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  1. I agree///lets face it this is an old banger so three and a half grand is laughable..no disrespect to yourself mate,,,history tells us it was previuosly passed on at a price that makes sense
  2. Finally ! Am i right in thinking that not all of these photos are currernt?
  3. Was an interesting number plate ! Car and reggie is on saturn now looking down on us mere mortals:-) Whats interesting to me is the owner followed the car to the crusher like you would with a family pet being put down at the vet,,, well you did warn us mantaray:-( Krikey i would have fixed that with even with my limited knowledge.. RIP SAT
  4. Cant offer much info Gerry but i did find some sort of blog advertising website by the looks of it https://revmatch.me/2017/02/13/cazana-used-car-check/ Interestingly enough it mentions gumtree but also states its a great way to purchase a car not sell lol so not sure what the story is, it states cazana was formerly www.ukvehicle.com Either way it looks like you have got some free advertising:-) More info https://www.am-online.com/news/supplier-news/2017/11/10/cazana-used-car-database-attracts-175m-funding-boost
  5. Ye well spotted https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OPEL-MANTA-HATCH-BACK-2000-CC-GTE-1983-A-REG-ICONIC-80S-MOTORING/323046552832?hash=item4b37133500:g:Y-YAAOSwFMdac2Dd Someone paid a £150 deposit then had a change of mind/someone is going to get a nice manta here looking at irmscher mans posts regarding the cars history. I,m gonna keep an eye on this one myself,, however i,m still all over the place as to what i want... ie project/road and or rally or just road car..one thing is for sure is that this car deserves road status and not rally...its a beaut !
  6. It could be a member on this forum doing it ! it seems to be taken down a couple of hours after someone on here spots what they are upto, admin should be able to monitor the ip addresses and usernames that visit this thread when it is taken down,just as a rough idea.. cant be that many unless this thread is open to all who dont have an account at all?
  7. Looking at the cab photo it looks like some sort of time attack/hillclimb race car, however its listed as a (youngtimer) racecar which doesn't seem to fit the bill on loads of scernarios, ie the glass passenger and driver windows being glass looks a bit dodgy for a racecar for a start ! Does it actually state anywhere it has a CIH engine, also no engine pictures or real info anyway. Car comes with no papers? Blackmoney racing...emm
  8. 20k for what? a car thats advertised with zero photos? I really dont understand this, a manta advertised with nothing more than an old photo of the front end before the car was repainted...this makes no sense to me whatsoever.. Email problems has nothing to do with uploading photos to gumtree either...all seems odd to me.
  9. Must have been a reserve on it..re-listed https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-cavalier-GL-sports-hatch-/222805196822?
  10. Thats the lowest mileage i have seen on a manta yet, been restored or at least painted b4, i think 20 K still seems a bit heavy but i aint no expert to judge and also with no photos its even more difficult to decide whether the car is worth it or not. Found it strange there is no photos as stated already, and no email, what can go wrong with your email address?
  11. Ye just read on dvla website, pre 1975 cars are allowed to keep the classic period look, love that car rapierdave, very nice.
  12. Nice car, love the registration plates,, are they legal guys?
  13. Looks like your car has been off the road for a tad over a decade, good luck with the car as i,m sure its a unique one going by fjz400,s post, the post fjz400 mentions must be gone from the database as there is nothing in the new members section prior to this post in 2008
  14. Hi everyone, just joined and have to say the site looks fantastic, and i havn't even upgraded yet:-) I have owned 2 mantas in my lifetime but sadly both are now crushed i believe. Showing my age now but i bought my first astro silver 1.8gt manta hatch 25 years ago which was witten off on and then sold on to be repaired but i never seen it again, i then bought another astro silver 2.0 gte hatch both c registrations, i have not owned a manta for almost 2 decades now due to work/travel/life/ company vehicles etc etc but i am thinking of rolling back the years and investing in another manta and i can see i am spoilt for choice and the prices keep rising which is a real treat to see. I have always wanted to modify a manta for trackday events but the prices to do this seem to be astromical now to enter a car so i may shelve that plan and buy a road version. Anyway hope to see you all around the forum. Thanks
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