracket installed, Heater box in, mesh in scuttle panel 're painted and fitted, more routing of wires, zink plated pedal box fitted, swapped out front cross member bolts for the ones I had zink plated, fuel pump and filter fitted to zink plated brackets and wired in, and new rubber fuel hose fitted.new rubber bobbin was also used on fuel pump bracket, fuel tank flushed, dried and painted, door new door switches fitted in A posts for interior light, bonett stay and rubbers fitted, floor gromits all fitted. There's so many small little parts to hunt out, clean, replace it's takes up so much time. You forget how many little bits there are till you start putting them back together. 😂
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    A busy Friday on the Manta, Brian the local sign writer fitted the Manta GT/E decals and engine bay sticker, A bit of detail for the engine bay, Manta ready to come home, bodyshop has completed all the work required to bring her up to spec, making her like new again, That’s me on the right picking up my Manta from Gray and Adams bodyshop in Fraserburgh this afternoon, Darren the bodyshop manager and Ross. The team have went above and beyond, their attention to detail has been brilliant, 475 hours labour has went into this part of the bodywork alone, panel prep, alignment, guide coat, sanding and spraying, to be honest the finished job has way exceeded my expectations, absolutely delighted with the results, back home in my garage now, I’m keen to start finishing off the small jobs still to do, the decals really finished Off the exterior, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the build, probably towards the end of the year I envisage for completion,
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    Hi Julian, cars are yet designed by computers. So if you ask a computer of HP a mathematical problem or a computer of another mark it will give you the same answer. So a lot of cars look the same. What you tolled about the Wolsey is new for me, allways nice to learn about those details. Some more about Old Opels On Tour: They make a special "Blitz-Bier" (Beer), and they use my car on their bottle together with two others😊. Must I go to the AA? Some more foto's: Is that a genuine TE2800? This is an real original TE2800! Very rare car: Grts, Herman
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    The car has sat in the same garage since late 90s early 2000, exact date yet to be confirmed. Its never moved or been started up since the day it got put away. Today I put fresh oil and fuel in it, and a new battery and it started straight up like it was only put away yesterday. Incredibly everything still worked lights all gauges etc.. all I had to do was replace the clutch cylinders as they had both seized up. Once they was replaced I was driving it round our yard. It amazes me that cars like this still exsist locked away slowly decaying in damp leaky garages, but will now live to drive another day. After looking through the history file that came with the car, it turns out it was rally prepared by Tim Ashton, back in the early 90s. The car is a complete 90s time warp. I'll be doing some more digging into its history, and hopefully I'll be able to get hold of Tim for a quick chat about the car. Anyway I'll be going through this top to bottom and putting it Right. I had to let go of a few of my other projects to free up space and funds for this one but I think it'll be worth it in the end. I'll continue to update the thread as I go through the process, but here's a few pics for now.
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    Not going to lie, I'm gutted I've got this built so quickly to begin using it and get the engine run in only for this virus to kick off, and be unable to get out on it. We can only hope this is over before the summer and shows can commence. Stay safe everyone and wish members all the best.
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    Got the prop shaft on, fuel line run and connected both ends, pressure reg pipes up with filter, wiring loom pulled back out RE wrapped and fitted for the final time, clutch cable fitted and pivot point set to where I felt happy with it, hand brake cable fitted and modded to suit rear calipers as its got rear disk, filled with coolant and fuel, turned it over a little on the starter and soon realised had no oil pressure, and nothing was getting to the head. Pulled the updated pump off, and fitted a standard new old stock one I had laying around and oil pressure fired straight up. Not sure what the issue was but I'll leave the standard pump on it. After getting the oil pressure sorted I fired it up for the first time and had a little mess about with the dizzy advance and carb settings. Got it running well enough, sounds sweet as a nut. Andy rutte is popping in over weekend to work has magic on it, then I can get it mot and run engine in before I send it off to performance centre for a session. 🙂 brakes still need piping up yet, but I'm getting nearer the end ☺ also got the super Oscar's mounted up, not 100% I'm leaving them on yet, and struggling with wheels. The ones I have just don't look right for the car, and my other ones are too wide, they need to be on a 400 kitted car.
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    Thanks everyone. Unbelievably, its also my Birthday today - so we are looking to our Daughter and her partner bringing the baby home this evening and all having a lovely evening together. Its nice to have some good news to celebrate xx
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    I'm defo going to look into for a future mod. But for now it's just about getting it to VBOA sywell. Asldong as I can get clearance so noting is touching just as it was before, then that'll do for now. 😀 Quite a lot done today. Throttle cable fitted, alternator fully fitted, including customs adjuster bracket and belt. Dizzy prepped painted and fitted, fan, prepped painted and fitted, oil cooler fitted pipes routed and fitted, ally rad cleaned up and fitted, wiper mech and motor prepped, painted satin black to match the orange and black theme and fitted, coil fitted, fuel pressure reg and filter fitted, new JS performance hoses fitted, seat bases prepped, painted, seat runners prepped and painted, prop shaft prepped and painted, carpets fitted, head lights fitted to bezals and fitted to car with correct rubbers. 're wrapped wiring loom and started to route it in place.
