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    I’m on holiday at the moment and subsequently there is no progress on the Manta, feet up and relaxing, so I have been looking through my vast collection of photos and came up with comparisons, or as close as I could find, here are some before and after shots, before I got her home, sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, sitting in Gray and Adams Fraserburgh after the final coat of paint early June 2019, The first night I got her home, April 2016, totally unaware of what I had just taken on 🤣 but absolutely delighted with her, my first ever Manta, Sitting in my garage July 2019 after the glass and trims were refitted, Again the first night I got her home April 2016 and before I started the restoration, she was only in the garage one night before I started taking her apart, Sitting in the garage July 2019 awaiting the work done on electrics and quad lights, shouldn’t be long now till complete, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage, July 2019, still waiting on ECU wiring, engine commission and radiator filling up, again sitting on a drive in Birmingham March 2016, Sitting in my garage July 2019, Sitting on a drive in Birmingham, March 2016, Sitting in Hatton Garage on the 2 post ramp December 2018, you would never guess I’m keen to get home from holiday and start working on the electrics and engine!!! i like the comparison photos they really show progress.
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    Took the Manta out for a run today, first time out since Sywell in July, after having spent the last 6 months rebuilding the gearbox and engine. The car ran fine but I seem to have lost the earth to the d/s dip headlight. Will this car ever be sorted?
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    Tonight polished the n/s side,wheels back on ( although rear will come off to fit the drums) Pull Sticky out of the garage in this lovely weather (started first time after 2 weeks) Turned it round so l can do some work on the o/s
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    Enjoy the video: Grts, Herman
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    It’s the small details that make a big difference and provide a finishing touch to a project, when I bought the Manta three years ago, there was no boot liner or petrol tank concealing card, I know these can be made but I keep a look out for original parts, not easy to locate but thanks to another Manta owner I now have sourced these and trial fitted to see how it looks, from this, To this, now the boots tidy, Pleased with the result.
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    Some car I spotted at the RRG
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    got the rear quarter painted had to flat back to the primer to get rid of the flakey paint.. also fitted new door speakers . fitted cassette rack from ebay just slid in great. new mats ebay £27 great fit new leather gearshift gator of ebay really pleased with that . genuine leather and really thick great quality new number plates ebay £13 the pair delivered bargain also got all the lights working im having a day of today. then i will crack on with the door and front wing hoping to get the side finished this bank holiday
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    Went in past the bodyshop today to have a look at the black detail that was applied this week along with all the panels fitted, Under the bonnet all painted but the box section cavity’s will be treated to some wax oil, she is now sitting better in height at the back but I still have petrol tank, glass and interior trim so she will still have to settle a little more yet, matt blank masking detail on B pillars, coupe louvres still to go on, Matt black masking detail on A pillars, front quad light and under bumper trim detail, lights to fit yet and adjust beam for MOT, Original small black rubber bump stop fitted inside petrol flap to keep fuel cap flush with rear quarter, I’m absolutely delighted with the paint finish and panel gaps, Manta GT/E decals being fitted next week, along with laser wheel alignment, wax oil all cavities, chassis rails, Sean necks, inner wings, sills etc Im getting her home next Friday/Saturday weather dependant, got to get her home dry. Boot lip spoiler has turned out really well, fits perfectly, bolt holes treated with wax oil before being fitted, again box sections inside boot lid going to be wax oiled, new rubber boot seal fitted, Side skirts and rear arches all fitted, retaining original joints between straight sections and arches,
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    Hi All, Its been a hectic weekend with one thing and another. It was my Birthday yesterday and also my Nephews 18th Birthday celebration meal (his actual Birthday is tomorrow), so we have had meals out and all of the associated running around etc... Anyway... I have managed to spend some time on the Cav, so this is what we have got done this weekend: Headlights back in and wired up and indicator lenses cleaned. Then the Vauxhall badge was refitted: Front bumper supports fitted and of course the chrome bumper itself: Then the rubber bumper section was added: Next the trim strip that sits between the headlights and the bumper was added: Then I remembered that I still hadn't paint the front two part spoiler, so the first two coats of paint have been added to that (one or two more to go): The NS door shut area was then painted up and the check strap fitted along with the door card etc: Then the door top trim pieces were fitted that retain the outer rain rubbers. These both still need a really good clean by the way): Two of the rear boot badges were added - a bit random buy I really just wanted to see what they looked like lol: Next I faced a challenge... You might remember me saying that the two Manta doors that I had fitted had the trim retaining 'pins' located lower than the Can door ones. Well before painting this meant that I had to cut them all off, but now I had the side trim strips to fit - but how? In true bodger style I came up with an idea - these photos explain how I did it better than any words: It turns out that this trim strip is going to nicely cover what is probably the worst drip on the car - what luck! And the result of this technique on both sides of the car: The last job today was to fit the two 'hockey sticks' to the front valance (using the same technique as I used on the doors): Naturally there is still tons to do, but we are making some progress. Tomorrow of Tuesday I hope to be able to refit the front spoiler which will mean that the front will then be finished. I'm going back to work tomorrow for a rest lol Have a good evening everyone.
