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  1. W G Grose, Kingsthorpe. Bought her new when I traded my Berlinetta hatch in. I bought the hatch new from the Vauxhall Opel dealer Croyland Motors in Rushden at the time.
  2. White one cost about £3k 5 years ago, but more now though 👍
  3. Hi Wayne, Chris is spot on, she was my 3rd manta, second brand new one registered with my private plates both times with SJT and A1. Absolute joy to drive as I used her everyday at the start with several trips to Germany, Netherlands for car shows. Pleased to know she is still about as I often wondered where she disappeared too, never knew the original registration number as the dealer in Northampton transferred my plates straight on from my silver hatch at the time. We always say never sell, but if you do consider it, would you give me first refusal. I have a white exclusive here with me in New Zealand which gets taken out occasionally, hardly anyone knows what she is here. They mostly look blank at you when you say Opel…
  4. Awesome looking car https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265198195453?hash=item3dbf0b52fd:g:NCwAAOSwRpdgx2-X
  5. I paid £58 inc vat etc, so happy enough wth that and Jock has been very helpful getting them ready his end👌
  6. Very interesting getting quotes via Shiply, they started around the £150 mark and kept dropping until a more sensible figure of around £55/60. These were from the same couriers just repeatedly reducing the prices. Reverse auction in effect.
  7. Thanks fif the help, will try them and see how we go👌
  8. Hi Carl, ‘thanks for replying, appreciate it. have managed to buy a set of 5 wheels with caps, just got to arrange a courier!
  9. Does anyone have any wheel caps for the GTE royals, have possibly found some wheels but no caps!
  10. Looks very like the one I sold to a chap who worked for me at the time, he was from Bedford and that would have been about 14 odd years ago.
  11. Hi Gents, Anyone got a lower dash panel in grey for Exclusive, they would be willing to sell and package up to Rushden? Thanks Steve vd9ghgaz.bmp
  12. It is only millboard which can be bought from Woollies classic car supplies and is easy enough to make your own.
  13. Hi John, Thanks, let me have your PayPal details and I will send the money and address details.
  14. Hi John, How much including postage to Rushden, Northamptonshire. Thanks, Steve
  15. Anyone got an injection manifold they can sell me please? Complete with injectors etc. Thanks Steve
  16. Nice B series, as the rest on here say, seen a lot worse brought back to life, good luck 😉
  17. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/opel-manta-sri-130-engine-px-swap/183298764919?hash=item2aad753077:g:bmQAAOSwPcBbOnZb
  18. Anyone have the 6 tray cassette rack from a GTE in grey by any chance?
  19. Who is doing the restoration and do you know if it is the same owner?
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