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    Finally after all these years almost 20 years sat on a drive way. it will now live on. One of my all time favourite cars that I've chased for years is finally coming home with me. I'm made up.
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    I needed to get to something in the garage earlier, so rather than risk it falling on the car I decided to roll it out. This seemed like a good opportunity to take a few quick photos. As I walked around it, I found about a dozen other little jobs that I now want to do - as you do... Have a great weekend everyone.
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    I needed to pop into work this evening to collect something, so my Son and I decided to take the Cav - well why not?! She ran really well and showed a great turn of speed, which certainly surprised our Son. He had his phone connected to the BT of the cheapo head unit, so we had some new school tunes coming out of the old school car lol In the end we covered about 20 miles - most enjoyable. Here she is during the brief pit stop at the office:
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    Had a quick run into Fraserburgh tonight as it was a lovely evening again, I maybe left it a little too late for photos as it was getting dark, the scale of the boats up close is unbelievable,
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    Dear All, I hope that you are all keeping well and enjoying your wonderful cars, in whatever capacity. This is a little update for you on things here at the moment: 1) Our Son reached the end of his Section 2 last Saturday and we were able to bring him back home with us after a scheduled visit. At that time, he already seemed better than when he had been home previously for 2 weeks, which of course was great to see. He has now had a firm diagnosis of Bipolar, which is being medicated correctly and certainly this has contributed to his wellbeing. Naturally we are watching and listening very closely - especially after the nightmare we experienced a month ago, when he suffered his traumatic relapse. Its an anxious time for us all to be honest, but the signs are positive and therefore we are keen to reinforce this whenever and wherever we can. 2) Our Daughter is heavily pregnant and her due date was yesterday - so we are standing by our phones waiting for news on that. This will be our first Grandchild, which will bring some much needed cheer to the family. We already know its a Girl by the way, so we are looking forward to having a cuddle with her soon. 3) Some more bad news though... Our Daughters partners Mum has been taken to hospital this morning. When we spoke to her last night it was clear that she 'didn't sound right'. With our recent 'experiences' with our Son, we kind of know the signs now and sure enough she is being taken to A&E herself for a mental assessment... You just never know whats just around the corner do you?! 4) I am pleased to report that I have had a couple of hours on the Cav over the last couple of weeks and: - overhauled and refitted a pair front brake calipers. You might recall that I struggled with getting the bleed nipples to seal ages ago. This has been playing on my mind ever since and when a used pair came up for sale, I knew I had to get the job done 100%, so bought them. Below are some photos. - This morning I have taken the passenger seat backrest front and back cover pieces to a local upholsterer for the final stitching together. I had tried twice with my table top sewing machine, but it just wasn't up to it. He said that it would only cost £10, so no brainer as they say! When I get that back next weekend I can fit the cover and put the passenger seat back together and fit in in the car. It will be nice to see one seat fitted and then I can start on the drivers side front. With everything that has happened over the last 3 months, I wont be as 'enthusiastic' with my car work as before, it has been proven that many things are more important I am afraid. I still love to tinker of course, but this whole period of our lives has brought things into sharp focus. Photos of the calipers: a) The old/original ones. b)The refurbished ones at various stages As everyone knows, Red calipers always stop the car better of course Take car everyone, it good to be kind of back - fingers crossed it stays that way.
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    The hunting and high revs are now resolved by replacing the idle control valve and cleaning the pins in the mass air flow meter where the plug from the ECU connects in to it, so all good, while spannering In the garage last night the old girl was telling me she is fed up with nearly 21 years collecting dust and cobwebs and she now has the fire back in her belly and she’s raring to get back out on the road, 😜 I still need to strobe the timing and make small adjustments but the bulk of the teething problems hopefully are now resolved, she sounds pretty good now.
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    Went up to my local park tonight for some exercise, took the Manta out as it was a beautiful still evening, I'm quite happy with how the engine has settled in after the rebuild, I’m now 3 miles short of turning 60,000mls on the speedo, after I got home I thought it would be best to remove the bugs on the front instead of letting them dry on, white paint and bugs are not the best combination 😁
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    Straight pass and the mot guys loved it.many many thanks to all that have given advice,parts and support..