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    Yes mate was a nos part. Bit of progress made last few days. Got roof liner out, laid it over top of the roof of another manta, and gave it a light bit of heat with heat gun, to work out some creases from being storage. Made a few repairs to the stitching, gave it a clean, and got it installed to the car. Got all the aluminium trim together, i prepped and repainted it all under a heat lamp. Wiper arms, prepped and painted satin. Also got seat runners out and seat bases, prepped and painted them, and painted the satin black bits on the car that blend into the trim. Hopefully more progress to come tomorrow
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    Just a quick update. I managed to get all the welding and grinding back done on the underside. I found one more small hole on a seat reinforcement plate but it's all cut out now and new metal in. I then spend hours and hours cleaning off ancient waxoyl, sanding back and cleaning up and spots of surface rust. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ax8Tewoae6kxkEGc9 Then I primed and bare metal with etch primer from a can and let that harden for 24 hours and used up a can of red oxide on any paint that was looking a bit thin. https://photos.app.goo.gl/RXNZ9aFACDHnpsCF6 Then I had to wait for a warm(ish) day to play with my new compressor. I mixed up a litre of red-oxide/rust inhibitor primer with 10% thinners and a cap full of Japan driers. And then practiced on a sheet of card until I was happy with the gun settings. I then sprayed the whole underside with 2 coats of red oxide primer. https://photos.app.goo.gl/FSAADZbPHMcEHNucA It's not perfect but it feels good to get some proper paint on. I've got to let this harden up for a week or so and wait for a warm dry day so I can seam seal the underside and get some stone chip on the exposed parts. Then a couple of coats of chassis paint and then I'm calling that a day. I've also picked up a cheap CIH engine which I'm busy looking at. The engine is a bit earlier than I thought so it's not unleaded so I'm just considering how much time and effort to put into it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Arc9Hb5n9YzP5gwn7 I've partially stripped it. Bores look ok with no marks and very little lip, crank looks good under the big end caps. Cam and followers all look spot on. Not many photos because I was covered in oil but here are a few. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zvLT5sbqGqkVRWU76 I've also managed to pick up the front section of an exclusive coupe roof which had rotted out at the sunroof so I now have the panel I need to repair the front of my roof where it's rusted under the vinyl. I'll move onto that while I'm waiting for the weather to improve for painting. That's all for now. Happy New Year.
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    OK people. I have just finished spraying the second coat with a higher air pressure (approx 50 psi) and I am much happier with things now. It will still need another/final coat in my opinion are there are at least two places that have run and I want to make sure that there is plenty of paint to work with once I start flatting back. As (hopefully) you can see, there is already a pretty good depth pf shine to it. That little lot can dry off now for the next 24 hours or so, then I will apply the final coat tomorrow evening. Perhaps it is now time to reveal the paint I chose? I have used this paint twice before on cars and found it to be good for home spraying (in terms of H&S) and it can also be brush applied for those difficult areas. I have used coach enamel paint in Gloss White. I did some colour match tests a coupe of weeks ago and it was so close to Polar White it was incredible, so I pressed ahead. As I have said before, the purists may be horrified - but hey its my car and my choice
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    Hello, my name is David and I am from Spain. I recently bought a 1983 Opel Manta B GT / E. The car is in good condition, has no corrosion. My project is to do a 30NE conversion and a 400 body kit. I hope to learn a lot and also be able to help. I'm sorry for my English. I publish some photos:
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    Managed to squeeze in a couple of hours tonight. Got floor cut out above drivers side jacking point. Cleaned out inside of jacking point, treated with built hamber hydrate 80, painted with zink rich primer and got a plate welded back over it and up into inner sill. Just put some zink rich primer over it tempory to prevent flash rust for now. Once I've got all the welding out the way I'll then go on a flatting session with the grinder and retreat and paint.
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    front end done there is a few mistskes on the bonnet thst i have got to go over again. the nose cone came out great happy with that.. theres a few other bits i have got to tidy up. got new head light set from ebay £40 with dome glass not quite as domed as my originals but still ok.