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    Servo, prepped, primered, painted and fitted. Irmscher inlet manifolds fitted, along with twin 45s. Alternator kind of fitted. Thermostat housing prepped, primered, painted and fitted. Spend most of the night looking for stuff which drives me mad 🧐 I'm going to look into different engine mounts, to allow more clearance for the carbs, and extends fluid pot. Oh and I also flatted of the paint on the opel on rocker cover, and started to polish up the ally radiator.
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    Engine all built back up after doing the heads, I had a little dilemma. Couldn't get the dam thing to start once it was all built back up. I was testing the live to coil, and I had 12v there but soon as I plugged wires back onto coil it's dropped to 7v, which really confused me for a couple of hours lol. It turned out as I was building it back up I noticed a grub screw missing from cover on the dizzy so I fitted one. Problem was it was too long and had caused a short inside the dizzy. Anyway figured it out in the end, and now runs sweet and much cooler too. Looks are not something I'm after right now so don't pay too much attention to the colour scheme lol. I'm aiming to get this on the track at sywell this year.
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    After a marathon effort this weekend, for the first time in 20years B414 EOC started and drove under her own steam, the Sportex exhaust sounds brilliant. still setting up and timing issues to sort but nothing major, just small fettling jobs..........the project end is well within reach now, roll on spring, summer and NC500.
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    Couldn't help but put a few bits on this morning before I went off to work for the day 😀
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    So things have been busy in my life throughout 2019 to be honest. New job and working very long days and weeks coupled with building the yellow B currently on eBay has sapped a lot of my time, money and taken with it all motivation Manta related. I closed the door on my garage over 3 months ago after the mountain of parts were all cleaned up and painted, the last being the exhaust and didn't go back in until last weekend to a bomb site! I can't thank my mates for pushing and relighting the Manta fire as it was nearly totally out at the beginning of 2019 with a view to it all being sold off including the car. Anyway put away your violins - Work is now becoming a little less hectic and the hero that is Neil Boylan has smashed on with the welding works (see pictures) and the painting of all the parts on the running gear etc is all done. New calipers, pads and rear drums are now sourced and when time commits i will be going to buy them and getting them painted/powder-coated. We are hoping to have the welding all completed for January 2020 and then it will be paint the underside of the car, new headlining, and bolt all the running gear and engine back in! - then paint the bits top side that need it and throw the interior back in. Big thanks the Doug who fully rebuilt and made my alternator as good as new. Here are a few pictures so you know we are all still alive and busy;
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    Tonight polished the n/s side,wheels back on ( although rear will come off to fit the drums) Pull Sticky out of the garage in this lovely weather (started first time after 2 weeks) Turned it round so l can do some work on the o/s
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    Hi all , im new to this site, thought ide join to help get some info and possible help with a new project that i recently purchased, for many many years ive had fords and still own a ford capri s but ive allways loved the A series opel manta and managed to get hold of a 1973 manta 1900 sr a couple of weeks ago, its a little worse for wear ie front floors and chassis legs are in a poor state but its only metal and she;s definatly worth saving, not only is it complete i put some fresh fuel down the carb put a new battery on it, freed up the water pump and after an hour or so of tinkering much to my amazment she fired up and sounds ok. starts stops and drives which isnt bad for a car being sat in a garage unloved for nearly 20yrs, looking forward to getting on with the restoration will keep you posted, thanks for now Nick
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    After the two or three kicks in the nuts I've had over the weekend with this car, I was seriously considering throwing in the towel. The paint runs yesterday and the general finish of the bonnet across it in reflection) had left me down on my chin strap and cursing myself. Having slept on it, I have decided to take the positives instead. Things I have achieved since I started: - the rust is gone and replaced with new metal - the car starts, runs and stops - the body lines/shapes that I was let down by last time are done now - the paint is generally quite good now and the runs and bonnet 'marks' can be sorted out as I go/later So I am going to get up, dust myself off and get back on that damn horse. I owe it to myself, not to give up now - onwards!