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    Dear All, Happy New Year to you all. I am pleased to tell you all that this morning our Son had his section 2 cancelled by his Consultant and he has been allowed to leave hospital. The NHS have put in place a brilliant support network for him going forward, so with every passing day more and more 'normality' should return to all of our lives. Once again, sincere thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers - we are very grateful for your unconditional support. Hopefully in a week or two I can get back into working on the old rust bucket again Ian x
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    Went on a 170 mile round trip today up to Cairnamount, Laurencekirk. The climb on parts were 14% gradient on a really hot day. I kept a close eye on oil pressure and temp gauge, she ran like a dream, never missed a beat, stopped half way up to take in the scenery, a view from inside the subby, up on top of Cairnamount, I took the chance today to drive with the rear opening quarter glass open, really helped with temperature and comfort control inside on a hot day, no aircon! stopped in past a garden centre in Banchory for a coffee, The Manta was admired in the car park, some lads taking photos of it and chatting about owning one or a friend they had who owned one, great day to be out in her. I’m away to spend the evening removing the flys from the front nosecone and windscreen.
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    Tip of the iceberg, loads done and I will try and get more pictures up. so the block is nearly done (starter motor I bought new isn't for a gte!) so the injectors have all been refurbished, all new quality fuel pipe and clips from Demon Tweeks as cheap ones are no good. Plenum has been media blasted and lacquered. Now all new and ready to roll
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    Well, its been a very, very long journey in the restoration of the A series! and finally today was they day when we hit the road for the first shakedown 🙂 Still a few little bits to iron out and a new battery to buy, but well happy with the way she drives. Time to sort out the free tax and MOT so we can get out and start doing some proper miles. I will get some better footage with sound next time but here a a few clips. http://theopelproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Opel-Project.mp4 One good this to come out of this lock-down, happy days!! Andy
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    Well it seems like my ideas worked out and I managed to get the 'big stitch' on the drivers seat done. There are still one or two little bits to finish off, but all things considered I think that it turned out OK. A bit of steam and a punch here and there and it will probably look pretty good.
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    She’s here! - We are now officially Grandparents. She arrived at 18:58 this evening 👍👍
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    It’s been a while. So I have most of the puzzle now sorted. I have a few last bits to get such as new brakes, pipes and other minor items and then the running gear is all done and ready to have the car lowered down onto it. Next is the engine the strip and fit all my new parts along with a freshen-up
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    Morning all, A nice early start to the day. After my usual hour long walk, I decided to try to finish up the boot lining for the Cav. Just to remind you, this is what we started with: Apologies for the strange lack of focus on the last last photo... And now we have this: And it all cost 2p under £30 - quite pleased with that I have to say. Have a nice day and a great weekend everyone
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    Done the last things on the car, fitting the grills in the hood: Made something like a oil catch tank, an empty small metal can that fitted nice if you all can find it: Tolled my son this is NASA-technology😉, he said it looked more like "road kill"🤣 Cleaned the boot, lost somewhere the original carpet so bought a doormat that layed itself nice on the bottom of the boot: Cleaned the interieur, need to buy new floormats: Went Tuesday to that other workshop, they tested the brakes and shocks on a testbank, setted the lights all for 20€! They used to be an Opel workshop so they were happy to see my Manta. Today I passed the MOT, without any advisors. Happy me 😀. Grts, Herman
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    This afternoon I wanted to experiment on a small section of the car to see how it would react to my flatting and compounding. The car was painted about a year ago using White Gloss coach enamel paint (wacky man!). I chose the bottom of the NSR quarter, only because it was the nearest to the door and the bushes on the driveway are now so overgrown I didnt want to risk going right up This is what I started with: The process I used - only really because these were the materials in my garage: 320 grit wet and dry 600 grit wet and dry 1200 grit wet and dry G3 compound applied with a sponge head on an electric drill. (No polish yet applied) So after about 30 minutes, this is what we have: The photos dont do it a justice really, its come up really well.
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    Lots more done today. All glass out so it dont get ruined with welding spatter. Passenger swan neck and chassis rail removed, rotten section of inner removed, new section fabricated and fitted, lots of built hamber hydrate 80 used, then zink rich primer then satin black over that. Rotten section of floor removed, jacking point removed, sill removed, wheel arches stripped of the under seal, so I can see what's under it. Big welding session tomorrow 🙂 even found an old 10mm snapon socket in the sill, bonus.