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    Vboa 2019. Nothing done the car apart from a wash and polish. -Best A series -top ten award sixth place Surprised and delighted with that! Such a great show this year, highly recommend if you didn’t attend you just next year!!
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    Good progress again tonight, exterior black trim fitted on drivers door and B pillar louvres, same on passenger door, door cards fitted, interior handles latch and lock surrounds plus lower door seals, I feel quite lucky that no previous owners cut holes for speakers in the door cards, they make a big difference to the interior now they are fitted, front view now, apart from quad lights the exterior is just about complete, Still the Ariel to fit on the rear quarter, I’m going black mast to match the black trim, still wiring, lower dash and engine commission to do, my list is definitely getting smaller.
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    Been a while since I posted on this thread so thought I'd update it. After completing the mancona build I managed to get a good few weeks useage out of it. However I just couldn't get it to run correctly on its injection system. So that was pulled off and with the help of the legend Mr rutter a pair of webbers and H&H ignition was added. We managed to get another few weeks out of it before the weather cought up with us. So it was parked in the garage 18 months ago and has not turned a wheel since then. I've got some plans for it this coming summer I want to pull the engine, remove cross member and rear axle for painting as they never was done. While the engine is out I'll strip it and do a full rebuild on it and also paint the whole under side too. Then I want to get it to a rolling road and get it properly set up. Watch this space 😎
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    Today we are 29 years married, ordered a table at a local restaurant, so no updates. Not gonna push my luck...
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    This afternoon I managed to get a second coat of primer on the bonnet, then left it to dry in the glorious Winter sunshine. With the OS, roof, bonnet and boot lid done I then needed to try to turn it around to give me more room in the garage to do the NS... Getting ready to head out into the big wide world: Well it did start and it did make it up the driveway, just. My Daughter was determined to have a go... The 'to do' side God help me. Oh well, its turned around now and just those three panels to prepare now.
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    As above not sure if they was a factory fit but there's markings to cut out inside bumper. Slow progress today really. Struggling to get the hang of this new welder, spending more time faffing with it than working. Managed to complete the inner section and get a sill plate welded in. Still some flatting to do and the bottom edge to finish, but I'm getting to grips with it now. Bit more time with it and I'll have it figured out.
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    Well done Stu on achieving your asking price of £13000. That's a new record for a B1 coupe but yours was the best that has come up for sale for a few years now. It took a while to sell but you weren't in a rush & it paid off. I think the fact that your buyer had another nice B1 to compare with yours helped you achieve that cracking price. I thought my 42000 mile un-restored SRB was worth £7000 + i think i need to rethink my valuation now !
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    Took delivery of yet another manta today, a star mist black exclusive coupe. I've wanted one in this colour for many years. I got my hands on this one and first impressions is I'm happy with it. It's not yo bad at all. It wants swan necks, lower A post repairs, drivers floor pan has the usual hole above the jacking point, small hole under washer bottle and couple of small holes in sills, plus a couple of other little bits, for the most part it's solid and better than most I've started with. This is going to be the first project for my new garage once my i240 is finished which is now at body work stage. 😀
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    Think i might be able to say that i can see some sort of light at the end of the long Manta tunnel! Engine fully rebuilt and back in the car with the box and prop all connected up 🙂 Just got to get some adaptions made to the manifold this week and brackets for the steering and then that can then be fitted along with the throttle bodies and all the other engine gubbins and then its connect up the hydraulic clutch and fill everything up and start the pre-start up checks, then fill engine with break in oil, check oil pressure and Huston we should be ready for a start up (the scary bit!!) The only good thing with the rebuild taking this long is now im definitely TAX and MOT exempt!! Andy
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    Some more done before breakfast and then off to 'real' work this morning. - The rear number plate mounting bracket and the plate itself is on. - Boot lock is back on/in - although I still need to sort out the chrome front cover for this. I do have a plan for this area. Plus the boot lid itself needs adjusting on the hinges and the catch to get it all line back up again. - Radio aerial refitted My pile of empty plastic bags grows ever larger, which has to be a good sign of progress I guess? Have a good day peeps.
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    This weekend I ran in the wiring loom to the back lights, number plate and the wire to the fuel sender. I then renewed both braided fuel pipes exiting the bottom of the fuel tank and fitted it in the boot, along with the rubber grommet on the filler neck. I also fitted a new fuel pump underneath the rear of the Manta. I bought a car cover last year and I’ve always been keen to get it fitted as they made it especially for the Manta GT/E coupe from a temple they have, trust us it will fit exactly they said, true enough it certainly hugs all the curves. Its softshell material on top with microfibre inside, Opel blitz embroidered on the bonnet, machine washable, there is pockets for the door mirrors but I will be a while yet before I get round to fitting these, I have just tucked these in for now,
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    Car coming together now.