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    Today’s big job was to get the front and rear screens fitted, in preparation i laid the rubber seals out in the sun to warm up and soften a little, Two weeks ago I contacted Auto Windscreens and they were able to supply a brand new bronze tint front screen with blue sun-strip, here the front screen is being fitted with the rubber then the string wrapped round to pull it in, Bronze tint front screen fitted, I was able to give the lad a lift in and a help when required, Original rear bronze screen all prepared ready for installation, It’s always a relief when both are in and fitted, what a difference it makes, just another step closer to the finish line, Front bronze screen details,
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    Every year we participate with this meet, was a nice break between working and restoring cars, enjoy the pics: This was the first part, uploading...
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    This was my very rusty but much loved GTJ now owned and being rebuilt by fullsunian The good times when she looked her best..the car that is . 20 odd years latter.the only good body work was the roof and bonnet sat in my back garden for many years didn't want to scrap it. Some strengthening work needed before one car became two Chassis legs repaird/replaced To be honest I really didn't think anyone would take this on and would end up with the roof cut off and scraped.my hat is off to you fullsunian.
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    Well it’s been a looooooong time, but not far from getting car back from body shop. They have some snagging points to fix, a bit of the black trim that needs to be painted. Thinking the alloys now need to Dark anthracite with polished rim?
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    And i have it home at the unit 🙂 First impressions are that its do-able Topside has quite a few bubbles in the paint and is going to need localised repair and it does have a factory roof dammit which is rusty down the back edge. It must have realiy hurt when it hit the tree because the whole front subframe is twisted and moved Basically everything forward of the bulkhead is bent, rusty or both I have most of the parts to deal with that though 🙂 Floors are rotten and the usual swan neck stuff Due to the hole in the rocker cover i dread to think what the engine is like internally so that will need a full stripdown Turbo setup is janspeed and seems really well engineered 🙂🙂 Massive roto master turbo Im also told by a friend of the original builder that the engine is ported / polished / cam and bvh And that there is an lsd fitted whoo hoo If thats correct im a super happy man Interior is in good condition apart from the nearside door card because that window has been broken a long long time Immediate plan is make it roll, make it weather tight and get a log book applied for. Then collect some parts up while i finish off other projects. Then strip it down and crack on. Im very pleased overall The car is cooler than penguin piss 🙂
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    Im painfully aware of the potentially ruinous build ahead of me But that feeling of being a kid and drooling over one particular car...and then there it is for sale...and im me with facilities, skills, parts, contacts....and then the guy selling is a decent sort who understands classics and takes my offer...well i was powerless to resist Just anxious now to get it collected and assess matters at hand !
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    I have seen one of the messages john recieved and it was down right abusive about how hw had written the advert and what a rubbish car it was. All from a nameless keyboard troll who had started an ebay account just to send it John did invite him to come up and see the car and discuss his issues but he wasn't brave enough As to where they are, i bought the welded shell for a future project i'd like to build for myself (if i can ever finish my current personal project and find some spare time) and the exclusive shell will be for sale again before much longer as it was bought in a job lot with all the manta spares john had amassed
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    more done today. Got all the satin black trim that I painted yesterday fitted. All sections of each door trim cleaned up and fitted, kick panels fitted, sill tred plates fitted, sunroof seal fitted, rear grab handles fitted, seat belts fitted, seat runners, skid plates, and recaro seat bases in, rear quarter cars in, rear quarter window seals cleaned and fitted, doesn't sound much. But this is one of the most time consuming parts of the build for us, everything has to go on in a particular order, or it all has to come out again 😂
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    So another car popped up on face ache, that I couldn't couldn't turn my nose up at. 1 owner 58.000 miles GTE coupe. First impressions are not to bad. It needs welding above jacking points, A posts, inner sills, battery tray, under washer bottle, some bubbling to rear arches, and swan necks have just started to swell and splitt. I'm sure I'll find more as I go along. The plan for this is to go back to standard and put it right. There's no previous repairs to reverse, which is always a bonus. It's been sat in a council garage since 2004. The previous owner passed away, and kids managed to get in and use it as a stoner den. They have caused some damage, slashed seats, roof lining battered it around the body work and smashed the front screen. I'll get the welding done in this while my i240r project is in body shop so nothing I can do on that at the moment. I like to get all the welding out the way on all my projects first so at least the worst bit is out the way, and the shell is solid. I swapped out the fuel pump, drained and replaced the fuel and oil, put a bettery on it and it fired right up. I'll get it all stripped and welding done over the coming weeks and update this thread.