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    Fast forward to about 30 minutes ago - and we now have this: Pretty pleased with that. I will give myself a 7/10 this time - so far. Now onto the back rest cover...
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    Damn forum wont let me post the last few pics 😷 The car is special, ill do right by her
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    Out for a run last night about 9pm, parked up at the Asco base at Peterhead Lido for a few photos, you can see the bronze glass in the second photo, From September there is going to be big changes for me, at the moment I am a plumbing lecturer teaching the apprentices their SVQ3 Domestic Plumbing and train them up in order for them to complete a Managed Learning Gas Portfolio then ACS Assessment. The company I work for is introducing cost cutting measures and I have opted for the voluntary redundancy option. I see this as an opportunity and I’m away to become self employed running my own Plumbing company, it’s a lot of work at the moment setting up, registering as self employed, setting up trade accounts, public liability insurance, etc. Exciting times ahead.
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    Deposit taken, pending collection. The guy who has bought it is a Vauxhall/Opel nut and its his first Manta.
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    Managed to grab some time during my lunch break today. Good news the water and clamp bodge seems to have worked and the edge of the parcel shelf board is fairly straight again: After refitting the pod top covers, a quick spruce up with some dashboard cleaner has it looking a good deal fresher than it was: And back in the car and connected up - sounds great too!
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    Lots done on this one since last update, dash in, engine running, brakes done, cluck cable fitted, runs drives etc.. interior all in, doors on, bonet on, seals etc... fitted, side skirts fitted, glass in, lovers in, wheels painted and ready for new tyres, exhaust fitted etc .. etc...
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    My original Manta heater fan motor has just packed in, so I searched on this forum about VW Polo heater fan upgrades. On Saturday I went to my local breakers yard, couldn’t find a suitable VW Polo but stumbled across a MK2 VW Golf, so I removed the fan motor and armed with screenshots of “how to” I set to work, the easy part was stripping the plastic from the VW fan motor, removing the Manta housing from the broken fan motor and installing the VW Golf fan motor in the plastic using angle brackets and jubilee clip, with help of another Manta owner and a few WhatsApp calls to keep me right I identified the wiring colours, Brown wire was negative, white wire speed 1, yellow and black wire speed2, yellow wire speed 3. next issue was grafting the old wiring loom black connector to the new fan motor, it was decided to use speed settings 2&3 and blank speed 1 off, the original connector was grafted on just behind my insulating tape numbers and the resistor zip tied in place to stop it rattling about, quick note on above picture, I had to reverse the red and brown wire spades right next to the motor to get the fan to run in the right direction, definitely needs checking before finally fitting in place ( don’t ask me how I found out 🤣) again advice was saught for old colours, Black wire was negative, grey speed setting 1, yellow speed setting 2, The original old black Plastic heater wires connector was grafted on, new VW Golf fan motor installed inside the Manta heater box, it is a tight fit in there, cover and rubbers fitted, battery connected back up and now I have a functional heater again but with a 100% improvement on power.
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    Progress came to a crawl on this the last couple of weeks, as I've been putting the 400 v8 together, and working on the starmist coupe. But got some progress the last couple of days. Repairs made to passenger inner sill, front rad crossmember replaced for a nos one, cut out the drivers inner wing, A post skinn and A post kick plate. And began to replace it all
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    So the under side is now fully welded and now the build up begins. The front and rear axles are now on along with the engine and gearbox etc. New fuel lines etc need to go on along with the overhaul of the rear brakes and a whole long list of other jobs. Then the headlining and paint can be done as soon as lockdown is over. again a huge thank you the Neil Boylan and Andrew Abbott for all their help in the latest chapter of progress.