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    This narrow body is looking neat, never thought id say this but prefer it over a kitted version, simplicity and a nice touch with 8 inch wheels. Always thought standard wheels on any model of manta are too narrow. Nice!
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    Original Grill is Grey/cheesecutter style but i obtained an earlier black grill from a friend, so can swap when i want a change.
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    Still amazed this hasn't sold yet. i know everyone wants the coupes but really its a great price for a lot of car Assuming its all been bolted together well and there are no hidden issues. Has anyone even been to look at it and driven it?
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    That needs a strip and a professional spray job and keeping original. No mods at all! I would keep that as it is.
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    Go on Stu, get the lad a nice Christmas present, it would surely make you a candidate for the best Dad ever award.
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    Some more done on the Passenger seat base cover this evening. Firstly I need to unpick some stitches that were retaining the bottom 'holding strip'. Basically, this added strength to the bottom of the vinyl that attached to the seat frame. Some messing around later: As you can see on the ends the vinyl is doubled up to provide strength and a neat edge for where it wraps around the hinge mechanism. So before I could use thisas a tempolate for my new vinyl, these stitches also have to come out... boring! Finally I stitched the 'wings' to the center seat material: Have a nice evening everyone.
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    Thread resurection after many years, I now own this car and is still pretty much in the same condition having still only covered 70k
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    Unrestored (we think), Original, Low Mileage & a Coupe = Desirable & hopefully a high price achieved. I think we will all be watching this one with interest.
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    Two gearboxes: One is for me and the other one for Canada. I was some time away cause the work at the barracks, and have some health issues. And a new oil seal before fitting the flywheel:
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    To night fitted the aerial to the wing ,had to go into the engine bay ,that’s as far as l got as it’s raining All painting has now been done Back on its wheels, Started fist time runs sweet Sticky on the drive getting all wet Going to put it on some more sites tonight,Possibly on eBay on Saturday (hate putting cars on eBay)
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    thanks i will be adding photos of the full resto. cant wait to get stuck in to it
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    Yeah, the budget. Had a visit today while I was working on the Manta. He said it is nice you can do all this yourself, looking at the engine that was hanging in the stand. Bore and hone the engine, surfacing the deck 300€, new pistons with rings and pins 500€ and a new gasket set 100€?? Only the engine... The Missus let me do what needs to be done, take some cars in and out so money comes back in and our own cars are also done by me. And she loves spending time with the other girls/wives of the petrol-heads we are.
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    Sent some pictures from the paint shop this morning. It's coming along nicely. The big rebuild will begin very soon 😎
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    Back to it again! This evening did a little more on the rear roof line. Using Jason's great tip of the string to space up the screen rubber a little I set to work. I also thought that I would try something a little silly and used a flexible school rule to allow it to bend to match the profile of the roof. It actually worked pretty well, well so far anyway... Still plenty more to do, but it is slowly coming round.
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    Looking very 80's retro now what with the gold wheels. Still nice though! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE-11-month-MOT-great-condition-ready-to-enjoy/333187429663?hash=item4d9384b51f:g:GTQAAOSwnO5c0oMC
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    Tried friday to install the springs of the front axle while that thing was laying on a workbench. With a professional spring compressor ofcourse... Lets say it is not that easy as the axle is under the car. So did this today; the man gave me the keys of his workshop and I had time on my side. Wake my son so he could help me a hand. Hmm...Clean engine-bay: The axle was fast installed, yes I know the steering house is not done but it will; The "400" lookalike bonnet looks great, hope this time it doesn't crack around the scoops: And the car arrived !! So I can work on free time. My son behind the wheel and go! I connected tamporary a battery to the circuit that feeds the hazzard lights and used my tow-bar. Was only 2 km's to home: And now I'm going to drink a beer, done enough today. Enjoy jour weekend all.
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    It's a realistic price to ask but will it achieve that price ? Yours Julian is i believe unrestored & largely original so is more desirable. The thing that would concern me about that car for sale is that it was re-sprayed a few years ago & has some rust appearing on one wing, i would want to know what prep/resto was done before the re-spray. Also why don't people present their car better when selling e.g. spray the airfilter box & clean the engine bay.
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    Thanks Jason, much appreciated. I managed to get a little bit done on the Cav before I disappear off to Archery. The NSF wheel arch trim 'thingy' is now back on. As you will see, I did opt for a 'nut and bolt' type fixing in the end, I just don't like rivets holding trim stuff in place I am afraid. I know they work and it would all be fine, but that's just me Apologies to the purists.
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