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  1. Shoddygram advised to contact the police who will then release his details to them and we can go from there with a fraud investigation.
  2. UPDATE Had phone call today from Shoddygram. They have now banned Mr Hybarger from ever using thier service again.
  3. I also contacted Shoddygram on thier Fraud hotline. Will see what happens. 😠 Also. Last night I emailed him from a friends account and just got this back. "You don't need to email me again with a different email. I already ship the kits. I lost the tracking number on my way home. Please let me know when you get your kits.. Thanks, Ken". WE SHALL SEE!!!
  4. Thanks both. This scum sucking a-hole has done me to the tune of $787. About £600. Paid for a Mantzel body kit. His last msg was "I'll msg you the UPS info tomorrow". Done some trolljng and found a Kenneth M Hybarger on the internet and FB with an address. He seems to be a 60 - 70 yr old livivng on 4122 Paradise Drive in Pheonix. Az. But this could be totally false. His son in law who had a 2nd part of the payment doesn't seem to exist. So. As you say. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO BUSINESS WITH KENNETH HYBARGER OR ASSOCIATES. Will see if i'm covered as payed with credit card.
  5. Hi. I think i've been scammed while trying to buy a Mantzel Extreme kit. I was recommended a person in Arizona called Ken Hybarger by someone on this site called Jim Willgart. After a great dialogue and confimation of the kit. Payment went ahead via Moneygram. Since then have heard nothing. Nearly a week now. Anybody else had any dealings with these two???
  6. Blimey! Hens teeth already. Got any piccies pls. Cheers.
  7. Hi. I might be looking for Hens Teeth here but i'm after a Mantzel Extreme body kit. Any info would be much appreciated.
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