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  1. Ha. Well, I'm actually a classic Swedish car nerd....so I have plans for a turbocharged Volvo 2.3L red block with a 16v head on it. >:)
  2. Thanks Andy! She's a bit rough around the edges, but salvageable. I think these cars are interesting enough to warrant the time it takes to get one back to life. I'm gonna make a list of parts i need once I get this on the rotisserie and get it all soda blasted. Still need to decide on a motor. The og motor is present and unstuck...but I want more ponies.
  3. Wow!!! Pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Except that's both turbo and supercharged, yeah? I mean, now it is? I thought I saw a video about that car and the owner was saying it was turbo and supercharged?
  4. Thanks! I love the B too, but the A seems like it will make a super sleeper in the upper midwest. Not a lot of them around to begin with. I am excited to get this project started. I have access to all sorts of CNC equipment, 3D Printers, casting, etc. at work. I also own a small shop, so I have a tube bender, bead roller, english wheel... all the tools I need to build motorcycle sheet metal bits. I'll definitely be updating as I go along. Hoping to get the Scirocco up there and grab the Manta in about 2 weeks. BTW, what body stuff interchanges or is close to with the Manta A?
  5. Hello! I'm acquiring a 1974 Opel Manta A in a trade deal. I wanted the Opel more than I wanted my 1985 Scirocco. A little about me: I'm 37 years old, grew up in Minnesota. I work in research and development/engineering at a facility where I also play the acting role of lead weld engineer. I specialize in stainless steel and aluminum TIG welding, CNC machining, fabrication, etc. I've been into motors and things that go "VROOM!" since I was a kid. I spend a lot of my free time on motorcycles (or building them), and aside from thinking this Manta is dead sexy, I have a thing for classic Volvos. So, I *DO* have a few questions about this car.... Does anyone know what kind of hp/tq the stock rear end will hold up to? I'm going to build up a Volvo B230F+T 16V hooked to a Mustang T5 transmission. Wondering what the likelihood is that the rear end will handle it, or if I should plan on getting something else? Also, where are you guys finding the front end spoiler? Is this still available new somewhere or are you trading out used parts? Thanks!
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