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  1. I will keep looking as I gather up more money. I saw a, '82 ''Manta Magic'' Manta B on mobile.de for 7000 with a spare engine and gearbox, and I was pretty inclined for that deal, but it was sold pretty quick. Back to the search, I guess. But what about parts? Googling, I came up with two websites, altopelhilfe and another one with parts. How do people on the forum usually get replacement parts? Buy new, or source second hand?
  2. Thank you, Herman, I will definitely contact you once questions will start piling up. Actually, here's one. About how far will 6000-7000 euros will get me if we are talking post '82 Manta B? I mean overall condition. And how much money should I have available on the side to begin with in case something needs working on urgently? I don't need a car in workshop condition, just drivable and not a rust bucket. Also, did you find Mantas easy to work on when you had one for the first time?
  3. Thank you very much, Ian. I will make an account on the Dutch site as well, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post in English there. I'll drop you a PM from time to time if I have a question or two, if you don't mind.
  4. Hello, everyone, younger Manta fan here. I have been saving to buy a Manta since forever, and I finally got some significant amount of money together. This is also going to be the car I want to learn some mechanics and wrenching on. I don't know how dumb of an idea this is, but I guess I'll take the risk. Seeing in some posts that other people owned Mantas as students makes me a little less nervous. Sorry if this isn't the right thread, but I'd appreciate if some more experienced member can point me to a resource where I can get more familiar with the engine and servicing and other such things from before I buy one of these cars.Anything goes, as I couldn't find a lot of info while googling on my own. I'm specifically interested in a post 1982 Manta B, but I guess any will do. Ok, I'm rambling already. Also I currently live in the Netherlands-Germany area, but I don't speak Dutch or German fluently, only English, if that makes any difference. So, hello, OMOC!
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