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    Yes it is mate, and this one was custom built by peter maiden. Engine number is hand stamped by him and has i240 stamped in it too I'm not sure to be honest. I've got piles and piles of paperwork to go through yet, so hopefully I'll uncover more of its history too 🙂 It has held up surprisingly well considering its say on grass 20 years. What a testament to what mark morris did to it. He was that cars saving grace. If he hadn't of blasted it in paint and wax oil In hes ownership, we would now be looking at a pile of rust. Thank the lord for that man 😄 Yes sean hunt had it then mark morris, then went to Jim who I purchased it from. Jim is a very nice bloke. I think life just got in the way for him. He had all the best intentions for the car he just couldn't get around to doing anything with it. I can fully understand how attached to the car he was, and why it's taken so long to let go. We all have those special cars that you know you'll never replace and this was Jim's. I'm just very thankful he finally seen the car wasnt going to last much longer and decided I was the man he would like to pass it over to. I've promised to take jim out for a run in it once it's done, and I will honour that promise for sure 👍
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    I have just got the Manta back from Ricky Gauld motor engineer Huntly who did my final engine tuning/commissioning. The throttle position switch required reset, he worked on the auxiliary air bypass and bi metallic strip, cleaned corroded leads in distributor cap, re set base idle, ignition timing and fuel mixture. She is running spot on now. she sailed through the MOT with no advisories, to be honest I wasn’t expecting anything untoward after 4 years work on her, so I’m all good to go, just need a road tax now. looking forward to getting her out on the open road now 👍
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    This was my very rusty but much loved GTJ now owned and being rebuilt by fullsunian The good times when she looked her best..the car that is . 20 odd years latter.the only good body work was the roof and bonnet sat in my back garden for many years didn't want to scrap it. Some strengthening work needed before one car became two Chassis legs repaird/replaced To be honest I really didn't think anyone would take this on and would end up with the roof cut off and scraped.my hat is off to you fullsunian.
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    Not going to lie, I'm gutted I've got this built so quickly to begin using it and get the engine run in only for this virus to kick off, and be unable to get out on it. We can only hope this is over before the summer and shows can commence. Stay safe everyone and wish members all the best.
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    Dear All, I hope that you are all keeping well. Over the last few days I have got a little bit done on the old girl. As mentioned above, the final 'big stitch' of both sections (front and back) of the passenger side seat back was done by a local upholstery company. They did a good job and were quite kind about my completely amateurish work on the rest of it Once I got that home I was able to reassemble the whole seat, and then this afternoon I have got it back in the car. My score for this job is 5/10 overall - its just all OK, but I feel that I could have done better really. Everything still needs a good smack about to get the piping all straight and so on - or perhaps that wont change anything, I don't really know to be honest... But I did learn a lot doing it and that should stand me in good stead with the drivers side and the rear seat. I do like the overall effect though when you look across from the drivers side to see the new seat covers against the door card. Anyway, you guys are the experts - I will let you judge for yourselves. Take care everyone, enjoy your cars
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    Engine all built back up after doing the heads, I had a little dilemma. Couldn't get the dam thing to start once it was all built back up. I was testing the live to coil, and I had 12v there but soon as I plugged wires back onto coil it's dropped to 7v, which really confused me for a couple of hours lol. It turned out as I was building it back up I noticed a grub screw missing from cover on the dizzy so I fitted one. Problem was it was too long and had caused a short inside the dizzy. Anyway figured it out in the end, and now runs sweet and much cooler too. Looks are not something I'm after right now so don't pay too much attention to the colour scheme lol. I'm aiming to get this on the track at sywell this year.
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    Took the Manta out for a run today, first time out since Sywell in July, after having spent the last 6 months rebuilding the gearbox and engine. The car ran fine but I seem to have lost the earth to the d/s dip headlight. Will this car ever be sorted?