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    Despite a pretty manic week at work, some progress on the door cards has been made: 1) I have now ordered the fabric that will be used for the middle part of the door cards and this should be delivered to the shop in town in a few days. This will allow me to then add some iron on backing material and then attempt to stitch in the three pleats that add some texture and interest to the door cards. 2) The Leatherette cap for the Drivers side has been trimmed back and punched to allow the chrome diving strip to be trial fitted, as you can see here: 3) The passenger side card has come a little way along and is now almost at the same stage as the Drivers side. I just need to staple the return of the carpet to the rear face, trim and tuck under the excess material for the cap and then cut the apertures in the foam for the door lock slider and the door pull/release handle. This might all get done later, or more likely tomorrow now as I want to make sure that the spray adhesive has dried nicely. 4) Earlier I also gave the Drivers side door handle and pocket a scrub and a going over with some dashboard cleaner - they seem to have come up quite well considering their age! Cheers all, have a lovely weekend
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    Another day and finally swan necks are finished. I have probably gone to greater lengths then was really needed, but my thoughts are cut any rot out now, saves having to do it again in the future! the swan neck/ rail repair pieces was helpful as they had a nice radius that matched where I needed to repair. Could have been done with just flare plate, but as I had them so why not. pics attached of the results with just the protective primer. Will seam steal & under seal once back from MOT retest. All the wishbone/suspension bits back from the blasters are now put into the primer to stop any oxidation. Super pro full suspension bush kit arrived, so that’s tomorrow’s job to install👍
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    Some car I spotted at the RRG
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    Not much has been done with this over the past months due to being so busy. However I managed to get a few bits done today. Handbrake that I had zink plated fitted and new cable attached, rear lights deep cleaned inside and out and all contacts 're surfaced including bulb holders, rear lights fitted to car, rear bumper fitted and original exclusive loom ran into number plate lights, spoiler side pieces fitted, rears shelf cover wet vac and fitted, rear speakers fitted, carpets previously deep cleaned and left to dry and now fitted, rear infill panel prepped, painted and fitted, going to have another good day on it tomorrow so I'll update again 😊 on another note I've managed to track down a real nice clean pair of door cards, a new old stock genuine rear box with stainless tail pipe, genuine GM rubber floor mats. I've also managed to track down the original service booklet, and all thanks to a few of our fellow members, thanks gents 👍👍
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    got the rear quarter painted had to flat back to the primer to get rid of the flakey paint.. also fitted new door speakers . fitted cassette rack from ebay just slid in great. new mats ebay £27 great fit new leather gearshift gator of ebay really pleased with that . genuine leather and really thick great quality new number plates ebay £13 the pair delivered bargain also got all the lights working im having a day of today. then i will crack on with the door and front wing hoping to get the side finished this bank holiday
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    Todays job was fitting the Daytona check Recaro seats, I found it easier to split the base frames from the seats, fit the frames to the floor pans then all it left was four M8 bolts on each seat to secure them into position, It took me all afternoon just to fit them, they are quite cumbersome to lift in and out, didn’t want to mark anything, Now she is looking like a Manta again, i see light at the end of the tunnel now, jobs still to do are: • drivers and passenger door glass, • drivers and passenger door cards, • carpet to sill threshold plates, • wiring looms are in but just need to connect them up in the right order, • instrument binnacle and lower dash, • kick panels and ECU, • quad light sealed beam units. • commission the refurbished engine before I try and start it, I’ll get my mechanic that reconditioned it to do these checks, im sure there’s more but surely there can’t be much I have forgotten, all my boxes and cupboards are getting empty now which is a good sign.
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    Out and about in Dorset and 900 miles covered, nearly as good as I wanted it. Rear spoiler will need repainting as corners cracking. Rear suspension looks to be about 2" too high, stereo not operational and oil pressure gauge not working. Otherwise, it starts, drives, sounds and looks very, very good. It only took 5 years and £15.000!
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    Went in past the bodyshop today to have a look at the black detail that was applied this week along with all the panels fitted, Under the bonnet all painted but the box section cavity’s will be treated to some wax oil, she is now sitting better in height at the back but I still have petrol tank, glass and interior trim so she will still have to settle a little more yet, matt blank masking detail on B pillars, coupe louvres still to go on, Matt black masking detail on A pillars, front quad light and under bumper trim detail, lights to fit yet and adjust beam for MOT, Original small black rubber bump stop fitted inside petrol flap to keep fuel cap flush with rear quarter, I’m absolutely delighted with the paint finish and panel gaps, Manta GT/E decals being fitted next week, along with laser wheel alignment, wax oil all cavities, chassis rails, Sean necks, inner wings, sills etc Im getting her home next Friday/Saturday weather dependant, got to get her home dry. Boot lip spoiler has turned out really well, fits perfectly, bolt holes treated with wax oil before being fitted, again box sections inside boot lid going to be wax oiled, new rubber boot seal fitted, Side skirts and rear arches all fitted, retaining original joints between straight sections and arches,
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