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  1. Thankyou Herman, you are correct the eckhard swan necks are big help here, thought having these would bring me help with all front alignment and a definate asset to the car, Upol is probably similar weld trough zinc primer will dismantle n/s & treat before welding up Cheers think im going to need another can!
  2. Lots of cutting etc done since last post, started on n/s removing the corrosion gotta love unpicking welds preloved legs! & swan necks are great fit (i couldnt make them as well!) Once n/s leg was in place i stalled cos the Arb mount was slightly different to the original so consulted my manta sage and then removed o/s cos that one seemed further off the mark, so...as i had accidently bought chassis leg covers last year decided to cut back some more & have a good derust internal forward leg & retain original arb mount with a bit of jiggle and plenty swear words rebuild the forward leg looking sweeter So now to get some time on her again ..cos 3 weeks since last session im afraid, going to return to n?s once have the jacking point in place & leg is tied into the cross centre menber, any thoughts on the need to seam weld all these rebuilt areas? 🤔
  3. Hi Keith, great work! your cav looks very nice colour What you gonna use on floor pan repair ?as goes high on bulkhead n/s are you making it all the way back or using available panel for most?
  4. busy autumn but some areas progressed ,ok its not ideal but the footwell blob looks strong, felt lie giving up at times but i may have enjoyed doing this bit i admit getting that corner together was a triumph, but im just a rookie. im totally endebted to club build threads & everyone here back. some derust on tank cleaning & hydrated 80 D and now looking better think its really pretty good overall, Got box section from work before lock down so need to start the swan necks , built a jig..after instruction, thank you Carl also for chassis rails & lots other parts , nose cone will now be fixed easier off shell. now to get the n/schassis leg off & hopefully holes all still good alinment im happy, 2 years ago i bought my Manta in February off the road since 2001 lets see if she is back in use by the 21st anniversary?
  5. Lots of progress Kelvin, neat work !
  6. Lots of labour hours in these, you do have patience! sure if they dry slowly they remain straight... as an arrow
  7. Great result on the swan neck...im jealous, if you want some more repair sections ive got two spare available as ive had to rethink the rebuilding of my own chassis rails.
  8. Fingers crossed the inners are good then should be on the road before long!
  9. Whats the plan for sorting the swan necks then...patch or replace?
  10. Probably be ok with a couple of patch here,
  11. Yes makes sense, think we will need to call dial a donor!
  12. Top job wayne, really admire your patience with painting sticky, real shame but best of luck you find something to do whether 4 wheels or two.. very soon👍
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