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    Hi everyone, Firstly, sincere thanks for all of your posts and messages, they really have helped Donna any myself over the last 3 weeks or so. Now things are starting to improve, I now feel able to give you some more details... On the morning of Sunday the 9th of December, our (23 year old) Son was giving us serious cause for concern with his general behaviour - it was just totally out of character. After we managed to trick him into going to A&E, he was assessed by the mental health team and subsequently detained for 28 days under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act. After admission to the Priory in Burgess Hill (2-3 hours from us, depending on the traffic), his conditioned deteriorated badly and some very dark days followed. At one point we were not sure whether he would come back to us at all. He has been in and out of seclusion and having varying levels of sedation, all of which had been very difficult for us to hear and witness. Thankfully, he is now out of seclusion and making some good progress, with fluent speech and good speed of thought etc It really has been a complete nightmare to be honest and as well as bring worried about his condition, we have been trying to find out how he came to be in this situation. It appears as if some unsavoury characters have been involved and the Priory staff believe that he may have had his good or drink spiked. Ultimately though, his recovery takes priority and that continued to be slow but sure. Thanks again to you all for your support and messages - you will never realise how much they have helped us through the dark days. Merry Christmas to you all 👍 Ian xx
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    Last bit of bodywork tackled today (n/s sill & arch back) , was a bit of repairs to complete on the B-post bottom and the inner sill. phew I will be glad when I am back at work for a rest! ( and heal🤦🏻‍♂️) although I will put it into silver with base coat and lacquered, whole arches need doing, so it will only be a temporary job. Will send it to a body shop to have rear quarters blown in properly in a paint booth.
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    Happy I could help you. the only thing I done today that has to do with the GSI is buying gearbox-oil. Bought enough cause the "400" needs also new oil: The rest of the day I was washing the "400", cleaning the engine-bay and yes, repairing a feul leak. Been a month back to the MOT and from there a trip to the Nürburgring and suddenly I noticed a wet trail in my garage after driving the car outside. Later my wife came back from shopping and she said "The car was looking great again". Tomorrow we are going to that "400-meeting" in Holland, just on the other side of the border. She loves to go out with me so she can meet again some other girls of piston heads. You all love pics so this one of my engine-bay: Will take some pics tomorrow!
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    The car has sat in the same garage since late 90s early 2000, exact date yet to be confirmed. Its never moved or been started up since the day it got put away. Today I put fresh oil and fuel in it, and a new battery and it started straight up like it was only put away yesterday. Incredibly everything still worked lights all gauges etc.. all I had to do was replace the clutch cylinders as they had both seized up. Once they was replaced I was driving it round our yard. It amazes me that cars like this still exsist locked away slowly decaying in damp leaky garages, but will now live to drive another day. After looking through the history file that came with the car, it turns out it was rally prepared by Tim Ashton, back in the early 90s. The car is a complete 90s time warp. I'll be doing some more digging into its history, and hopefully I'll be able to get hold of Tim for a quick chat about the car. Anyway I'll be going through this top to bottom and putting it Right. I had to let go of a few of my other projects to free up space and funds for this one but I think it'll be worth it in the end. I'll continue to update the thread as I go through the process, but here's a few pics for now.
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    Hello members ived just purchased an cavalier coupe in need off full resto having fond memories in my dad's old one back in 88 all most identical except colour I really appreciate help on location on body panel repair like indicator support and front head lamp support panels. Thanks keith
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    Morning all, Its a glorious day down here in Essex and I'm off work today - hooray! This inspired me to do some more work on the bonnet of the Cav. After some wet sanding/flatting, it was onto the G3 compound. Now we have this: The last photo was a bit weird - I think the combination of the overhead fluorescent tubes and the sunshine outside through the phone camera into some strange mode. Having said all that, this is probably the photo that best shows the finish obtained. I'm now feeling quite proud of my £100 all up respray Have a great day everyone.
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    As hoped, I manged to squeeze in an hour wet flatting and compounding the boot lid this evening. I think that its come out quite well. A little bit of polish and I think we will call that done. Have a nice evening everyone
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    I’ve just finished refurbishing and fitting a metal Undertray for my Manta, I always felt this would help to keep my engine bay cleaner, I’ve been looking for ages and eventually came upon this one, well pleased with the results 👍
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    Been working on the truck, and because of the truck had to make my carport higher. So not much done on the GSI. Did some cleaning on parts as the alternator etc... The oil and cooling fluid has arrived that I ordered on internet but today is not a day to hide myself in the garage. Today 20th of april is exactly 30 years ago I did this:
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    Very thanks for information, when i start to adapt the kit i answer some doubts. Some photos for the engine, i use glass projection to clean and i will paint in next days.
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    After a marathon effort this weekend, for the first time in 20years B414 EOC started and drove under her own steam, the Sportex exhaust sounds brilliant. still setting up and timing issues to sort but nothing major, just small fettling jobs..........the project end is well within reach now, roll on spring, summer and NC500.
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